WHITE WITCHES - Chapter 127

Published at 28th of May 2019 10:45:06 AM
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Chapter 127

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Varu arrive in the place, where he can find that flower that also from their royal family, varu ask soldier and ask them . Where I can find that flower? Varu and soldier in forest and walking to that place, where flower is grow, but they pass the stairs to take them to top of mountain, where is ice, who cover the mountain, and varu ask, what this?

Guard of the mountain reply, this place is you can find that flower, varu saw and shocked, this whole place was cover with snow and he was very shocked, all flower could be dead by now . Varu was in blame ourselves for his duty, soldier leave the place

Varu ask, why you leaving, but soldier turn his back on prince, soldier know that, only royal blood have power and capability for find that flower, then he can save that flower, varu was shocked and want to find that flower, varu jumping of snow and enjoying his time, snow was very thick, he hardly walking on snow,

Jenny was standing in that unknown world and looking for the power, she have and to learn, what she haven't learn, that women is trying to teach her

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That women said, you have to concentrate your magical power to entire body, so you stop wasting you magical power, it could increase you magical strength and balance with you physical strength, don't flow your magical power too much in your muscle, it could be burst .

Jenny shocked and yell, you are saying, I could burst and, jenny imagining it, she decided to don't want to do it, jenny don't want to blow herself and blast herself .

Person reply, that's why I am here, you don't need to worry about it, I will not hurt your real body, you have to just concentrate and please don't do it too much, you could destroy something

Varu looking here and there in ice and snow, but sun will set soon, varu want to do it faster, but he trying to do it, he hand was numb because of the snow, varu want to give-up, but he can't, if he do, he will be responsible for innocent life, varu was running there and kick the snow, but mistakenly kick the rock and finally sunset and varu was going back, he give-up and while he walking back, he was mistakenly put his leg on tunnel, which was cover by snow and he slide and end up in flower, that he looking for, but there is so much flower on it, varu never see that flower, so but moon light help him, moon light came from tunnel, that varu slide down and strike with every flower but only flower glow, he took that flower and take it and climb the slippery tunnel and his cloth totally dirty with mud, varu came down from mountain soldier saw him

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Soldier mistook him as monster and ask, hey monster, what are you doing here in this mountain?

Varu said, shut-up and just take me back to palace, I will give this flower and back this flower and revive that girl, who took all my respect in my house, when she wake-up I will punish her for making me do this task .

Jenny hand blue color spreading in her neck and jenny with that women, jenny starting to transparent and she can't handle her and kneel down on ground, jenny was feeling weak and varu finally arrive in the palace and run toward her room and his father, and other were standing there and waiting for flower .

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Father ask varu, do you bring that flower, that I asking you to bring and what happen to you cloth, do you playing on mud, you are grown up now, stop messing like child .

Varu reply, stop it and how I give her flower, is enough to make her heal completely, doctor please tell . Do I have to make medicine from this flower?

Doctor reply, you don't have to, you need to just put in her hand and it's completed, please do it quickly, that sword swelling jenny, you have to just do it now .

Jenny was in danger, she feel in that world, that person was known that, he coming for help, she leaving jenny for it, she leaving it

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Varu rush toward her jenny, jenny was lying in bed and waiting for the herb, that doctor recommend that flower, Ren and other saw him helping jenny, varu just hold her hand and put flower in her hand and flower glow, but varu emotion toward jenny changed and flower working to absorb the power of wound of the jenny, blue poison stop flowing and absorbing by flower .

Bird humming in night was totally not ignorant, bird humming and wind also flowing faster, and weather also change to rain, no one understand . What happen? But they know that flower is working and suddenly wind flow turn into hurricane and curtain and door and window automatic open and closed, that was shocking but, when they looking outside, the cloud covering the sky . In just the minute ago, the sky was clear and there is no sigh of hurricane and rain, everyone was amaze this nature behavior .

They all look toward varu and jenny, varu moving his head toward jenny head and no one understand it but, they were just seeing it, but varu actually kissing jenny in front of everyone, everyone shocked and trying to stop varu, but they already late .

That women, who appear in jenny mind said, this is just beginning, you have to wait for their future, this totally bright, now will stop them, not the royal and common family, nature already decided their future, they are power couple

Grandmother yell at varu, what are you doing? You just have to give that flower . You kissing her, but varu ignore his grandmother and do it by self, varu can't control his emotion, it look like someone controlling him, he said okay

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