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When I Shall Say Goodbye - Chapter 227

Published at 12th of April 2019 04:35:05 PM

Chapter 227: 227

Hailey straightened up and shook hands with Mr Wayne and Kuya Nap .

"I am Dr . Hailey, Mr . Wayne, Atty . Guevarra . " She gave them a pursed smile as she ran her eyes to both of them .

The two men gaped in surprise as they stared at her . Dr . Grace had a twin? As if reading their minds, she answered .

"Yes, I am the twin sister of Dr . Grace . You did not know about me because I had been hiding in the

lab for many years . " She said as she smiled .

"And yes, Hailey's Pill and Pen is named after me because I was the partner of Dr . Aijohn in the research . "

"And his ex - wife . " She gave an amused smile . Her bitterness was long gone eversince Dr . Jim came in to her life .

"Uncle, ice cream, please!" Jianna interrupted them with her endless request .

Hailey laughed in amusement . "Dad will buy you some, pretty girl . "

"Daddy's not here! " She snapped childishly .

"Who's your dad, baby love? "

"Daddy Jim and Daddy Anthon! "She proudly reply .

"How does your daddy Jim look

like? " Hailey persisted in her interview portion .

"He's in mom's phone! "

"Do you still remember him? "

"Mommy said he's in our hearts but is not coming back! " She said while her eyes drooped down to the direction of her heart .

Hailey was enjoying but the two men before her were dying in curiousity as to why were they called up . If not for the word 'relative' , Mr . Wayne would have not come . All his business life, people and clients were doing the efforts to see him, and never him to meet them . What luck did they have that he was easily drawn into meeting them easily?

"Do you want auntie to buy you ice cream? " Hailey asked her, her eyes pretended a glow of excitement .

"Yes, please! " Jianna squealed excitedly .

"Okay, let's play a guessing game . I will tie you a blindfold, then you will guess who is it that will hug you! Deal? "

"Yes, please! And I will have ice cream if I'll guess it correctly? " She said, her eyes glowed in happiness .

"Exactly! " She smiled . She then pulled out a handkerchief and tied it around Jianna's head, covering her eyes .

"Make the first guess, baby girl! " She said as she hugged her .

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"Auntie! "

"Yeheey! You guess it correctly . The second hug would be longer so that you can have more time to

guess . "

"Okay! " Jianna began to giggle excitedly .

Mr . Wayne almost lost her patience . Were they here to witness an adult - child's game? He frowned at Dr . Hailey and she understood .

"Mr . Wayne, please keep your mouth shut! " She said, making him more irritated, as she put a pointing finger on top of her nose .

He was about to snap up when Jim came out from the bedroom and walked towards them . Mr . Wayne instantly froze and got out of words . Kuya Nap reacted the same way!

Jim gestured for them to wait as he came forward to hug her daughter . He lifted her up into his arms and pressed her head into his shoulders, feeling her breath, her fluffiness and her childish scent . While Jianna giggled, Jim silently moved into a stiffled sob, his shoulders shaking vigorously .

Jianna was confused . She was not familiar with this hug . After all, she was only three years old when Jim left them . But she still made an unsure guess .

"Daddy! "

Hailey laughed though there was a sudden tinge of pity in her eyes .

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"Okay, baby! You got it right so auntie is going to buy you an ice cream . So come to auntie! "

Hailey picked Jianna up and brought her to the next room which she occupied . She let her watch a kid's video before making a phone order for a strawberry ice cream .

On the other hand, as soon as Hailey went out with his daughter, Jim broke into a loud cry as he hugged his dumbfounded dad and kuya .

"Dr . Hailey helped me, dad . . . "

He, then , narrated his story of how he first met Hailey, the conspiracy behind, his decision to submit into her treatment and the consequence of accepting it . He also told them of the days he went into a comatose state, how he finally woke up and how Hailey persuaded him to go home .

Mr . Wayne trembled in his revelation as he cried bitterly .

"Why didn't you trust us? We are your family and we would never betray you . We could also keep you in hiding while Hailey treated you . You would have not been separated from your family . And now, what are we going to do? Tonton and Jia are about to get married but you can still stop it! "

Mr . Wayne was right . His family could have supported him in his hiding while Hailey would be treating him . But the decision was sudden and Hailey was influenced with great fear at that moment . All they could think about was to run away and hide from everyone including his family .

Hailey's concern was that, if they did not know anything, no matter how their opponent may put pressure into letting them confess in the future should they go to such extent, they would have nothing to tell . She had no idea how fierce were they, how grave was the conspiracy and how much they stalked into her activities . The fact that they were able to plot her accident and hide her, burn the plantation and manipulated the purchases, only proved that they were some force they should not take for granted . She was also afraid that in their battle, the innocent lives of his family would be endangered .

Mr . Wayne understood . They were just protecting and were allowing them to live a normal life .

"Dad, I saw Jia crying in my tomb . . . . and I knew about their plans to get married . . . " He also told him how they followed her and what they had witnessed afterwards .

"I could not afford to stop them . It was I who asked Anthon to love her again and take care of my kids in my absence . I could not back out on my words anymore . "

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Mr . Wayne winced in pain . "Son, you can still stop them . You're brother will surely understand . "

"Dad, he'd been through a lot of pain as well because of me and I don't want to add some more injury . We all knew that they had been lovers before I came into her life . " He said as he looked away, hiding the pain in his eyes .

" And besides, I feel that I am called into this task to dedicate my life into helping Hailey in her advocacy to help the millions who are suffering from the hell of cancer . My life is a gift and a miracle . So I would give it back to the Giver by helping the humanity . I could not focus on this if I am a family man . "

"I will talk to Jian when he is old enough to understand, but for now I want to see him from a distance . I do not want to give him unnecessary trauma . And I will come home when I will be strong enough to see Jia and Anthon . It is not her fault , dad, nor Anthon's . I am giving them my blessings . "

Mr . Wayne conceded his defeat against the reasoning of his son . Eversince he knew him, he was always been peculiar . He had unique and unbelievable traits . He was not easily provoked, his patience

was unconceivable . He always forgave and understood . His selflessness and willingness to sacrifice were something he could never fathom . And he always gave generously, even if it would mean his loss .

Perhaps, as Mr . Wayne thought, such were the characteristics of few people who were born to accept the calling and do the mission to serve . Seeing his own shortcomings and weaknesses, he could only look at himself and ask why, as unworthy as he was, was he entrusted with a son like him?


Thinking about Jianna who was with kuya Nap and her dad in meeting that anonymous person, she became worried . Both their phone

couldn't be reached so she decided to go after them . When she drove down to the parking area, she was obstructed for a while by a car who was pulling out of the parking lot . While waiting, her attention was caught in between calling up Mr . Wayne and Kuya Nap and glancing up to the obstruction ahead . Just as when she glanced up again and looked ahead, the obstructing car's door was opened, and she caught a glimpse of the man who get into the car .

She blinked for a moment, her heart fluttering, then afterwards, she exclaimed nervously .

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