White-Robed Chief - Chapter 785

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Chapter 785

“Yes, a hundred thousand taels . After all, nobody knows who we are because the Radiance Clan’s army has been completely destroyed . You won’t suffer any losses by releasing us since more than ten years have already passed . ”

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“A hundred thousand taels is too little . ” Chu Li shook his head .

“How much do you want then?”

“One million . ”

“What?” The three men’s eyes widened .

Chu Li replied, “A million from all three of you!”

“Young man, are you crazy?” the three men angrily yelled, but their hearts were filled with panic . It was unlikely that anyone knew the exact details about them because the Radiance Clan’s army had been completely annihilated .

However, why would he demand a million taels from them in one go if he was unaware of their true identities?

Chu Li scoffed . “It doesn’t matter whether you’ll pay me or not because I’m still not giving you food today!”

“Little brother, are you really a disciple of the Holy Church of Light?”

“Yes, I’m an outer mountain disciple . ”

“Swear to Maha-Vairocana that you’ll release us as long as we give you the money . ”

“Release you?” Chu Li shook his head . “Aside from paying me, you’ll have to serve me for fifty years as well . ”

“Fifty years!” the trio yelled in shock .

A thin old man wailed . “Little brother, you must be joking . The three of us can’t even live for another fifty years!”

“You’ll be able to live that long if you follow me,” Chu Li said .

“Haha…” The three men could not help but laugh while shaking their heads .

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They could have easily lived another fifty years,or even a hundred years when they previously ascended to the Outland . However, they only had several years left to live now because their martial arts had been crippled . They had only wanted to give him a portion of their money so they could leave this dark and gloomy place to live happily for a few years .

Chu Li said, “If you refuse, then so be it . ”

“We agree!” the trio frantically replied .

“Swear a solemn oath . ” Chu Li flatly said, “I won’t be merciful if you flee once your martial arts have been restored . ”

“Don’t worry, we won’t go back on our word,” the three men hurriedly added .

Chu Li waved his hand . “Swear it!”

The three men raised three of their fingers and looked up as they swore .

Chu Li learned that their names were Kou Qiong, Lu Shu, and Feng Wuji .

Chu Li returned to the secret room and came back with a treasure sword before he broke the metal chains that bound them .

“You should clean yourselves first . Take a shower and tidy up your hair,” Chu Li briefly instructed . After that, he left the dungeon, ignoring their frenzied shouts and loud laughter as they ran out .

Chu Li hid in the study room and read some books greedily .

Two hours later, the three elders appeared outside the study room once they freshened and cleaned themselves up .

Chu Li nodded happily . They were capable and shrewd as their minds were still working properly, being able to find this place quickly despite lacking martial arts .

Kou Qiong had a tall, skinny physique and also had a thin face along with a kindly appearance . Lu Shu had a large face and a short physique that made him look slightly ridiculous but amusing while Feng Wuji had a wrinkled and angular face that made him look mean and terrifying . However, the three men stood before Chu Li in a well-behaved manner .

They were now at Chu Li’s mercy now because they lacked martial arts . Naturally, they were forced to obey him . However, they secretly looked down on Chu Li because they felt like he was merely a child that had an unlikeable appearance as well . It was unlikely that he had a bright future in the Holy Church of Light .

Furthermore, the Holy Church of Light would not have sent Chu Li here if they were truly fond of him .

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The Holy Church of Light secretly ruled over four of the ten most prosperous cities during the Li Dynasty while the remaining three sects governed two cities each .

Gale City belonged to the White Tiger Sect . Ten years ago, the Holy Church of Light sent people to establish the Radiance Clan in Gale City but it ended up getting completely destroyed in just one night . It was rumored that the remaining three clans had collaborated to achieve this feat .

During this decade, the Holy Church of Light no longer sent their members here any longer . It seemed as though they had decided to behave themselves . Nobody expected them to suddenly send someone over but when they only sent one person, it was clear that they were trying to get him killed in vain .

Chu Li put down the book and said, “I’m going to help you restore your martial arts first . ”

Despite being unexpectedly delighted, the three men were also slightly doubtful .

Since their martial arts had been dispelled for ten years, their meridians now resembled those of an average person because they had shriveled up . They had to build their foundations once more before they began training from the very basics once again . Restoring their martial arts during the remainder of their lives would probably be impossible .

Chu Li could not be bothered to explain these things to them since he was not especially fond of this trio .

Chu Li was initially thinking of killing them right away as they were guilty of crimes worthy of death and only kept them alive because he needed subordinates . How could he focus on cultivating his martial arts if he strained himself by doing everything on his own?

If Chu Li wanted to advance, the most important factor was not his martial arts but instead, his ability to make honorable contributions .

He needed to use both paths to climb up Great Light Peak and become an inner mountain disciple . Then, he would need to continue advancing without stopping so he could become a Branch Leader, Patrol, Altar Leader, and finally a Priest!

Chu Li used the Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique on the three men before using the Life and Death Scripture to restore their spiritual energy . Next, he told them to circulate their respective heart techniques . Chu Li allowed his own inner energy to pass through before transforming it into their inner energy .

It was not a big deal for Chu Li to spare a little bit of it because he had an endless supply of inner energy .

Their Martial Arts were revitalized in one day . This allowed them to ascend to the Grandmaster’s Boundary once again .

“Thank you very much, Clan Leader!” The three men’s faces were filled with gratitude as they politely bowed .

Chu Li sat on the armchair in the main hall . He looked at the trio and asked, “Are you grateful to me, or are you thinking of going against me to escape?”

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“We’d never dare to do that!” The three men were briefly shocked . They hurriedly made a fist salute and bowed .

“Hmph, you said that you’re too afraid, but hasn’t the thought crossed your mind?” Chu Li coldly replied, “You’re as ruthless as wild animals!”

The three men bowed their heads as fear silently stirred in their hearts .

It would be difficult to fool this young man because he seemed to be able to read their minds .

Chu Li continued, “You should get to work now . Fifty years, don’t forget!”

“Yes . ” The three men pressed their open palms against their fists to salute him .

“Go and fill the table with food . Then, briefly inquire about the Roaring Tiger Clan’s situation . The Roaring Tiger Clan will probably support the Windstorm Association,” said Chu Li .

“Yes . ” The three men saluted him again before they left .

Chu Li returned to the study room .

The Secret Guardians Hall had gathered a great deal of information about the Li Dynasty . However, the actual Li Dynasty was unlike the information there . He wanted to read several books to understand it better .

Chu Li put down the book after a long time and took three strands of hair out from his bosom before using the All-Seeing Divine Technique on each strand . Then, he proceeded to shake his head . The three men had certainly given him trouble because they had escaped far away by now .

There was a sudden flash before he appeared a hundred miles away from here .

Kou Qiong was sitting under a tree, holding a barbecued chicken in his left hand while taking big bites out of it . He also held a bottle of wine in his right hand while occasionally drinking mouthfuls from it . There was a delighted look on his face .

Chu Li quietly coughed as he stood before him .

The barbecued chicken that Kou Qiong was holding dropped on the ground with a thud while he stared at Chu Li in shock .

Chu Li said, “I can see that you’re really enjoying yourself . I’ll let you enjoy yourself to the fullest then!”

He pressed his finger against Kou Qiong’s chest just as he finished speaking .

Kou Qiong was about to move, but the force from Chu Li’s finger had already reached him .

Kou Qiong’s body violently turned over before he fell down . He tossed and turned on the ground as a horrific look appeared on his face, apparently from the unbearable pain he was suffering .

Chu Li suddenly vanished and appeared behind Lu Shu .

Lu Shu continued to desperately flee as he wanted to be as far away from him as possible .

However, Lu Shu felt a finger against his back at this moment before suddenly feeling as though his body had burst open . He yelled before he collapsed on the ground immediately . The pain that was coursing through his body kept changing . Lu Shu instantly felt as though he was being bitten by millions of ants before the feeling of being scorched by endless flames enveloped him .

Lu Shu fell on the ground and squirmed in distress in an attempt to lessen the pain .

Chu Li lowered his head and glanced at him, shaking his head before vanishing again .

Chu Li appeared behind Feng Wuji in the next moment . He was riding a horse while another followed behind . The two horses took turns chasing each other during this pursuit .

Suddenly, Chu Li appeared on the other horse while it galloped right next to Feng Wuji’s horse .

Feng Wuji’s eyes widened . He was just about to flee before Chu Li’s shot his finger force directly at him .

Feng Wuji quietly groaned before he turned over and fell off his horse, rolling on the ground as faint howls escaped his throat numerous times .

Chu Li’s face was completely expressionless when he lowered his head to look at him .

He only fluttered away when Feng Wuji’s had almost collapsed with his entire body covered in sweat .