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Published at 22nd of January 2019 08:17:30 PM

Chapter 3

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Jia hurriedly stood up as if to shake off her most unwanted thoughts . Those were poignant memories after all that became irrelevant to the current status of her triumph against failures and sadness, against loss and frustrations . High school life is such a silly period of unnecessary frustrations and infatuations entangled by its role confusions as emphazised in its stage of growth and development .

However, what started out as an infatuation bloomed silently into a strong emotion through her irresistible urge to follow him at a distance . She had constant communications with Jay, her bestfriend, who gave her the updates of everyone in their group . Though she suddenly disappeared and had not been heard of for ten years, her life was still an open book for Jay to read aloud .

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It was from her that she knew the whereabouts of the five of them in their group, from the minutest detail to the broadest facts . And, of course, the full details of Anthon's life that became her weekly bread . Obliviously, her thoughts went back to an event 15 years ago .

"Jia, make room for my arrival next week . I want the six of us to be there . Don't ever plan to make excuses . " A message suddenly popped out from her phone .

"Where? Is he coming?"

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She asked with such controlled excitement .

"Blue Whale Mountain Resort . "

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She knew the place was situated on top of a mountain several kilometers away from the city . She also knew that it would be difficult for her to go and leave without her own transportation because of the distance . With this thought alone, she felt humiliated while the rest of them had already reached the pinnacle of success .

"I think I am not going . I don't belong there . "

"I have no time to argue with you but you really have to be there . Don't be silly . My family will be moving to Australia and I cannot figure out as of now yet , on how long will we be back . See you there, my love . "

It seemed that she could not escape from her bestfriend's request . However, she dwelled on her insecurities as the only one who had not yet succeeded yet in their chosen field . All of them had families of their own already except Anthon . Mira and Sheila were teachers who became directors in each of their institutions and Jay became one of the highest paid accountants in the city but eventually got married to a foreign businessman . Liz, on the other hand, was completing her medical residency but was married to a surgeon who was US - based . Anthon, a succesful engineer, who was having contracts with the largest shipping industry of the country . What about her? She was still expecting luck would be so kind to her as her prayer to finish a college education was still very vague . She may had intermittent semestral enrollments but due to financial scarcity, she was forced to stop and , reluctantly, found herself working at a textile factory .

During her regular phone chats with Jay, she could not help herself from hurting . Success and opportunities obviously evaded her . She was obliged to support her sick parents due to heart failure and stroke impairments . She was an only daughter and, thus, could not risk to stop a year to focus on her studies . During those college enrollments she had, she also engaged in part - time jobs to be able to support her parents . She may had the brain but her fate of being born to a poverty - stricken family was beyond her control . With this, her self-esteem went so low that even an inspiring love life with someone else had no place in her plans . Somehow, she had a rare attitude of consoling herself . She was good in making myriad and diversed wild imaginations a reality for herself and, thus, find comfort and hope in it . In her make - believe world, she scripted a series of events that would eventually lead herself to Anthon's life .

Her constant nurturing of these thoughts made the feeling so intensed that she rejoiced upon the knowledge that he had not tied himself to someone else yet .