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Chapter 701: Chapter 701 - The floating port


Translated by: La0o9

Edited by: Dr . Lock

Proofreader:  Arya

The space vortex .

A medium-sized ship was quickly approaching Drifting Sand world .

One of the subordinates reported: “Boss, our ship has been flying at hyper speed constantly for a while now, the engine might not be able to hold out for long”

A grey giant stood on the deck of the ship, staring into the space vortex .

“Don’t worry, it’s just a ship” the grey giant pointed ahead and laughed, “look, we’re going to reach Drifting Sand world soon, the Holy Church of Death’s bounty will definitely be ours!”

The entire bounty hunter squad cheered .

“Where’s Sky Eye?” the grey giant asked behind himself .

“I’m here Boss”

A man with four vertical eyes answered and stepped forward .

The grey giant asked: “The two on the bounty, did you take a good look at them yet?”

“I did” Sky Eye answered .

The grey giant asked: “Are there any problems?”

Sky Eye puffed his chest out: “Don’t worry, Boss . If they appear anywhere at all on Drifting Sand world, I will immediately notice them”

The grey giant ordered: “Good, then start now, report to me right away if you find the target .

“Yes, Boss” Sky Eye answered .

He sat down on the deck of the ship, closed his eyes, and fell asleep .

A few fierce-looking subordinates walked up to the grey giant and knelt down on one knee: “Boss, leave catching this time’s target to our team”

Several other teams immediately shouted in disagreement .

They all stepped out, asking the grey giant to let them do it .

The grey giant waved his hand dismissively: “No need to argue about this, I’m not picking a single team out of any of you”

The subordinates all exchanged glances, not knowing what the Boss meant .

The grey giant spoke: “You still think this is one of our normal jobs? No, this is a huge opportunity that will affect all of our futures!”

He grinned cruelly and loudly declared: “Once Sky Eye finds the target, our entire bounty hunter squad will move, we’re not sparing any effort!”

The small town .

Back inside the work center

But this time, ‘Wang Cheng’ was treated a lot more respectfully .

In a room deep inside the work center, he was reporting the information he had .

“It was a coincidence that I happened to see that man and woman on the wanted posters at that time” he told them .

Sitting across from him, the captain and vice-captain of the black market guard force carefully listened to his story .

Wang Cheng continued: “It’s probably because I was hunting and was hidden beneath the sand while concealing my presence that those two didn’t notice me . I saw them hurriedly flying somewhere, passing where I was briefly”

“Which direction were they heading in? Do you still remember the exact coordinates?” the guard captain asked .

“Of course, please give me a map” Wang Cheng replied .

Very quickly, he was provided with a map .

Wang Cheng took a careful look before marking a location on the map .

“They probably went here . Also, after they went away from me, I started to feel a sort of familiar energy signature, now that I think about it, it seemed a lot like that thing that cultivators use for defense, what was it called again…”

Wang Cheng was racking his brain .

“A spirit energy defensive formation” the guard captain chimed him for him .

Wang Cheng clapped his hand and spoke: “Yes! That! A spirit energy defensive formation! I could clearly tell that it was energy signature from those things”

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“You mean, they weren’t too far away from where you were?” the guard captain asked .

“Yes, the energy signature I felt was quite intense and stable, so I assume they couldn’t have been too far from where I was” Wang Cheng replied .

“Very well, we will verify your information” the guard captain spoke .

He glanced at the vice-captain .

The vice-captain reported: “Our fastest scout has been dispatched, we’ll get some confirmation soon”

Just a bit after he said that, a voice came from a small device on his shoulder .

[Report, discovered cultivation-type defensive and concealment formations . Estimated to be several dozen layers, I can’t undo them . Over]

“Clear . Maintain your position and wait for orders . Over”

[Understood . Over]

The voice went away .

The two guards exchanged glances .

The guard captain took out a small spherical rock that gave off a milky white light .

“Good, now we need you to put your hand on the lie detector rock to prove that you have indeed seen those two” he said .

Wang Cheng placed his hand on it without hesitation and declared: “I swear that the two people on the wanted posters definitely did enter those formations . Furthermore, I guarantee that location I gave was also correct”

The rock didn’t react .

The guard captain grinned: “Very good, you did well, here’s your reward”

He nodded to the vice-captain .

The vice-captain took out a small bag and an ID, putting them on the table .

Wang Cheng put the two items away and cheerfully spoke: “Thank you sirs”

“Hm, you may leave now”


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Wang Cheng bowed and quickly left the room .

The door closed behind him .

“What do you think?” the guard captain asked .

“What else can I think? The information was real, now we just need to secure the Holy Church’s bounty and get the rewards” the vice-captain appeared ready to fight .

The captain also replied: “Hm, so we’re in agreement, bring everybody, just to make sure—— the Church didn’t limit the number of people that they’ll reward anyways”

“Got it!”

After receiving the payment from the black market guard force, Wang Cheng came out of the work center and walked randomly through several twists and turns all over town .

Wang Cheng muttered: “Shannu, let’s switch”


“No, after a while”

“Understood, gongzi”

As they spoke, Wang Cheng suddenly disappeared from an intersection .

A few moments later .

Several Professionists appeared where he originally stood .

“Lost him” one of them dejectedly reported .

The others tried to use other means to search for him, but couldn’t find any traces of Wang Cheng at all .

It was now that they knew the other party already noticed them tailing him, as well as had a method to conceal himself .

“Seems like a capable one” another person commented .

“Should be, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten the guard’s payment” another chimed in .

These people were still unwilling to just give up and stood right there, using several other means to try and search for him .

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——–but none of them could locate Wang Cheng .

They all left irritated .

At the same time, a blue-dressed female cultivator silently walked up to the warp point in the middle of town .

She showed the ID to the guards there .

“First time into the black market?” the guard asked .

“Yes” the female cultivator admitted .

“The black market is in the sky, just follow this path and you’ll reach it—— this is a type of spatial spell” looking at Shannu’s charming appearance, the guard warmly explained to her .

“I understand, thank you very much”

The female went straight into the path without turning around and continued to head deeper .

A few moments later, light could be seen ahead .

She arrived at the black market .

The guard standing at the other end of the path took a glance at Shannu before waving his hand, signaling her to pass .

As Shannu stepped into the black market, she slowly looked around .

——–rather than calling this a market, it would be more accurate to call this a huge floating port .

Countless ships were docked at the outer rim of the port, with living beings of all shapes and sizes moving up and down, various noises and sounds were mixed against each other, creating a bustling atmosphere .

Within the black market, it was mandatory for every race to use their human forms, not only to facilitate easier communication between everyone but also to minimize the use of space .

“Gongzi, this place is so lively” Shannu spoke emotionally .

“Stop watching for now and find somewhere covert, switch with me” Gu Qing Shan’s voice came from her chest .

He was currently in his card form, hiding on Shannu as he cautiously observed their surroundings .

Hearing the uneasiness in his voice, Shannu lowered her voice and asked: “Gongzi, what’s the matter?”

“I feel a grave omen shrouding this place, we must leave this world immediately” Gu Qing Shan spoke with a heavy tone .

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