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When I Shall Say Goodbye - Chapter 192

Published at 20th of March 2019 10:10:05 PM

Chapter 192: 192

Aijohn became worried that Jia had still not come out . He saw Anna on a nearby bench, glancing up at him from time to time . Perhaps, she guessed that while he was there, Jia was still inside .

After hesitating for many times, he went forward to the door and knocked . There was no response and he became more worried . She turned on the knob and gently opened the door . When he peeped on the small opening of the door, she saw Jia, bending down to pick up her bag . He walked towards her when he heard the sounds of sobbing .

He put a hand inside his pocket as he stopped in front of her . Her eye bags were already puffing out and her nose was as red as a ripe tomato .

Feeling helpless to see her torn like that, he immediately pulled her forward to hug her . Jia instantly resumed to a loud crying as she felt the warmth of being sympathized and understood by someone who could love her freely as a friend .

Koko glanced at Anthon whose eyes were as red as hers .

"Dr . Aijohn, thanks for being there for her . " Anthon said hoarsely as he witnessed again how vulnerable Jia became whenever she was with him .

"I'll take care of her . " Aijohn said as he held her shoulders and lead her to the bathroom .

After washing her face with a cold water from the ref and after applying some makeup, she looked better . Then, she went out and gestured to Koko that she was already ready to leave . As they were about to go out of the door, Jia turned over her shoulder and held her gaze at him for the last time .


Anna stood up right away the moment she saw Jia and Dr . Aijohn from the door . When she went inside, she found Anthon crying hardly while covering his face with a pillow .

"How is it?" She said after he calmed down .

"It's over, Anna . "

Anna did not reply . She wondered how many times her heart would experience death before Anthon would learn to forget Jia .

Then, there was a knock at the door . Anna went up to open it . It was Giselle .

Seeing him with flushed face and red eyes, she joked .

"Ton, what happened to your face? Is that also a post - anesthesia effect? "

Anthon glanced up and threw the pillow at her . Giselle laughed without really knowing the reason why he was crying .

"Miss Jia was here . " Anna said as she stood up to offer a seat for her .

She knew that Giselle was his bestfriend .

"You cried because you suddenly realized how much you missed

her? " Giselle tactlessly made a conclusion, forgetting that Anna was there .

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She suddenly felt guilty . "Sorry, Anna! "

Anna smiled . " It's okay, Miss Giselle . I know all about it . "

Giselle knitted her browse . Here comes another masochist, she thought . "Then, it's really okay? "

She did not reply and Anthon stole a glance at her . " Anna, I"m sorry . "

"What happened, Ton? " She asked, wondering if there was something she still didn't know about them .

"We finally said goodbye . " Anthon said as another lump lurked in his throat .

"Then, are you alright? " She asked stupidly .

" Yes, I just want to . . . " He did not finished it . .

"You want to, what? " Giselle followed up .

"Die! "

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Giselle knew he was not joking . Her heart broke, not in seeing him, but for Anna who seemed to be willing to sacrifice her ego and self - worth just to understand him .


The bone marrow transplant was succesfully done . Dr . Aijohn insisted to let Jim stay in the ICU for close monitoring . His wife, Dr . Grace, personally offered to do close watch for him . Jia stayed with him during daytime while Kuya Nap and Casey took turns in watching him during the night . Jianna was still too young to be left out .

Jim' s hair did not fell out as he did not undergo radiation and chemotheraphy to prepare for the transplant . Hailey's Pill took the task in removing out his diseased cells, instead . Prior to the transplant, he just underwent a bone marrow aspiration instead, to make room for the new bone marrow which would be transplanted . He also received immunosupressants to prevent his cells from attacking the new bone marrow . .

After a week, when Jim was transported out to a regular room, his whole family gathered around . Anthon volunteered to bring the food for their dinner . That would be his first time to visit Jim and the first time to show up to his family . They still did not know that he was the bone marrow donor except Jia .

The food was already delivered by the crew of White Rose Restaurant

but Anthon was not there yet . When they decided to just eat ahead, the door was opened . Anthon came in with a smile, and while his other hand was holding the door knob, his other hand was holding the hand of a woman .

Jia saw them and she gave them a smile . The time had really come where Anthon did what he said . That he would be introducing her to the family . No matter how she prepared herself, there was still a pang of pain inside .

Anthon hugged everyone including Jia whose smile remained plastered at her face . Their eyes locked for a while but Anthon looked away first . Then, he went back to Anna and held her shoulder before he spoke .

"Dad, Ate Casey, Jim, Kuya

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Nap . . . " He paused as he glanced up at Jia .

"And Jia, I would like you all to meet Anna . " He paused again to look at her and squeezed her hand which suddenly became cold and sweaty .

"We worked at the same company in Dubai and we also came here together to take our short break . "

Hello, Anna . . Hi, Anna . . They all took turns in hugging or shaking hands with her .

"Finally, Ton, you have achieved your goal . " Casey said after she hugged her .

"When is your plan to settle down? "

Kuya Nap asked him while stealing glances at Jia .

"We are still considering about it . Perhaps, one of the days before we will return to Dubai . " Anthon replied as he looked up to Anna who smiled thinly due to anxiety .

"Feel at home, Miss Anna and start getting used to us . Soon, we will become your family, too . " Jia said as she stood up to hug and welcome her warmly .

Anthon looked at her and he smiled sardonically to himself . Her surprisingly warm welcome and her unusually high spirit was just a clown's mask to conceal a breaking heart .

Mr . Wayne felt anxious, likewise . This was such an awkward situation . He knew right then, by looking at Anthon's eyes, that he was unhappy . And he still saw those meaningful, stolen glances he threw at Jia . He knew, as a son who inherited his stubborness, this new relationship of his was just a masquerade . Poor Anna! She would just be the second Laura .

He looked at Jim . Aside from a simple 'hi', he remained quiet all throughout . Jia was beside him, assisting him with his food . What could he be thinking?Please download our sponsor's game to support us!