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Published at 22nd of January 2019 08:11:03 PM

Chapter 57

Dr . Grace was too bothered by what she had just heard . Jia graduated high school in a public school? There was a total of thirteen years since her name appeared in a search of Nursing Board Exam passers . She also had records of semestral enrollments but completed none . It only meant that she did not come from a prominent family like them .

Her son was five years old . . . She graduated in nursing six years ago in Catherine Fields Medical University . . . The same university where Jim graduated . . . Could it mean that her college education was related to her involvement with Dr . Jim?

And how come did Jim marry her if she was not somebody from the society? Could it mean that she flirted her way to capture him?

And, did he really married her five years ago as he said? The record was clear, she only got a 'certificate of no marriage' !

"Jiiiim! I would not rest until I will know your dark secret!" Dr . Grace swore unto herself . "I think my gentle ways will not work anymore . "

She kept staring at the door of the doctor's lounge . Anytime, he would be coming in .

Few minutes later, while she was seated on the couch, browsing on her phone, the door was opened .

Dr . Jim indeed came in but he was holding the hand of a pretty woman who made her blood boil in contempt! Her lips twisted into an evil smirk as her eyes rolled sideways .

"Good morning, Dr . & Miss Wayne! She quickly managed to pretend a smile . The word 'Miss Wayne' almost made her nauseated .

Jim and Jia chorused a reply . "Good

morning, Dr . Grace!"

Jia smiled and looked at her as Jim pulled her inside his room . She also returned her gaze with a pretentious smile but deep inside, her heart almost exploded! How did this woman succeeded in winning him? She was not too blind nor too dumb to interpret the tender looks he had on her . She knew very well that it was love!

Few minutes later, Jia and Jim went out from his room . Jim was already in his white coat, looking more handsome as he maintained an affectionate smile over Jia . They were not looking at her, so she was free to observe them .

They were both laughing and smiling . . . Jim holding her . . . Jia snuggling close to him . . . And in a second, he bent his head, Jia's arm around his neck . . . and in the next second, her heart burst! Jim kissed her . . . tenderly and passionately! No hesitations nor fear that somebody else might come in .

And then, she heard him . "Go, now my silly girl! Or, else I will be tempted to make love to you right here!"

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She was now shaking! Envy or anger, she could not tell . On that very moment, she exclaimed to herself, "Don't push me harder, Dr . Jim! "

Little did she know, that Jim was just trying to dispel any fear that Jia might had in knowing that he would be working with her again . He would not allow any room for her to doubt nor get jealous!

When the door of the lounge was banged close from outside, Jim did not come back anymore . He was obviously avoiding her!

During lunchtime, she went ahead to the lounge but Jim did not follow . She saw him instead on the cafe with Jia when she decided to buy some sweets . And on every meal breaks that followed after that, she saw them there instead .

She felt humiliated, she did not deserve this! She was the only daughter of the biggest shareholder of the most famous diagnostics group of companies in their country . Not only that, their business had long expanded and they became the biggest supplier of medical supplies and equipments all throughout their country and abroad other countries as well .

Apart from that, her parents had secretly funded a million - dollar research on cancer cure and prevention . Together with other investors, they were also delving into apparatus and equipment inventions .

And presently, they were all having high hopes on the ongoing invention of an apparatus that would map out the extent of cancer cell growth and development .

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If this would finally come to a success, this would be so far the world's greatest medical breakthrough on cancer treatment and prevention . Cancer growth mapping would then be so promising especially in the surgery since the surgeons will now know the extent of their surgical coverage . And the success rate of the surgery for cancer stages 1 and 2 would then be increased into a higher percentage!

Her phone rang and she weakly answered . " Dad! "

"Gracie, my dear, how's my baby?" Her dad addressed her sweetly as she was their only daughter .

"Dad, I'm fine but I am a bit frustrated! " She mindlessly said .

"Why? Do you want to come home now?" Her dad asked worriedly .

She was eversince a spoiled brat who got everything she wanted . And her every request was granted by her parents . She was, after all, bringing a very good reputation into their already outstanding image in the society!

"Dad, as I have told you, I love this stubborn Dr . Jim but until now, he does not pick up on me . " She told him in a sweet and sulking manner .

"My baby is very beautiful . Why don't you try finding someone else? "His dad chuckled .

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"I want only him but he's married already . " The statement shocked the old man!

"Dear, please don't ever try to break a home or a marriage . Would you allow something like that to happen to me and your mom? And to your own relationship in the future? "

There was silence for a moment but then she continued .

"Dad, please help me . ! "

"Oh, dear, that is too much! That is something very personal and you see, your mom and I had already been into a very succesful marriage for almost forty years now . Please, don't ever think of breaking a relationship . "

However, his dad could no longer rest .

"What is his full name again? " His dad now asked impatiently .

From his ancestry down to him, they were already born into a wealthy family but they never tarnished their name with such thing as home - breaking! He was horrified by this request but he was likewise afraid she would do something disgraceful .

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