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White Snake - Chapter 18

Published at 20th of March 2019 11:19:17 AM

Chapter 18

[Bronze Earthworm*4]

"Mia there is no decimal point in experience percentage before, why you suddenly display it now?"

[Before, I have always rounded up your experience]

"Then why now?"

[I want you to know the exact value so you can know better about your status]

'Here goes it's reasoning . '

Zynx only needed 0 . 3% for leveling up, so he didn't want to have more argument with Mia . Even though he had not found any other monster except earthworm, he knew there was another one, who could injure bronze earthworm, so there was no need to worry .

But before leaving for the searched of another monster, he had to do something about this bronze earthworm bodies .

Zynx decided to digest them before going for the search of another monster . It was not feasible to store both death body as his void stomach was limited, and he also required some rest after overusing the spear .

Zynx hopped inside the hole and used poison to cover the opening of the hole, after that he commanded poison ward to fill up the area with soil so that it would not stand out from the surroundings .

Because of Zynx unique skill 'pet of destruction', he would not die due to a deficiency of oxygen, so he had nothing to fear .

After completing the safe hideout, Zynx re-summoned poison ward from outside and commanded it to swallow the body of adult bronze earthworm while he swallowed young bronze earthworm .

[Time for digestion – 4 hours]

[Time for digestion – 10 min]

After knowing that, poison ward could digest instead of him, he didn't desire to digest it himself, as he would be immobilized after that .

Zynx was in a safe place but it didn't mean, he would be perfectly safe in here .

It was said that even when you are standing still, there is 0 . 001% of dying, but right now he was inside the death canyon, where anything could befall, so he needed to be ready for everything, that might happen .

[Digestion complete]

[Ancient bloodline (white crystal) = level 2(66%)]

[Ancient bloodline (white crystal) = level 2(80%)]

After resting for 4 hours, Zynx exhaustion had been removed . Now he was in tip-top shape .

Zynx un-summoned the poison ward and carefully went outside the hole . He looked around to see if there was any risk but found nothing .

He had cleared up whole earthworm lair, now he needed to find other monsters .

If you wanted to find a skeleton, then it was easier to find after searching for an hour or two, but the monster was hard to find in death canyon .

Thanks to the wound on the body of adult bronze earthworm, he knew there was another monster nearby . All he needed to do, was to follow that direction .

Zynx follows the same path as a bronze earthworm, but after slithering for more than 6 hours, he couldn't find a single thing . He could only see the same black soil and the same dead tree .

Zynx questioned himself whether he was in the right track or not, after another 3 hours, he finally saw tiny footprints on the soil .

Zynx followed the footprints and could see a small creature, it was ivory in color with 6 legs and 2 antennae . It was smaller than him but its size was compared to the rat of his old world .

It was moving slowly with bone on its back, this was the first prey after nine hours of slithering, so he became thrilled .

Zynx could not inspect its status but from its structure, he understood it was weaker than him . But Zynx still used camouflage and slithered near it .

When Zynx reached to the sufficient range, he used absolute poison shot and followed with bite, killing it .

[You killed Bone penetrating ant]

[You level up]


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Name: Zynx

Age: 16 years old

Temporary Gender: Male

Race: Snake

Bloodline: Vaitas

[Ancient bloodline (white crystal) = level 2(80%)]

Class: Egg hatchling

Rank: Mortal

Level: 4/5 (0 . 4%)


Strength – 2 . 5

Vitality – 2 . 5

Agility – 2 . 5

Intelligence -2 . 5

Charm - 5

Destruction point – 1

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Passive skill: Aural sense, Fast Metabolism, Poison Sting, Health Regeneration, Camouflage, Bronze scale, Night vision, Humanoid language

Active Skill: Poison ward, bite, Absolute poison shot

Unique skill: Poisonous body, Pet of destruction, Blacksmith

. . . …


Slowing poison – 5 shot/day

Paralysis poison – 2 shot/day

Storage space = 4 meter cubes


After leveling up, he neared the dead body and took out the information parchment and consume it .

[Congratulation on obtaining new information parchment]


Bone penetrating ant (10%)

Race: Ant

Name: ??


Attributes: ??


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Even though Zynx didn't have the knowledge of everything, but he knew, ants traveled in a group, so he left to find other .

In 1 hour he found 6 of them and easily annihilated them, after that no matter how far he explored, he could not discover anymore .

[Level: 4/5(3 . 4%)]

[Bone penetrating ant*7]

He could only get 0,5% experience point from each of them, so he decided to stop wasting time on them and sought for the monster that injured bronze earthworm .

But before that, he had to do another thing .

Zynx summoned poison ward and commanded it to consumed 7 of them .

[Time for digestion – 3 minute]

Since its size was small it didn't need much time .

[Ancient bloodline (white crystal) = level 3(0 . 5%)]

[Destruction point – 2]


Zynx could not believe that these little ants could give him an average of 3% bloodline point .

He could get a huge amount of experience point by killing, so he didn't have to worry about leveling up, but the way of obtaining bloodline point was hard as you needed to digest essence of bloodline and while digesting, you had to waste a huge amount of time .

Zynx remembered, each bone penetrating ants were carrying a bone on their back, so he presumed there must be colonies around and all he needed to do was destroyed them and get huge bloodline points .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!