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Published at 22nd of January 2019 08:13:26 PM

Chapter 38

Dr . Grace, out of her stubborn and carefree attitude, followed Jim to the ice cream cafe . There was no other ice cream house nearby so she was sure that she would find him there .

She wanted to see for herself the truth of the humor .

She had known him eversince they started their training in internal medicine . He was a silent man and someone aloof from the world . He never hang around to talk idly to anyone . He was so dedicated in his work that you would seldom see him resting in the doctor's lounge . If ever he was there, either he was intently reading or on a serious business talk . He did not talk much about his private life and no one knew that his family was one of the shareholders of the group of hospitals he was training in .

She had tried so hard to get close to him but he simply found ways to kindly ignore her . She include him in her snacks and meal orders but was politely turned down . She tried to help him with his reports and case presentations but it wouldn't make him stay long enough for her to chat with . She always reminded him of their activity updates but she would only get in return those simple "thank you's" .

He was never involved in any women and he was never seen around with any of them . He was simply a cold and mysterious, handsome man!

Dr . Grace, who was known for her deligence and competitiveness, would never accept any failure gracefully . Whatever she yearns for would surely be hers . Rejections were just few of life's challenges, and challenges were her greatest attractions . She looked soft and delicate . She moved about gently and gracefully, masking the fierce wickedness she kept inside .

The only thing that bound her closely to him was when he agreed to her plan to undergo training for fellowship in cardiology in the same institution with him . There were only two of them who chose cardiology while the rest of their batch decided on different fields .

Even in a foreign land, he did not help her with the process of her application . He did not ask for her whereabouts, where she stayed and when would she start . Thanks to her intelligence and persistence . She succesfully linked herself to where he would be .

As she watched them sweetly pecking at each other, she was annoyed! How long had they been with each other? And they had a five-year-old child?

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Hearing footsteps coming towards them, Jia and Jim looked up and was greeted with a warm smile .

"Hi!" She looked at Jim and then to Jia, who were both surprised to see her .

"Sorry to bother you both, I just happened to see you as I passed by so . . . I come to say hi!" Her smile did not fade while she went on with her pretense .

Jim just nodded and smiled lightly, not convinced at all . He was used to the game she had long played with him, the boring 'hide and seek' .

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"Dr . Jim, may I have the honor to be introduced to your first lady? "She shifted her gaze over to Jia, her smile still not lifted from her lips .

"Hmmn . " He looked at Jia lovingly, as if asking for her approval . She smiled back at him, a smile that boiled up her intruder's envy deep inside .

"Sweetheart, meet Dr . Grace, my co - trainee . . . and doc, meet my wife, Mrs . Wayne . I married her six years ago" Then his eyes went over to Jian to which Dr . Grace followed . " And Jian, our son . "

Jia then extended a hand to Dr . Grace with a warm smile .

"Dr . Jim, you're such a cheater . You never told us about this way back when we were yet in the first year of our Internal Medicine training . "

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She said this to hurt Jia . She wanted her to know that they knew and had been with each other for already many years .

Jim just smiled . He did not owe her anything .

Dr . Grace went on as she fixed a gaze at the child .

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