White-Robed Chief - Chapter 786

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Chapter 786: 786

The Yi Public House .

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Without warning, Chu Li showed up at the East Garden .

The lanterns had been lit and Li Yue was practicing martial arts in the courtyard when he noticed Chu Li’s presence . He stopped practicing his fist techniques, pointed at the sack the latter was carrying and smiled . “What’s that?”

Chu Li tossed the sack at him .

Li Yue grabbed and opened it as his eyes went wide . “Wow, I can’t believe there are so many goodies . ”

The large sack was full of antiques and calligraphic art .

Chu Li said, “I know you fancy these things, so I’ve decided to gift them to you . ”

He had already left a batch on his island, which was now under Bi Liu’s care . Occasionally, he would return to stay there .

He sent most of the Windstorm Association’s property back to the small island and selected some precious works of art for Li Yue .

Li Yue shook his head . “I can’t accept such expensive things . ”

Chu Li grinned . “Are you sure?”

“Of course!” Li Yue replied and caressed the antiques as he laughed . “However, I can do with them for a few days! These objects aren’t from the Ji Dynasty . Where did you get them?”

“The Li Dynasty,” Chu Li answered .

Li Yue picked up a painting and unrolled it . His expression was one of great admiration as he sighed . “Masters will always be masters . The strokes, the ink, the spirit… I shudder before such perfection!”

Chu Li smiled . “How’s your martial arts training coming along?”

“So far so good . ” Li Yue chuckled . “I’m at the Perfected Innate stage now . ”

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Then, he added nonchalantly, “Anyway, I just cultivate for fun and as a way to pass the time . I don’t intend to use it . ”

Chu Li advised, “You’ll have the ability to defend yourself when you have greater martial arts skills . It’s not like you don’t go out often – although the city is supposed to be safe, accidents still occur, so you’d better cultivate properly!”

“I’m still cultivating . ” Li Yue waved his arm and replied impatiently, “Brother Chu, you’re getting more boring by the day . All you ever talk about is cultivating . ”

Chu Li grimaced .

Li Yue picked up the painting scroll and packed up the sack . Then, he gestured at Chu Li to wait for him .

He soon brought out a piping hot little pot from his house . A fragrant aroma wafted across the area as he carried it over . “Try this . You’re in for a treat!”

A smile spread across Chu Li’s face .

He admired Li Yue’s cooking, since no one else could come close to his standards .

Li Yue removed the lid of the pot as the aroma became richer and more tantalizing, causing Chu Li to lick his lips .

“It’s snow chicken and snow fungus soup in its most authentic form . ” Li Yue grinned . “Thanks to you, I managed to get this snowcock and snow fungus from the Thousand Herb Courtyard in the Residence . No one else has had the opportunity to try this . ”

Despite his absence in the Residence, Chu Li’s authority did not diminish, rather it actually rose over time . At the moment, he was still the chief of the Glory’s Will Courtyard .

As a close friend of Chu Li, Li Yue received lots of benefits and special treatment that were normally exclusive to a Rank-Three Minister .

Chu Li knew Li Yue loved to eat and thus he would normally bring whatever goodies there was in the residence to his friend .

Chu Li took a ladle from Li Yue before stirring the soup and laughing . “I really had it rough this time around . I’ve been cultivating in isolation and I didn’t get to taste any good food . At least I can enjoy something now . ”

“Sigh…” Li Yue shook his head . “You have such an exhausting life . All day long, you train, cultivate in isolation, and kill people . It must be nerve wracking, and not as comfortable as my life!”

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Back in the day, he wanted to live an exhilarating life too, but later, he realized he was timid and not made for such adventures . Thus, he decided to become his own protector and live a serene and satisfying life in the East Garden .

Now, with Chu Li’s protection, his days became more relaxed . No one bothered him and he had someone to take care of him and attend to his needs as well . It was a life one could only dream of .

Chu Li grimaced . “I can’t help it . I was destined to live a taxing life!”

“True, your life is taxing if nothing else . ” Li Yue laughed while shaking his head . “Look at your current island . If you were to remain in the Public House and become the owner of your own island, imagine how easy your life would be!”

Chu Li smiled and nodded .

There was no question about it, he was like a horse that galloped continuously without taking a minute’s rest .

A crescent moon hung like a radiant hook in the sky .

Chu Li arrived at Flying Cloud Restaurant in Gale City .

The restaurant was very crowded in the evening . The first floor was boisterous, and the second floor was not quiet either . Therefore, he headed straight for the third floor .

There were not many people on the third floor and the seats near the window were not fully occupied yet .

Thus, he sat by a table at the window and ordered a few dishes and a jug of liquor . After this, he drank and ate nonchalantly, feeling relaxed and at ease .

When he felt anxious, he would talk to Li Yue and experience a tranquil life .

He admired Li Yue’s peaceful state of mind . After spending some time with his friend, he would often feel calm again .

The Windstorm Association’s property had been reclaimed, and he was sure that Sun Jizhi and the Roaring Tiger Clan would not stand for it .

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Chu Li guessed that they would soon barge into the residence to search for the antiques and banknotes .

He had already transferred them away and could not imagine how Windstorm Association’s members were feeling . When Chu Li thought of this, he felt amused . Those fellows must be having a fit now .

Chu Li had a hunch that the people of the Windstorm Association would look for him at soon as possible . If they did not dare do so, they would get the people of the Roaring Tiger Clan to join them . This is because the Roaring Tiger Clan might not fear him, and they would certainly take action .

He scanned his surroundings and shook his head . Sun Mingyue did not follow him .

Logically, he should get someone to secretly protect him while he was here . If not, it could prove to be too dangerous as he could not simply expose himself to risks .

Yet, the reality was that no one was following him . The Omniscient Mirror constantly scanned the area, and this, coupled with his own senses, told him that there was nothing amiss .

Earlier, the Omniscient Mirror had failed to detect Sun Mingyue’s presence . Since the Omniscient Mirror’s integrated with the Scripture of Great Light and the Maha-Vairocana’s Immobility Scripture, its powers grew tremendously . When the Divine Light Body was established, it could detect Sun Mingyue’s whereabouts .

Was the Scripture of Great Light so strict toward outer mountain disciples that instead of protecting them in secret, it left the disciples with nothing but their own wits and tenacity? Did it really ignore them even when their lives were at stake?

It was shocking . One could not imagine how many geniuses had been sacrificed due to their strictness .

Chu Li decided that the next time Li Ruolan came by, he would ask her about this .

He was pondering the matter when hurried footsteps echoed out from the bottom floor . Soon, four men ascended the stairs with huge strides and stopped right in front of Chu Li .

Chu Li glanced at Sun Jizhi and said wryly, “You don’t fear death at all . ”

Sun Jizhi replied in a low voice . “Zhao Dahe, you’ve crossed the line!”

Chu Li spoke, “Really? Are these three fellows your accomplices?”

There were three middle-aged men of average looks . They were all Grandmasters and bore an ominous aura, like a ferocious tiger that would pounce on a person at any moment . The other patrons felt intimidated and avoided eye contact with them .

One of the middle-aged men asked in a grave tone, “Young Mister Zhao, why are you so cocky?”

Chu Li gave him a dirty look . “Wanna fight?”

“Young Mister Zhao, if you hand over Windstorm Association’s property, we’ll stop bothering you,” The middle-aged man said .

Chu Li cried, “Let’s fight then!”

“Does this mean you aren’t going to hand it over, Young Mister Zhao?” The middle-aged man scoffed .

Chu Li retorted impatiently, “If you were in my place, would you hand it over?”

The middle-aged man answered, “If you don’t hand it over, you will suffer the same fate as Radiance Clan had ten years ago!”

Chu Li frowned . “Were you all responsible for Radiance Clan’s downfall?”

“No . ” The man shook his head .

Chu Li scowled . “You aren’t a man if you don’t own up to your actions! Cut the crap . Let’s fight and get this over with!”

“Big Brother, let’s cut to the chase and be rid of him!” Another middle-aged man spoke, “Who cares about the Holy Church of Light? They still have to lie low in Gale City!”

Chu Li gasped . “How bold of you!”

“Good, we shall teach you a lesson . ” The previous middle-aged man sighed and shook his head . “Sigh… Why does it have to be this way?”