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When I Shall Say Goodbye - Chapter 200

Published at 26th of March 2019 10:45:04 AM

Chapter 200: 200

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Browsing through her stacks of fashion magazines, Glenda's attention was caught by a column featuring a company named, ' The Promised Weddings' . In an interview, the statement of the owner and designer was quoted and Glenda's eyes glowed with excitement as her name was being revealed .

Maxine Yee . Why was she still using her maiden name? Was she not married yet?

According to the feature, her company grew fast over the years and her boutiques multiplied to all the cities throughout the country . She even catered wedding plans for prominent people outside Georgia .

Ever since Maxine left, she did not hear about her anymore . She did not fulfill her promise to keep in touch . Perhaps, she was just busy . Come to think of it, planning for a wedding and preparing everything, was never that easy . Or else, she would not be hired .

But what happened? She was catering simultaneous orders from all of her shop branches . This needed amazing skills and talents . And most of all, it also meant, that her business and career had greatly expanded .

Joy and pride for her bestfriend swelled in her heart . Joy, because her dream was realized . Pride, because her name was boldly written in the pages of fashion industry .

In one of Felix's travels back to Georgia, she and their daughter eagerly accompanied him . Aside from her plan to give her bestfriend a surprise visit, she was also excited to order custom - made dresses from that famous brand which her bestfriend, herself, created .

"Glenda, I'll take Gracie to a playhouse . " Felix asked her permission .

"Mommy, please? " Grace butted in with a sweet and pleading voice . At ten years old, she had grown into a beautiful child .

Glenda laughed . With that plan in her mind, she would then be free . Gracie would easily got bored whenever she took her to any of her social activities . So, she preferred to leave her to Felix, whenever she needed to go somewhere .

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"How can mommy say no to her lovely one? "She chuckled as she cupped her face .

"Yeheey! "

She, then, changed her dress into his husband's most favorite expensive brand, Hailey's Apparel .

"My baby is now a lady! "She exclaimed as she saw how beautiful she looked in that dress which fitted her well .

"Felix, I did not know how good is your taste in kid's apparel . "

He smiled shyly, but little did she know, that her compliment was sending thunders into his heart .

"It's because I want the best for our daughter . " He lied .

Fortunately, Glenda's attention was diverted into another thing to which he sighed in relief .

After she hugged and kissed Gracie, he also bent to give her a long, deep kiss that made Glenda wonder . Through all those fifteen years they had been together, he was always on a hurry, merely patting her a quick kiss in her cheek .

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"So, we'll get off first . Tell me once you will be back later . " He said, getting used already to her shopping escapades .

Before he took Grace to the playroom, he brought her first to someone who had been longing so much to see her .

The moment they stepped inside the office of The Promised Weddings, Maxine was already standing by the door . Looking down at her alienated, beautiful daughter, her tears immediately flowed down like the artificial fountain inside the wall - high fish aquarium beside them .

"Baby, you're so beautiful like your Auntie Maxie . " She smiled through her tears as she slowly fell down on her knees .

Gracie's eyes widened in astonishment as to why she was crying and hugging her .

"Auntie Max, why are you crying? "

Grace asked innocently, her eyes started to get wet .

"I'm just so happy, dear . " She said as she hugged her once more .

Gracie then tugged his dad's shirt, gesturing out her wish to go to the playroom immediately .

Felix gave her a glance, communicating silently that he would be back . He, then, brought her to a playroom nearby .

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While he was filling out a consent form, he saw a familiar figure through his peripheral vision, slowly walking past him . And right, it was Glenda!

He followed her and to his horror, she went directly inside Maxine's office .


Jim was lounging down on a wooden recliner by the garden when their private nurse came in to give him his due medications .

"Doc, here's your due supplement . "

Miss Cruz smiled at him, her eyes conveyed a deeper meaning .

Jim looked back at her . "Miss Cruz, did you do what I say? "

"Yes, doc . " She answered, her heart heavy with a sense of deep reluctance .

He was so handsome, porcelained - skin and most of all, big - hearted . She wondered if this man ever knew how to get angry, pissed off or disappointed . His heart was just so full of love and thoughtfulness towards others . She had been working for so long already as a their company nurse, and now as the owner's family nurse, but she had never seen him in bad mood .

Everyday, she was haunted by guilt, regret and heartache . She was so sorry for himself and for herself, for consenting to be his accomplice .

"Excuse me, doc . I'm going to give Mr . Wayne his meds . "

Jim nodded while he glanced at the glass of red berry smoothies in her tray . He also smiled when he saw the pill crusher inside her side pocket .


Anna's eyes widened in disbelief .

"What? Just because I asked her to sing? " Her tears came streaming down immediately, as her heart was pinched with the sense of a trampled self - esteem .

" Anna, it's not . " Anthon gently said as he sat down with her in a couch in the living room .

Looking down at the soft cover of the seat, the more she got humiliated . He did not even invite her inside his bedroom . She then wondered how many times did he make love with that woman there for him to say that he wouldn't want to stain his bed with someone else's memory?

"Anna, even though I am transparent from the very start, and that I had made myself clear from the very beginning, I know, human as we are, that you are hurting . "

"I do not know how long it would take me to forget, because the more I tried to, the more she lingers in my mind . "

"I do not want to go on hurting you as my mask because it makes me guilty . You give yourself fully to me but I just couldn't return the favor . "

"We have to end this while it's still early . "

Anna then burst out wailing as she tightly hugged his arm . "Hon, please, give me one more chance to make myself better . I did it because I love you and your dedication to her makes me so jealous . "

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