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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Emperor Granted A Marriage

“Dad . Help me, please! My elder sister humiliated me before the maidservants by saying I was the turtledove, taking over the nest of a magpie, and she maimed my maidservant . Hoooo…” Bai Suxue kneeled down before Bai Qiwei, crying pitifully .


Bai Qiwei frowned after hearing it . He knew that Bai Suxue must have bothered Bai Aoxue again .


He knew Bai Aoxue was often bullied by Bai Suxue and Su Qianqian for many years, but he seldom inquired about it .


He didn’t like Bai Aoxue as she was coward and shiftless, not resembling him at all . He preferred Bai Suxue because she was cruel and merciless .


In his mind, only an unscrupulous, cold-blooded person could prevail over others, and what he badly needed was a daughter like Bai Suxue, who had much use value for him . Therefore, Bai Aoxue was doomed to be abandoned by her father .


“Suxue, stand up! Aoxue is your elder sister, and you have more of my love since childhood . She will be married in a few days and leave the family . Try to forgive her . ” Bai Qiwei said to his daughter with vexation upon seeing her crying face .


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Bai Suxue stopped crying immediately upon hearing what Bai Qiwei said . She immediately raised the head in surprise and said while looking at her father: “Is it real, father? She will get married? But who will she marry?”


“The Emperor initially wanted to grant a marriage to you, but considering you are still young, I let your sister take your place . I don’t want to push you into the fire . Just think who the most well-known person in the Chengxi Dynasty is?” Bai Qiwei put on the face of a loving father while looking at Bai Suxue .


Bai Suxue was taken aback by Bai Qiwei’s words . She said: “Dad, is he the good-for-nothing, the Fifth Prince? The Fifth Prince who is ugly as the demon Ranshak?”


Bai Qiwei frowned slightly after hearing her words . He said: “Don’t speak ill of the Fifth Prince anymore in the future . No matter how ugly he is, you and I have no right to make an evaluation of him . If somebody heard it, we would be beheaded . ”


From the tacit approval by Bai Qiwei, Bai Suxue confirmed who was the man Bai Aoxue would marry .


She didn’t hide her gloating at her face but said with a feignedly sad expression: “Dad . My sister suffers because of me . I feel sorry for her . How about summoning her here and tell her the news so that she will be psychologically prepared . ”

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As an experienced politician wielding power in the imperial court, Bai Qiwei knew what Bai Suxue was thinking about . But when he thought of the sudden change in Bai Aoxue, Bai Qiwei began to be curious about it .


He agreed with Bai Suxue then and immediately issued an order: “Messenger! Summon my eldest daughter to come to me . ”


Seeing the attendant coming into the courtyard, Bai Aoxue, who was sipping tea beside the stone table, raised her eyebrows without surprise .


Mumian looked at Bai Aoxue anxiously after she saw the prime minister’s personal attendant .


Unlike other servants in the prime minister’s mansion who threw their weight about, the personal attendant said in a polite and deferential tone: “First Miss, the prime minister invites you to the great hall . ”


Knowing that Bai Suxue must have gone to the prime minister and complained about her, Bai Aoxue stood up and tidied up her clothes insouciant . She said: “Lead the way, please! Since it’s the prime minister’s invitation, it would be a breach of etiquette if I refused to come to him . ”

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The personal attendant was surprised by the sharp contrast between the domineering Bai Aoxue and the former cowardly Bai Aoxue . She was no longer her old self .


Accompanied by the reverent personal attendant, Bai Aoxue headed for the great hall .


“Miss…” Mumian looked at Bai Aoxue nervously .


Bai Aoxue pinched at Mumian’s hand, attempting to comfort her . She said: “Don’t be afraid . I’m here . ”


Following the personal attendant in the mazelike mansion of the prime minister, Bai Aoxue looked around . It was the same as that in her memory . Every place was just like Bai Qiwei, smacking of a combination of restraint, flamboyancy, simplicity and extravagance .


From the layout of the mansion, she realized that Bai Qiwei was so ambitious a man, though he hid himself deeply .


She wasn’t the former Bai Aoxue anymore .


Bai Qiwei’s eyes lit up when he saw the beautiful figure walking behind his personal attendant .


His face still took on a surprised expression while the slender figure was moving toward him .


Bai Aoxue didn’t show any sign of timidity before her vacant father, but said with an indifferent expression: “Why you call me here, dad?” She didn’t even cast a glance at Bai Suxue who was on the side .


Bai Qiwei recovered himself in her voice, but he still looked at Bai Aoxue in surprise . He didn’t expect he would have a surprised expression when seeing the charming and radiant girl before him .


“You are Aoxue?” Bai Qiwei asked with doubt while looking at Bai Aoxue .