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Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Breakthrough Elixir

Translated by: La0o9

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Edited by: VindiFan#1
Proofreader:  Arya & Kiwi

The Game of Eternal .

The arena .

The bloody and frenzied slaughter fest has reached its final moments .

Two Professionist collided with each other, then quickly separated .

They were both very heavily wounded, but neither of them showed any weakness .

They knew very well, even the slightest sign of weakness will give their opponent the confidence they need to move in for the kill .

There could only be one survivor in this arena, so begging or pleading isn’t going to work .


One Professionist managed to catch the other off guard, moved in with his two battle axes and bisected him at the waist .

The opponent couldn’t even manage to scream before they died .

Blood splattered on the ground, mixing with the rest of the corpses .

The blood silently soaked through the tiles .

“Hah, hah”

The winner sat down on the spot, throwing his axe to one side, breathing heavily like a bellows .

“Ahahahaha, I’m the Champion! Quickly, give me my rewa—–“

He only managed to burst out laughing for a second before stopping .

A sharp dagger had pierced through his throat from the back of his neck .

“Gah… gafu… ghah…!”

The Professionist held the dagger with his hand, wanting to say something, but his throat was already pierced through so he couldn’t manage to say a word .

The dagger sharply slashed outward, cutting off half his neck as well as the veins in there .

The Professionist eyes’ bulged out and fell down .

Since his throat wasn’t blocked off anymore, he mustered all the strength he had left, pointing at the figure behind and spoke in disbelief: “You clearly…”

At least, that’s what he tried to say, but with a slashed throat, all the sounds he made sounds like moans of agony to everyone listening .

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He’s definitely going to die, but as a powerful Professionist, together with his unwillingness to accept, he managed to barely hold on to his breath for the time being .

He remembers this person very clearly .

He literally broke her heart with a punch, she should’ve died long ago .

Being stuck at Martial Eminence peak for the last few dozen years, with his wealth of experience fighting and killing numerous other Professionists, there’s no way he would make a mistake .

How is she still alive?
Did she revive somehow?

As he stared at her, she also stared back at him .

The female Professionist instinctively covered her chest .

Right, it hurts a lot, but his strike slightly missed the target and only managed to knock me out for a short time before I regained consciousness .

Fortunately, she managed to barely returned from the verge of death in this slaughter fest .

The female Professionist knelt down, bracing herself with one hand on the floor while lifting up a rock sledge hammer with the other .

She’s an Earth Elementalist .

“I am the Champion!”

She lifted the sledgehammer up and smashed it down at his chest .

His chest instantly broke apart from the strike, flesh and blood splattered everywhere .

He died instantly .

Until his very last moments, he was still bulging his eyes out staring at the female Professionist .

There was no longer any anger or unwillingness, only unadulterated fear .

The old voice came .

『 This round of competition has ended 』
『 I must say, this round has been exceptionally exhilarating, especially the last moment of overturning the situation 』
The old voice praised: 『 Our Champion has appeared, for the sake of the Champion’s dignity, let us heal all the wounds on her body 』

A black coffin rose up from below the arena .

『 Please enter the coffin, your wounds shall be healed shortly 』the old voice spoke .

The female Professionist staggered inside the coffin .

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The wounds on her body were horrific .

The majority of people watching would absolutely believe it if someone said she’ll drop dead any second now .

The coffin closed, then slowly rotated .

『 Between life and death, only the powerful deserves glory 』 the old voice chanted .

The coffin opened up again after a full rotation .

The female Professionist came out with all her wounds healed .

『 Our Champion, Liu Shi Man, an Elementalist, in this competition, you managed to kill the strongest opponent, gaining our arena’s Game of Eternal reward! 』

A treasure chest descended from the sky .

Space .

The S . W . Divine Temple .

Gu Qing Shan closed his eyes, then suddenly said: “Impartial Goddess, search for a woman called Liu Shi Man, just a bit over 20, long black hair, a beauty spot in between her eyebrows, about 1 . 67m tall, white skin, an Earth Elementalist”

Liao Xing quickly drew the woman’s portrait, then added: “She looks kinda like this, her three sizes are 88, 63, 90”

“How did you know her three sizes?” Ye Fei Li was surprised .

Liao Xing scoffed and looked at Ye Fei Li, about to say something, then he noticed Anna was standing behind him, arms crossed with a cold stare .

He shut his mouth .

[Data registered, searching now] Impartial Goddess replied .

In the arena, the old voice declared: 『 Please touch the treasure chest and receive your rewards, Liu Shi Man 』

The Professionist called Liu Shi Man reached her hand out and touched the chest .

The chest then let out an intense shower of light .

As the light dissipated, a small, clear bottle appeared in front of her .

Inside the bottle was a glistening green liquid .

The old voice then sounded again: 『 Congratulations Liu Shi Man, you’ve received the Breakthrough Elixir 』
『 Even in any other worlds, this is still an exceptionally valuable Elixir . It is able to help you directly breakthrough to the next stage of your Elemental cultivation 』

Liu Shi Man seemed very shocked, hesitantly asked: “Is this real? It’s not a joke?”

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The old voice responded: 『 Of course it isn’t a joke, you can experience it yourself! 』

The bottle floated up and into Liu Shi Man’s hands .

At this moment, countless Elementalists in the world couldn’t help but gulped .

Advancement as an Elementalist is simply too hard, each and every break through takes so long that many feel hopeless, unable to advance even until their deaths .

If this Breakthrough Elixir works as advertised, then a 4th stage Elementalist drinking this will instantly breakthrough to become a 5th stage Elementalist .

And being a 5th stage Elementalist is practically being unbeatable!

Liu Shi Man didn’t hesitate anymore and took the bottle, downing the green liquid in one gulp .

Seeing that, numerous Elementalists in every corner of the world sighed with regret .

From the previous battle, they all saw very clearly that this Liu Shi Man is only a 3rd stage Earth Elementalist .

Her drinking such an Elixir is a complete waste .

But no one can criticize her, since this is a treasure that she risked her life to get .

A thought formed in the minds of numerous bystanders .

Why her!
I’m stronger than every single competitor during this round, why is she the one that managed to get such a treasure!

As the Professionists watched this scene, a thought was silently growing at the corner of their minds .

In the arena, Liu Shi Man was trembling, kneeling on the ground while moaning in pain .

After a while, she slowly stood up .

“4th stage, feels so good” Liu Shi Man opened her palms and muttered .

She then casually swung her hand .

7-8 deep cuts instantly appeared on the arena surface .

Pointing her other hand there, she lifted it up .

The soil and mud from the cuts erupted like a geyser, spilling all over and hovered in the air .

The soft mud slowly formed a river in the sky, then they compressed themselves into a ball of dirt and rock about 3-5 fists large .

Liu Shi Man let go .

The ball fell down directly on the arena, letting out an ear-ringing noise .

The arena was broken into several holes that expanded outward, as if hit by a meteor .

Liu Shi Man then flicked her finger as three small balls of dirt and rock about the size of a fist flew out from the crater

The balls then floated towards Liu Shi Man, hovering above her hand .

One of them stayed still, while the other two circled around it like satellites .

At this moment, every Professionist who watched this scene was speechless .

What Liu Shi Man was demonstrating was in fact the power of a 4th stage Earth Elementalist ———-Summon Stars!

Although they looked harmless, once these balls of rock attacked, they’ll demonstrate power similar to that of a meteor .

Unbelievable! She really did become a 4th stage Elementalist!

More and more people’s hearts were beating in desire .

But now, the old voice came again .

『 Not just that! Our Champion has also earned her second treasure chest! 』

Another treasure chest descended .

Liu Shi Man lightly touched the chest and received a jet black small pill .

Eternal Pill!
The Eternal Pill that she’s been dreaming about!

Liu Shi Man didn’t even hesitate to swallow the black pill .

In a matter of seconds, her skin became whiter, smoother, her figure was becoming more slender .

She looked just like an 18-year old student .

“Ahahaha, finally, finally I’ve achieved eternal life!”

Liu Shi Man was so excited that she didn’t know what to do, laughing while crying, she picked up a random Blade on the ground and started to hack at the bunch of corpses on the ground to release her excess emotions .

After a while, she finally calmed down while breathing heavily .

The old voice then came again .

『 Not only that! Our Champion has also earned herself the 3rd treasure chest! 』

And the 3rd treasure chest descended .