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Published at 12th of September 2019 03:48:44 PM

Chapter 25

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After hearing that male voice, Bai Aoxue held her nerves .

Xiangxue’s eyes flashed across a surprise after hearing the sound when she knelt on her knee .

"Miss, I have been trusted by Bai Aoxue . Now I have been lurking around her . " Xiangxue didn’t move .

"Oh? How can you get her trust so soon?" That man was a little surprised .

Bai Aoxue listened to their conversation then laughed disdainfully . Get trust? Xiangxue over underestimated her .

"Miss, here is the thing . After I was informed that day, I started looking for a method to approach Bai Aoxue . And Bai Aoxue has picked a fight with those in Prime Minister’s mansion that night . " Xiangxue replied respectfully .

"A fight? What happened?" That man was a little curious .

Although Bai Aoxue has only heard the sound of Nightmare a few times, she convinced that the people inside was absolutely him .

His voice was very unique with special charm . People would never forget it once they heard .

"Su Qianqiantrapped Bai Aoxue's maidservant by tricks . Bai Aoxue angrily went to find Su Qianqianwith that maidservant and taught Su Qianqianand her gang a lesson . She even beat her father . " Xiangxue deliberately mentioned Bai Qiwei .

In fact, Xiangxue thought that it was disgraceful for Nightmare to marry Bai Aoxue .

Although Bai Aoxue was no longer weak, she did not deserve Nightmare .

Nightmare was a god in Xiangxue’s heart, while Bai Aoxue was the villain who tried to defile her god .

She hoped that Nightmare may not marry Bai Aoxue if she kept vilifying her .

"Ah, I see . " Nightmare smiled .

After hearing Nightmare’s laughter, Xiangxue felt uncomfortable .

Xiangxue eagerly said: "Miss, Bai Aoxue planned to marry you . In my view, she obviously intended to fight against Bai Qiwei resort to your power . "

A little pleasure flashed across him that he didn’t notice himself after listening to Xiangxue .

"What do you mean?" Nightmare asked with great interest .

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"One day, after I became her maidservant, Bai Aoxue asked me to clean up a room and stayed there for a few days . She obviously planned to marry you . " Xiangxue thought she was clever .

She didn’t hate Bai Aoxue . However, if she tried to finger on 5th prince, she was an enemy .

Although Bai Aoxue may not expect that Xiangxue has already unconsciously regarded her as her enemy, she can tell at a glance that Xiangxue approached her on purpose .

But Bai Aoxue did not notice Xiangxue’s resentment .

Bai Aoxue, hiding in darkness and listening to Xiangxue, her eyes were as frosty as marble .

Bai Aoxue knew that Nightmare was not the same as people said . How powerful was he? She did not know . But at least, as long as she made a sound, Nightmare would definitely notice her .

Perhaps, she has already been noticed .

"Can’t you suppress your arrogance and impetuosity even after so many years? Too early conclusion would lead to a fast death . " Nightmare didn’t miss the anger in her words .

Xiangxue was shocked . She imposed herself as quite smart . Meaning between Bai Aoxue’s lines was that she would leave Prime Minister’s mansion in the future .

In addition to marrying 5th prince, her only choice was to go back to General’s mansion . . . .

Thinking of that, Xiangxue suddenly understood Nightmare’s meaning . Indeed, Bai Aoxue did not say that she would marry 5th prince, but Xiangxue made a conclusion blindly .

"Miss, you are right . However, Bai Aoxue is a good-for-nothing . Marrying her would only kill you!" Xiangxue continued .

"How dare you criticize my life?" Not angry but dignified sound of Nightmare spread from the Bamboo House .

The words of Nightmare made deepened Xiangxue’s hatred towards Bai Aoxue .

If Bai Aoxue has ever appeared, she wouldn’t be scolded like this by her Miss .

Bai Aoxue did not know, she has become Xiangxue’s enemy thanks to Nightmare .

"I made mistakes . Please forgive me . " Xiangxue choked back her unwillingness .

Staring at Xiangxue, Bai Aoxue showed a murderous look . Even though she did not believe her at the very beginning, she wondered why she kept a valueless servant like Xiangxue .

However, witnessing her betrayal, Bai Aoxue could not calm down .

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She was never treated like this in preceding world .

Arriving at Great Continent for just a few days, she has already experienced too many intrigues and tricks .

Bai Aoxue disdained to play tricks . In her mind, if she liked it, she would admit straightforwardly . If she didn't like it, no one could force her to . Xiangxue, however, has already touched her bottom line .

Bai Aoxue raised her hand and slowly applauded, walking out from the darkness elegantly .

Xiangxue, who originally knelt on her knee, immediately sprung up when she heard the sound . She was stunned when she looked back .

Her eyes like a thin moon, she walked with through moonlight . That slender figure was shining and bright .

Like a fairy with the innate pride and dignity, she stepped toward Xiangxue .

"What a good loyal maid . Today I was surprised . " Bai Aoxue looked at Xiangxue indifferently .

Xiangxue never expected that Bai Aoxue would come here .

After listening to Bai Aoxue, Xiangxue no longer hid the truth .

"Why you are here? Who took you?" Xiangxue also glared at Bai Aoxue .

Where was that obsequious Xiangxue?

"You brought me, don’t you? How come you don’t know?" Bai Aoxue looked at Xiangxue with a mocking look .

Xiangxue was shocked and annoyed after listening to Bai Aoxue’s words .

"How could…?" Xiangxue looked at Bai Aoxue shockingly .

"I didn't feel that I was followed! Who are you? Bai Aoxue doesn't have that ability!!" Xiangxue unbelievably pointed at Bai Aoxue and questioned .

"Who am I? Good question!" Bai Aoxue looked at Xiangxue and smiled, her brows raised up .

"I am Bai Aoxue, your Miss, Bai Aoxue . " A trace of regret mixed in her soft voice .

If Xiangxue can be loyal, then she wouldn’t think about killing .

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Xiangxue listened to Bai Aoxue’s words and laughed indifferently: “Hahaha, Bai Aoxue, you think too highly of yourself . Do you think you’re qualified to be my Miss? I only have one Miss!”

"It’s none of your business!" Bai Aoxue drew back her sights .

"Are you going out yet? Do you want to continue that trade?" Suddenly shifting to another subject, Bai Aoxue looked at the Bamboo House without emotion .

Xiangxue was just about to make a sound when she heard Bai Aoxue . While at the same time, she heard the male voice in the Bamboo House .

"You came much earlier than I thought . " That hoarse male voice spread out with a string of footsteps .

"Humph! I am just a pawn in your game . " Bai Aoxue was not a bit of curious and angry about Nightmare’s affirmation .

Xiangxue glared, listening to that dialogue . An idiot can tell that they have seen and known each other .

However, wasn’t Bai Aoxue a young lady that usually wouldn’t go out of home?

"Miss, she is fake Bai Aoxue . Don't easily trust her!" Xiangxue pointed at Bai Aoxue and shouted .

Nightmare frowned after hearing what Xiangxue said while no one saw it .

A strong power rushed to Xiangxue when someone slightly raised sleeves . Bai Aoxue knew that it was Nightmare .

Xiangxue was thrown away by that force and then hit on those bamboos, cracking a few of them .

"Pfft . . . " At the moment when Xiangxue fell to the ground, a large mouthful of blood was spat from her mouth .

"Xiangxue, you seemed to have forgotten . I don't like servants who grab words from me . " Nightmare looked at her with his narrow eyes squinted .

But Xiangxue knew that it was an inclination to his dissatisfaction .

Xiangxue, who has been prostrating on the ground, listened to Nightmare, crawling to him and said: "I know I was wrong . I know I was wrong . Please forgive me . "

Bai Aoxue looked at battered and exhausted Xiangxue without a shred of sympathy .

The most shocking thing was more than that move of Nightmare .

Bai Aoxue knew that there must have martial arts in ancient time . Even if he or she has not eaten pork before, one would still recognize a pig running .

Moreover, there were some costume films played on television in preceding world . Those moves such as Eighteen Ways of Beating the Dragon, drunken fist, guide of dog beating of beggar’s gang and others were mentioned .

The one used by Nightmare was definitely martial arts of this era .

Although that flashed surprise of Bai Aoxue disappeared quickly, it was still noticed by Nightmare who has been observing her .

He secretly laughed lightly; it seemed that he finally saw other expressions of that little wild cat in addition to indifference .

Of course, Bai Aoxue did not know Nightmare’s idea . And now she was full of thoughts that Nightmare must be a strong person . He must have been bearing for so many years with dangerous intentions .

"Are you scared?" Nightmare deliberately looked at Bai Aoxue defiantly .

Bai Aoxue, who was still thinking about it, sneered at him after listening to Nightmare: "Are you telling jokes? You look down on me . "

Looking at the Nightmare, Bai Aoxue immediately smiled: "Shoot . What is the chip? What do you want from me? I don't have much time to waste . "

When Nightmare heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he was very astonished . Even if he expected Bai Aoxue would come to see him, he did not expect that she would be so straight to the point .

However, such a personality also suited his taste .

"In this case, I will say it straightly . You marry me, knowing your place and keeping to yourself . If necessary, you need to help me . " Nightmare hid no secret .

Upon hearing Nightmare’s words, Bai Aoxue did not expect that his request to be so simple . However, she suddenly realized that the seemingly simple thing may be the most difficult one .

"How can I help you?" Bai Aoxue rose up her eyebrows .

"You are a smart girl, and you may have guessed the reason for this . In two days, he will definitely call you into the imperial place . By then, you will know what to do . " Nightmare knew that Bai Aoxue was smart . Or should he say extremely intelligent .

Looking at Bai Aoxue who sank deep into thought, Nightmare did not bother her . Perhaps such a deal was unacceptable for any other woman .

If they succeed, they could live at ease forever; while if they lost, there was no second chance .

But he affirmed that Bai Aoxue would accept it .

He would never misjudge a person who had the same breath and the same expression as him .

"I promise, but you need to help me destroy Bai Qiwei and the entire Prime Minister’s mansion . " Bai Aoxue’s mind was variable .

This was a huge gamble . She would not and cannot lose .

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