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Chapter 17

Su Qianqian had no alternative . Bai Aoxue didn’t care for her threat . She wanted to run away but didn’t dare to move her legs .

Those in the courtyard all witnessed Bai Aoxue’s cold-bloodedness and cunning .

Nobody expected Bai Aoxue would be a devil someday and retaliated against those who bullied her before . Now they have to accept the fact

“I’m very sorry, Aoxue! I’m sorry, Mumian! Please don’t do this to me! I will make it up to you!” Su Qianqian knew it was useless to threaten Bai Aoxue She had to persuade nicely .

“Don’t you think it’s too late, Auntie Su?” Bai Aoxue said, looking at Su Qianqian with a stern expression .

Scarcely before Su Qianqian opened the mouth to speak, Bai Aoxue yelled, “When Bai Suxue pushed me into the pond, did you think you were sorry? When you bullied me or cheated me out my monthly allowances, did you think you were sorry? Do you think I’m a white lily which is so pure that I know nothing, Auntie Su? Should I be grateful to you for slapping me in the face? Auntie Su, Is it because you framed up so many people? Or you are simply stupid that you can’t see this simple truth?”

“It’s me, Bai Aoxue . I’m back for revenge today . I want you to repay in double rate for the pain you inflicted on me . I’m the winner today, not you, Auntie Su . You will be a loser every time when you struggle with me . I won’t kill you, Auntie Su, but you won’t have a good time if I live in the prime minister’s mansion!” Bai Aoxue changed her cold expression into a blood-thirsty expression and said .

Su Qianqian was astonished when she heard what Bai Aoxue said . The little girl who would often hide behind the door frame, looking timidly at her had grown up .

She had never imagined she would rebel against her today .

Bai Aoxue didn’t give Su Qianqian time to fight back . She quickly moved over to Su Qianqian . She held a bowl of porridge, squeezed Su Qianqian’s mandible open, and emptied the bowl into her mouth .

Su Qianqian attempted to fight back, but she was pressed firmly by Mumian and Xiangxue on the arm .

“Bai Aoxue, you had to choose the hard way . I won’t let you off for humiliating me today even under the ground!” Su Qianqian screamed hysterically . The porridge splashed out on her hair and face because of her struggle .

Bai Aoxue didn’t care about what Su Qianqian said . She picked up another bowl of porridge . “Enough! Even you let me off, you wouldn’t be able to live in peace either,” She emptied another bowl into Su Qianqian’s mouth .

“Cough…cough…Bai Aoxue, you will pay a price thousands of times for what you did to me today . ” Su Qianqian stared at Bai Aoxue, the eyes burning with intense hatred as if thousands of knives darting at Bai Aoxue .

Bai Aoxue didn’t care what Su Qianqian said . Many people attempted to kill her before, but nobody was successful .

Even in this era, nobody could harm her easily .

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“Why are you standing here? Does mom tell me to come? Where is she? Take me to her!” Bai Aoxue and those in the courtyard heard her voice before she arrived .

“We have another visitor now, Auntie Su . Can your daughter help you?” Bai Aoxue looked at Su Qianqian whose eyes were full of hope, saying in a mocking tone .

After hearing what Bai Aoxue said, Su Qianqian had a presentiment that Bai Aoxue would play a dirty trick . Scarcely before she yelled to stop her, Bai Suxue strode into the courtyard .

“What happened, Mom?” Bai Suxue was taken aback when she saw her mother sit in a tranced state on the ground, facing the gate to the courtyard .

“Bai Aoxue! What did you do to my mom? Let her go! I will ask Daddy to punish you . ” Bai Suxue shouted angrily while looking at Bai Aoxue .

“It seems that you don’t know what happened in the courtyard, my sister! After you enter the courtyard, if you walk for ten steps, you would end up in a miserable state like this unfortunate guy who is lying dead on the ground . Tell your mom to drink all the bird’s nest soup . If she does, perhaps I will have pity on you and let you go,” Bai Aoxue said in an ironic tone while looking at her younger sister .

Bai Suxue was shocked when seeing the dead bodyguard Bai Aoxue pointing at, but she was suspicious of what Bai Aoxue said .

She cast a questioning look at other people, and they nodded with a terrified expression .

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“It seems you cherish your life very much, my sister . Since you haven’t realized the dream of becoming the queen of the Empire, it’s a pity if you die so early, isn’t it?” Bai Aoxue looked at hesitating Bai Suxue, feigning a sad expression .

Seeing her daughter was hesitating, Su Qianqian was a bit disappointed . Rather than yelling at her daughter, she said in a gentle voice, “Don’t listen to what she said, Suxue . When your father come, we will be saved . I don’t want to drink the soup . She is humiliating me!”

Bai Suxue thought Su Qianqian was right . When Bai Qiwei came, Bai Aoxue wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant .

Bai Suxue, who figured out a plan and looked at Bai Aoxue carelessly, “Humph! When daddy comes, I’ll see if you would continue to be so arrogant . I’ll stand here and don’t move an inch . What else can you do with me?” She raised her head proudly after saying that .

“You are joking, my sister! Since you don’t want to move, I will help you walk for several more steps . Keep a good figure, my sister, and the emperor will like you!” Bai Aoxue walked over to her younger sister, feigning a smiling expression .

The smile seemed as ghostly as a demon in the eyes of other people in the courtyard .

“What do you want to do, Bai Aoxue? Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me, or I’ll kill you!” Bai Suxue screamed, looking at Bai Aoxue with a panic-stricken expression .

“You are cracking a joke, my sister! Didn’t you make an attempt at my life before? Do I care about your death threat for the second time?” Bai Aoxue kicked heavily on the back of Bai Suxue .

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Bai Suxue stumbled a few steps . She patted her chest with a frightened expression . And scarcely before opening her mouth to speak, she heard Bai Aoxue saying behind her, “Five steps, my sister . ”

Bai Suxue didn’t want to gamble with her life, and she knew she couldn’t gamble with her life either .

She wasn’t the queen of the Empire . She didn’t have the power over the Empire . She couldn’t die!

Bai Suxue, after hesitating for a while, raised her head and said to Su Qianqian: “I’m sorry, mom . Please drink all the soup . I don’t want to die . Mom, your face isn’t as valuable as my position as the future queen . ”

After heard what Bai Suxue said, Su Qianqian’e heart felt freezing cold like the winter .

She never expected her beloved daughter would abandon her in pursuit for position . With eyes full of tears, she took the bowl from Mumian .

“Since you like it so much, auntie, drink all of it . Don’t worry . I’ll tell the kitchen to cook more . ” Noting the uncompromising stance of Su Qianqian, Bai Aoxue had no sense of victory .

She just wished the deceased Bai Aoxue and her mother would have witnessed the event .