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Chapter 6

This legend had been handed down in their village for a hundred years, possibly even longer . Yet Yi Xun never believed it until today .

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  If the legend was true, then everything could be explained clearly .

  “Uncle Ding . ” Yi Xun discovered that his voice was a little hoarse after he spoke, he then continued: “Do you believe the legend?”

  “Legend? What legend? ……… oh, you mean that ah . We have always believed it . ”


  Obviously they had never experienced it, then for what reason did they believe?

  Uncle Ding seemed to know what was weighing on his mind and sincerely said: “Xiao Xun ah, this stuff of legend won’t just be there out of nothing2 . Since it has been passed down in our small village for so many years, there must be a reason behind it . ”

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  “Xiao Xun, if you want to understand more things related to the legend, you can go to the library . Every year, a person is specially assigned to record pertinent matters concerning the Ghost Festival for future generations to see . There would be the introduction to the legend inside . If you want to go, I can give Ding Yi a call . Today she happened to be on duty at the library . I can let her arrange it for you . ”

  “Thank you Uncle Ding . ”

  “Go, perhaps after looking through it, you could recall what couldn’t be mentioned before . ”

  Yi Xun arrived in front of the library to see a 17-18 years old girl standing at the door .

  “Ding Yi . ”

  Ding Yi lifted her head when hearing her name, and her complexion turned slightly reddish when she saw Yi Xun . In a low voice she said: “Yi Xun, you have arrived .  Papa gave me a call and told me that you are looking for the book with information on the Ghost Festival, right? I’ll take you there . ”

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  “Troubling you, Ding Yi . ”

  “No…… . No problem . ”

  Ding Yi led him forward and stopped in front of a transparent case at the library’s central space . She reached out and pressed on the surface then the case sides opened up . A black book slowly came out to the front of the two people .

  Ancient ——— That was Yi Xun’s first impression of the book .

  Yi Xun carefully picked up the book and placed it on the desk at the side then began to search for the things he was looking for .

  “How magical, it’s all thanks to Wu Shen1 . ”

  “Today is Wu Shen’s birthday, Lang Wang together with us will celebrate together . It’s a day worth remembering . ”

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  “Ah, at the time when we were in difficulty, Wu Shen appeared . He brought about hope and we finally  could see the coming dawn of a new era . ”

  Wu Shen appeared?!

  “Really unexpected, Wu Shen was obviously just in the body of a child, yet he has a powerful magic power . ”

  …… .

  Yi Xun: “Ding Yi, this book seems to lack a page . There is no record on the Ghost Festival ten years ago . ”

  “Impossible!” Ding Yi suddenly shouted in reflex . She promptly came towards Yi Xun’s side . Afterwards, astonishment was shown across her whole face .

  “How is it possible!”

  “Inform the mayor, ok . ” Yi Xun seriously said: “Tearing the ancient book that has been handed down through generations is not a trivial matter . The mayor must be notified as soon as possible . ”

  Ding Yi: “I understand, I will immediately make the call . ”

  She left hurriedly when she was done speaking, leaving Yi Xun behind by himself . He stared at the missing page in front of him and fell in contemplation .

  The matter of damaging the ancient book had never been done before . It could be said that someone just tore the page within these few days .  

  But the person who tore the book, why would he tear the record of the events that happened during the Ghost Festival 10 years ago?

  Was it a coincidence?

       No, it was absolutely no coincidence!