White-Robed Chief - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: The Ambush

It was noon, and Chu Li suddenly knocked on the cabin .

Siao Qi rode her horse and stopped beside his cabin, "What is it?" She softly asked .

'Lady Siao, I'm quite worried . I think we'll just catch one of the Hu Ren Public House's men and ask . " Chu Li said .

"You're worried that Lu Yurong will attack Chongming Town?"
"It's still possible . "
"Don't worry, big brother won't be fooled . "
"I think we should still ask . "

" . . . Very well . "

Siao Qi called her men over and gave the order . They immediately caught the detective behind them five hundred meters away .

The cavalry stopped and everyone went into the woods to rest .
Someone carried Chu Li down the carriage and sat on a blue stone . In front of him was a middle-aged man, plain looking . He looked like he would fit right in a crowd . He lowered his eyebrows and he stood there innocently, without a sound .
Siao Qi stood beside Chu Li . She calmly looked at the man .

"You're from the Hu Ren Public House, aren't you? You don't have to deny it . Just answer honestly and I'll let you go!"
She asked him questions personally because she was the Yi Public House's Third Lady . Whatever she said could be trusted . If she said she would let him go, he would definitely have believed her . Of course, she also wanted to know what he was thinking because she wanted to have credible information .

"Yes . " The middle-aged man said in a deep tone, "I'm indeed a Protector of the Hu Ren Public House . "

"What's your name . " Siao Qi gently inquired .

"My name is Hu Ren . " The middle-aged man immediately replied .
"Is that your real name?" She calmly asked .
"Yes . " The middle-aged man quickly answered, "I wouldn't dare lie to you, my name really is Hu Ren . "

Siao Qi peacefully looked at him and used her eyes to signal a Protector who was beside her .
The young Protector moved forward and used his palm to hit the middle-aged man hard enough for him to collapse onto the ground . He then stepped on the man's right palm and coldly glared at him .

"Seems like you're tired of living . You dare deceive the Third Lady!?"

The middle-aged man was flat on the ground, his face was smeared by dust and withered grass . He raised his head and yelled with determination, "I do not dare lie to you! My name really is Hu Ren!"
Siao Qi shook her head and did not say a word .
The young Protector exerted force into the man's leg .


The sound of a crack . The middle-aged man's right palm was broken into pieces .


The middle-aged Protector shouted in severe pain . The birds in the woods flew away in shock .

Chu Li covered his mouth . His cough was getting worse . He shook his head and sighed .
"Why do you need to force yourself to do this? All you have to do is just answer some really common questions . You don't need to play tricks on us . Even if Lu Yurong knew that you told us everything, she won't punish you . "

"What I say is the truth!" The middle-aged Protector said with an implored, pitiful look, "I didn't lie to you!"

"Break his left palm too!" Siao Qi calmly said .
"Yes, Third Lady!" The young Protector replied in a deep tone . He ignored how the man was struggling and shouting in pain . He simply broke his left palm with his leg right after .

"My patience has its limits . Now, before I cripple your martial arts too, where's Lu Yurong!?" Siao Qi said .

"I—I don't know!" The middle-aged man's face turned pale . Both of his palms had already been stomped to pieces . He hoarsely sighed, "I'm just a nameless subordinate! I don't know where Lu Yurong is!"
"How about the Grandmasters?" Siao Qi said .
"They've already returned to the Public House!" The middle-aged man replied immediately .
He could tell that Siao Qi was determined .

If there were a next time, she would have actually deprived him of his martial arts . In this case, he might as well have been gone like water flowing into the river . He was better off dead .

Siao Qi looked at him and shook her head, "Seems like you don't want your martial arts anymore!"

The middle-aged man hurriedly yelled, "I swear to God! If I lied, I'll die pierced by a hundred knives and swords!"
Siao Qi said, "Kill him!"

"Yes, Third Lady!"

The young Protector stepped on the middle-aged man's energy center without hesitation .

"O—okay! I'll spill it!" The man hurriedly said .
Siao Qi did not say a word .
The young Protector exerted force at the tip of his own leg . He fiercely stabbed as the man hopelessly screamed in pain, his eyes staring daggers at Siao Qi . His gaze was so full of resentment and malicious intent that it might have pierced through her .
Siao Qi peacefully waved her hand, "Throw him to the roadside . "
The young Protector picked up the man and threw him to the roadside as if he were an old, decrepit dog not worth a second glance . He then returned without saying a word .

Everyone was shocked by Siao Qi . Their movements became much lighter .
"Seems like Lu Yurong hasn't given up yet . " Chu Li said .

"You're right . " Siao Qi gently nodded, "He still hasn't given up, even after being forced into a situation like that . . . . . . Where did his intelligence go?"
The both of them could read people's minds, and the man was lying . If someone was still able to stay that loyal in that situation, they were better off killed . If they were no longer a threat and were sent back, they would have probably suffered a worse fate .
"She has called out so many Grandmasters . She wouldn't be so willing if no credit was due . She's also human, after all . " Chu Li said .

Siao Qi's eyes were like a ripple that fell on his face, "Can we find them?"

She knew that Chu Li had a sharp mind . He sought the best outcome and avoided calamity . He even had a sense for danger, and through this, he might be able to find out where Lu Yurong was .
"You want to gain the initiative?" Chu Li muttered .
"If we take the initiative to attack them first, I believe Lu Yurong will give up . "
"That's may be true . . . . Okay, I'll give it a try . "

"I'll be with you . " Siao Qi said .

Chu Li looked and her and did not oppose what she had said .
Siao Shi and the others continued their journey . All the Protectors followed Siao Shi closely, while Chu Li and Siao Qi silently left the convoys, activated their levitation, and went into the woods .
After fifteen minutes, Chu Li stopped in front of a ravine . He pointed down into the greenish gorge .
Siao Qi was shocked, "They're inside there?"
"I'm pretty sure, this is the most dangerous place . " Chu Li nodded .

He had already seen the situation of the ravine in his mind . The six Grandmasters were all there, but he did not see Lu Yurong . He may have never met Lu Yurong before, but if she were there, he would definitely have recognized her .

The six Grandmasters were resting in the ravine, lazy and spiritless .
"Lady Siao, are you sure we should attack them?"

"Yes . "
"Okay then, you go first . I'll attract them!"
Siao Qi stared at Chu Li sideways . She obviously looked like she was in conflict with what he suggested but, couldn't be bothered .

"My levitation isn't to be trifled with . They won't catch me . " Chu Li smiled .

"You go and call Elder Zhao over!"
"If they get close, the six Grandmasters will be alerted . It'll be difficult for us to ambush them . " Chu Li retorted .
Grandmasters had a knack for sensing danger, and did it in advance, which made them hard to ambush . If they wanted to avoid the fight, it would be difficult to catch up to them unless it was a situation similar to Siao Shi's Protectors, where they had no choice but to do so .

Chu Li suddenly realized Lu Yurong' plan, killing Siao Shi was not her aim; Killing Zhao Qingshan and the other Grandmasters was . If they wanted to decrease the power of the Yi Public House, killing one of the Grandmasters was the fastest way .
They acted as if they wanted to attack to send a message to everyone in the Yi Public House . It was like slow cooking a frog in warm water . The Yi Public House would have been slowly whittled down without even realizing it, and finally becoming the Hu Ren Public House's plaything .
Siao Qi furrowed her brows and felt unconvinced .

"Lady Siao, let me do it!" Chu Li said .
Siao Qi gently shook her head . "Don't be insane!"

Chu Li smiled, "If I can't fight them, I'll run! I'll be fine!"
He did not wait for a reply and disappeared in a flash, before appearing in the woods of the ravine .
"Chi!" With a soft whistle . A cold light shot towards Xi Wu —— The leader of the six Hu Ren Public House's Grandmasters .
Xi Wu was short and thin, and did not look like a top master . Instead, he looks more like an old farmer .
His instinct alerted him and he avoided it with a flash, but the flying blade was too fast . It brushed over his shoulder and a long cut of flesh dropped . Fresh blood dripped from the open wound .
"Who's there!?" Xi Wu held onto his shoulder and his complexion turned green . It took him a short amount of time to react to his instinct and dodge the attack . However, the time frame to dodge was far too short, so he was barely able to dodge it .
Chu Li suddenly disappeared in a flash and appeared beside Siao Qi, "We need to leave, now!" He quickly said in a deep tone .

Siao Qi and Chu Li activated their levitation skills and left, followed by six shadows flying out of the ravine . Xi Wu and the others chased the pair with their instincts to track them down .

Chu Li saw the situation he was in and it was not very encouraging, "Lady Siao, I provoked them . "
He stretched out his hands and hugged Siao Qi's thin waist and disappeared with a flash .

Siao Qi wanted to struggle out of it, but she saw light and shadow distort . She felt a strong and unknown force holding her down, rendering her immobile . Suddenly, she saw a light shining in front of her eyes . It became bright again and they were already on the main road . She did not know how far they had moved .

She coldly turned to look at Chu Li .

Chu Li loosened his grip . He begrudged to let go of her warm and gentle palm, but he looked as if nothing had happened . He simply smiled and said, "Grandmasters are indeed scary . Surprisingly they chased after us, but they probably won't dare to try anything . I've already hurt one of them . "
"You hurt him?" Siao Qi looked at him .
Chu Li smiled with his squinted eyes, "The fourth layer allows me to activate the Infinite Sea of Azure as much as I want . "

"You may have reached the fourth layer, but you're still not a match for a Grandmaster!" Siao Qi retorted .

She suddenly understood that the Sentient Menace's fourth layer was the cultivation of the meridian . The meridians in one such person would have developed to its maximum strength . This aided the Infinite Sea of Azure, in the sense that it was akin to adding wings to a tiger . It also added another layer to the Sentient Menace, its power was completely different from before . This significantly increased his capabilities .

"Of course . " Chu Li smiled, "But this time they wouldn't dare go around doing whatever they want . "

"I sure hope so . " Siao Qi replied .

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