When I Shall Say Goodbye - Chapter 235

Published at 15th of April 2019 03:05:04 PM
Chapter 235: 235

Jim woke up early the next morning . Hailey watched him silently while he was preparing . She pressed his clothes ahead and prepared all that he may need .

For five years, they had shared one room in any hotel they occupied everytime they traveled but

always with two beds . And now, that they were on her single - room condominium unit, he slept at a spare mattress .

Jim was always kind and protective of her but always only as a friend . She was sick of being treated like that but how could she demand? She was already hurting as time went by . All she could do was to patiently wait and wish that someday, he may open up his heart to her . She may be the most brilliant woman for being able to discover the most potent cancer cure, but she was too stupid to win a man's heart .

"Dear, I'll go now . Just inform me of your activities . " Jim said as he hugged and kissed her on the cheek .

Sad to say, his kisses and endearment was only for a friend .

"Take care . Here are the keys . " She said as he handed him her car keys .

"Thank you but I will be bringing my own car here later . "

"When will you be coming back?" She asked, concealing the pain she kept inside .

She knew that his homecoming would only harden his heart more in opening up to someone else because she knew that there was always Jia in his heart . And he would be seeing her again .

"I'll keep in touch . " He said as he waved a hand .

Few drops of tears escaped from her eyes the moment he closed the door . Would a time ever come that he would be introducing her to his family as his someone special ? Seeing how Mr . Wayne pampered Jia like his daughter, hurt her . Because she wished to be treated the same .

Everyone was already in the dining table when Jim arrived . The kids ran towards him and hugged him . Even little Jaimie .

Jia raised her brows . Why did the kids acted like they knew him already?

Mr . Wayne saw her reaction and he explained . "Jim picked them up at school the other day . "

Jia gaped at the thought when she recalled . How careless were they in the security of their children . What if he was a kidnapper?

After kissing the children, he proceeded to hugging the adults as well . He started with his dad, kuya Nap and then Anthon . Pretending she was busy, she tried to ignore him and proceeded to the kitchen to get more food . But as she turned around, Jim followed and hugged her as well .

"Jim . . . "

"Don't you want me home? " He teased her, noticing her awkwardness .

"Don't be silly! "

She glanced up then turned to pick up a set of plate and cutleries for him . Then, she placed it on the table .

"Jim, be seated beside Jianna . "

She called out as he went over to the exit door to take a look at the area . Sadly, this was supposedly their matrimonial house .

When Jim sat down, Jianna put down her spoon and fork and looked up at him .

"Dad, you're not going away again, right? "

Jim choked . This was indeed getting more complicated . How could he explain it to a child?

"I'm sorry, dear . But dad is working in the lab and it is faraway . "

Mr . Wayne interrupted . "Son, why don't you spend time with the kids? Do you really have to go back to the lab right away? Why don't you supervise in the treatment course so that you can go home at the end of the day . You were away for too

long and you need to make it up to us . "

Jim fixed his gaze at his dad for a long while before he replied .

"I'll bring it up to Hailey, dad . "

"That's good . I have already prepared your room . Go and check it out later and tell me if you want some more fixing . "

Jia felt a headache coming over . They could not possibly live in one roof! She could not afford to see both of them hurting . But how could she complain against Mr . Wayne's concern as a father for his own son?

Before this situation would cause any contention between the two brothers, she must execute her plan . She had already thought about this over and over .

After the children finished their food, she hurried to change them into their sets of school uniforms . When they went out, the four men were already seated by the living room, occupied by their conversation .

"Hurry, kids! Say goodbye to your daddies, uncle and grandpa . "

The children then lined up to hug and kiss each one of them . Anthon then looked up at her .

"Jia, why is the little one also in her school uniform? " Anthon asked, never having remembered that she had a morning class .

" I enrolled her in a music class . "

She answered, avoiding his eyes .

"You already enrolled her two years ago . " Anthon argued .

Jia laughed . "I mean I enrolled her in a string instrument tutorial . "

"Just when? Why didn't I know about it . "

Jia's heart pounded . "I'm sorry, Ton . Her teacher just informed me yesterday about her slot . "

Anthon nodded . "I see . "

"We'll go, then . " She said, casting him a sad look .

"I'll be the one to bring them to school . " Anthon offered, taking the keys from her hand .

"No, stay here . You have lots of things to catch up with . "

Jim also stood up and walked towards them .

"Let me do it, sweetheart! " Jim smiled, also grabbing the keys from her hand .

She was too afraid to look at him, knowing that Anthon was also watching her reaction . His endearment would surely create trouble sooner or later . Anthon was not as understanding as he was!

"No, Jim . You need to have a longer time for a men's talk . " She replied, feeling clumsy to talk to him .

She also saw Anthon's change of expression but she hurriedly looked away .

"We have to go . . . " Jia said as she hurried to go out .

But Anthon caught her hand . She paused and looked at him .

"What? "

Without answering, he immediately held the back of her head and kissed her in front of Jim . Jim then walked away but she also saw the pain in his eyes .

After Anthon released her, she looked deeply into his eyes .

"Bye, Ton . . . I will always love you . " She said sadly while she reached up and brushed his hair with her hand .

Anthon creased her brows as he gazed at her .

"You can never love me more than I do with you . . . " He whispered into her ear .

Jia just gave him a pursed smile then turned back to hug Mr . Wayne, Kuya Nap and Jim before she got up inside the car .


She drove silently, tears were endlessly welling up in her eyes . The children saw her and became worried . They nudged at each other, asking what happened in whispers . They saw that they already passed by the school but they just kept silent . It was the first time they saw her crying .

Soon, she stopped over a very wide parking lot . And high above the building which stood in front of it, was a big signage in very bold letters . Little Jaimie then read it aloud .

"Mactan - Cebu International

Airport . "