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Published at 12th of January 2016 05:16:01 PM

Chapter 42

A few days back, King Esvosbus had returned from the conference of the agreements and arrangements of compensation that were to be announced and made by Blue Garden . Originally it wasn’t prohibited, but by anticipating the situation many of the merchants had been restraining on trading great amount of goods .  

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Now, after the announcement, the distribution that had once been stalled had become active again, thus the prices of goods began to stabilize in both cities of Fonclanc and Blue Garden .




“Hey, isn’t this Yuusuke . ”(Hivodir)


As it was about time to create the next set of rings, Yuusuke left the palace and headed towards the city to do some material shopping, while passing the streets of the noble district, he met Hivodir .


“Yo, have you recovered from your injuries?”(Yuusuke)

“I was already healed up on that day by water arts, and i have been on a sick leave since . However I am pretty much alright . ”(Hivodir)


“Are you heading down to the city again?”, Hivodir, who was interested in the commoner district, joined up with him and the two of them were silly chatting while walking along the street . Hivodir, who normally uses his personal carriage to go to the city, had recently began to use his feets to walk instead .

As they were approaching the middle class district’s gate, Hivodir voice out when he notices a number of footsteps from a girl coming towards them from the corner of the street .


“Well well, Rasanasha dono . You’re as beautiful today . ”(Hivodir)

“Ara, Hivodir . Long time no see . ”(Rasanasha)


“Who’s this?” Yuusuke asked, “She’s a singing princess” answered Hivodir . In Sanc Adiet, there are 6 singing princess, and she is the 3rd rank singing princess . (TL notes: High class prost)


Her eyes and hair were light blue (water like) color, as her hair extends towards her waist while ever waving so slightly . Her appearance was reminiscenting of Queen Risha of Blue Garden, and she doesn’t have the commoner like atmosphere surrounding her that one would expect of a person of this status .


“By any chance, are you heading to King Esvosbus’s place today?”(Hivodir)

“No, I have been called on by some official from above . ”(Rasanasha)


Recently, she had been called on often by the officials who had attended the meeting at Deernook Fortress . “Oh I see”, as Hivodir nodded in agreement . Rasanasha who was wearing a designer dress was more or less showing a wry smile .


“Well then, I am in a rush . ”(Rasanasha)

“Ah, sorry for holding you up . ”(Hivodir)

“Yuusuke sama too, will you excuse me? . ”(Rasanasha)

Yuusuke and gang, saw her off as the figure of the palace carriage that came to pick her up disappears into the distance . Hivodir blown her a farewell kiss after whispering something .


“As I thought, she is playing the part of Blue Garden’s Queen . ”(Hivodir)

“Wait What?”(Yuusuke)


Not knowing what he meant, Yuusuke tilted his head in confusion, while Hivodir was making a proud stroking gesture on his chin .


“Yuusuke, most likely you do not seem to know what kind of story it is about, let me explain the overview of that entire conversation which happened . ”(Hivodir)

“Do as you like . ”(Yuusuke)

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According to Hivodir’s explanation, it seems that the expensive and beautiful dress was a request by the senior government officials who had attended the Blue Garden meeting, as her clientele is gradually increasing along with those who requested it, thus the wry smile at the end .


In short, her blue hair and eyes, during her service time of being a singing princess, the story of her resembling the Queen of Blue Garden .


“So it’s Imekura!”(Yuusuke)

(TL notes:  sex establishment in which staff dress in costumes (schoolgirl, nurse, etc . ))


All of the sudden, Yuusuke had plunged into the depths of the sex industry in this world .




Rasanasha had arrived at the private room in the residence of a certain earl who had summoned her . This house had a visit rate of once per month, singing princess who haven’t fulfil her duties here will sooner or later end up visiting .


Only a single luxurious canopy bed is placed in the center of the simple yet luxuriously decorative room . After the thick and heavy curtain fell and covered the window, the lord of the house was being called .


“It’s working time, nasha . ”

“ . . . . . yes . ”(Rasanasha)


“The instructions from the Parliament of god, to cause the darkness god captain from 」going into exile, this was handed to me by the ambassador that had arrived from Nossentes . ”

“Exile, is it… . ?”(Rasanasha)


This particular Earl is a sympathizer of the Nossentus god parliament who is currently in Fonclanc, Rasanasha is a background supporter who uses the singing princess’s identity to gather intel and conciliatory, in order words a special operative .


This time the mission is about the exile of the darkness god captain to Nossentes instead .


“To have him exile, think bout it, isn’t this an unreasonable time due to his preferential environment?”(Rasanasha)

“Yes they know, that’s why it’s time for you to step in . ”


While explaining the use of philandering on the Darkness god captain, the Earl sat on his bed . Rasanasha began to kneel in front of the Earl, as she placed her head on his lap . His boorish finger stroke and played with her smooth light blue hair .


“So you have also heard about the rumors . ”

“Yes, it seems that such rumors are frequently heard . ”


First, by using Rasanasha’s charm to captivate the darkness god captain into temptation . However, this has to be done with priority of maintaining an appropriate distance so that Princess Violet would not become suspicious about it .


Implicitly, within the conversation, an appeal, “open Nossentes to part of the genders”, not before long she would be finally able to return to her birthplace of Nossentes, saying that as she might be interested .


A hint that an aristocrat of Nossentes is proposing,”I don’t really want to go back as my little sister is here . ” Showing a face full of sorrow, “My younger sister unlike me is just a normal unrelated girl, while I am a harlot” as it slip out of her mouth unintentionally .

The person holding onto the title of “younger sister” is currently a “Favourite” of the Darkness God Captain from the information she had gathered .

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On the other hand, to work for the Earl who a high official of the palace regarding Gazzetta’s Military threat . As they were worshipping the same 4 major gods unlike Gazzetta, it created an atmosphere for them to cooperate, thus a goodwill ambassador was dispatched from Nossentes to tempt the Darkness God captain .


The mission for Rasanasha was to bind the heart of Darkness god captain and bring him to Nossentes, while it’s the Earl opportunity to send the darkness God corps away .


“Leave the methods to me, I will captivate him . ”

“I got it . ”


Her cheek was gentle stroke across the Earls lap as she looks up and look at the Earl . This signal normally is the cue of the end . It seems that the Earl had changed a little, the mood is filled with “stroking of a woman’s hair . ”


“Also, this month’s portion . For the body maintenance . ”

“Ah… . yes, Thank you . ”


The Earl took out a vial of deep blue of liquid, Rasanasha took it and put it into her bosom and left the mansion .




After purchasing the rings, Yuusuke headed towards the middle class district where the Sorzak’s store is at . Along the wall overlooking the commoner district, Rasanasha could be seen leaning on the handrail of the fence .


It seems that she was wearing a different kind of atmosphere compared to the morning, as she stared into the horizon .


“Ara, Hello . ”(Rasanasha)

“Oh, Hi . ”(Yuusuke)


As though he could naturally feel it, Yuusuke had been trying to hide his face as her natural smile seems to be directed at him .



“Yeah, well . ”(Yuusuke)

A thin layer of makeup, a small trace of perfume that one could hardly notice, and she had almost no accessories on her .


Rather than a beauty whereby one feels difficult to approach, she had a feeling of a beautiful woman with natural cuteness . She had a naive smile which could calm and reassure any person . Yuusuke had such an impression towards Rasanasha .


As she was planning to head home, and since the direction that she was heading was the same as Sorzak’s store, she decided to take a stroll with him while having a little chat .  


“But, don’t count on me for rumors, cause it seems like Yuusuke-sama is causing more terror . ”

“I won’t ask what kind of rumors are those… . . ”(Yuusuke)


“Ufufu, just awhile ago it was actually the first time I met you, in my mind, I was all jumpy you know?”


Having the job as a singing princess, Rasanasha was prideful of her “charming appeal as a woman”, while there were rumors in the city about the Darkness God Captain being philandering, which have likely caused terror .

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“Is it me, or are they avoiding eye contact . ”(Yuusuke)



But at that rate, they continue their cheerful talks and reached Sorzak’s shop . Yuusuke was so engrossed in the talks that he felt that the time passed by so quickly .


“So then, I am heading off . ”(Rasanasha)

“Yeah, see ya later . ”(Yuusuke)


With a light nod, he saw off Rasanasha as she headed towards the other side of the street, as he turned around and rang the bell of the shop .




“Ding Dong” as the bell resounded, Sorzak immediately rushed out from the inner store counter .


“That lady just now! Isn’t she a singing princess?”(Sorzak)

“Ah, yes, but . ”(Yuusuke)


“Did, did you buy her service?”(Sorzak)

“No of course not!”(Yuusuke)


Yuusuke began to explain to Sorzak who was taken aback, he met her a while back at the park, and came here while chatting with her .


Sorzak’s on the other hand had a very jealous look on his face . It seems that not even palace officials could lay their hands on a singing princess, they are only available to extremely high ranking officials, an ultra-luxury night singer, thus he envy from the side that Yuusuke was personally acquainted with one .


“Yet again the rumors gonna increase . ”(Sorzak)

“Come on gimme a break… . ”(Yuusuke)


For some reason, Sorzak was monotoning, while Yuusuke was tired with all the nonsense about being a playboy .


“Don’t tell me you have already developed this kind of relationship with the princess~~and are making use of the street songs?”

“No not at all . ”(Yuusuke)


“Eh, Seriously? Not even the slightest? In any chance did the princess forbid you?(Sorzak)

“Nope, I am just not into those kind of things… . ”(Yuusuke)


Sorzak place his hands on his chin, while tilting his head to one side, after a while, he dropped his fist onto the palm of his hand with smile showing that he came to a conclusion .


“Ahh certainly to be interested only in children~~”(Sorzak)(TL note: wanted to put LOLICON)

“THAT’s NOT IT!”(Yuusuke)


“A . . . are you interested in guys then~~?”(Sorzak)



Due to being extremely jealous of Yuusuke who had easily chatted with his longing of a singing princess, Sorzak was desperately trying to find fault .




Yuusuke returned to his room in the palace, and worked on the rings of divine arts in one go without rest . And yet again today, Violet had brought Sun as an attendant to play with his experimental products, she began to grumble as the day ended .


“Don’t impulsively get entwine . ”(Violet)
“Awawa a certain significance, but it isn’t that way . ”(Yuusuke)


The singing princess is said to be a symbol of luxury, it is said that many man would yearn to be wrapped in their sexual tenderness .


“Yuusuke-san are you not interested in women?”(Sun)

“You seem pretty anxious, but please stop, Sun . ”(Yuusuke)


Being normally interested, it appealed to Yuusuke .


“Is it because, you haven’t even kissed Sun once?”(Violet)

“! Violet-sama! I am not particularly thinking about… . ”(Sun)

“No huh, no huh . ”(Violet)

“Ki ah please not ther… . ! Yan”(Sun) (TL note:tickling)


Like this and like that, Violet begin playing(tickling) with her whole body . To be allowed to be playfully playing like that at such age could only be found in this room throughout the palace .


Within the room ‘Kyakya’ noises could be heard, “What’s happening!” one could not help but to contain their feeling to not look .


“Since it had turned to this point, why are you still shy, aren’t you aware of your own feelings?”(Violet)

“Eh,arm, that… . ”(Sun)


Violet hug her from behind and whispered into her ears, causing Sun to become flustered and turn red . Although both of them were women, looking at the extreme skinship contact, Yuusuke sighed as he peels Violet away from her .


“Sun, your reaction is too obvious . Violet, don’t tease her too much . ”(Yuusuke)


“ . . . . this fella is the number one most dense fella ever . ”(Violet)


Whether he’s deliberately unaware or not, that frank outspoken speech that just happened, Yuusuke tilted his head showing that he was wondering what had happened, Violet saw that are shrugged it off with a grumble .


“Even Sun will have many hardships . ”(Violet)

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