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Chapter 942: 942

Chapter 942: Final Confrontation Between [Chaos] And [Order]

The 900 million World Layers .

The Fallen Zones .

Within a certain destroyed world .

The fight between Soul Shrieker and [Demon King Order] had reached a conclusion .

All sorts of powerful weaponized Demon Lords had been completely defeated, their gigantic bodies laid all over the ground, unable to move .

The ground of this world was also filled with the corpses of demonized people and demons .

The Soul Shrieker stood on top of the countless corpses, holding a human male by his head as it forced him to look at it straight-on .

「『 Look at me, I know you’re hiding on this Bygone Era corpse 」』

The Soul Shrieker then spoke with its male voice:

「 Although we have always been competing for living beings and worlds and had yet to speak to one another, the situation has now changed 」

「 Tiny and weak [Order], you have forced me into long and arduous combat, preventing me from consuming the marvelous souls of billions of world—– 」

The Soul Shrieker’s male voice abruptly turned into a high-pitched female voice that shouted in fury: 『 I will now destroy your everything, end this war, and seal you so that you can never awaken ever again! 』

The human male spat out blood and scoffed: “As a hunter of souls, you are too insane, and foolish”

『 You think that I’ve already gone mad? 』the Soul Shrieker asked full of implications .

The human male replied: “Of course you’ve gone mad! Haven’t you ever considered that if all living beings were to be destroyed at once, in a faraway future, you will cut off your own source of food—— you can’t even understand such a simple principle”

『 Cut off my own source of food? Ahahahaha! 』

The Soul Shrieker looked up to the sky and laughed as if it had heard some sort of ridiculous joke .

After a long while, it mocked: 『 While everyone thinks of me as being foolish or insane, I have already managed to complete the most important step of my plan 』

What it said had apparently gone beyond the human male’s expectation as he displayed a look of confusion .

The Soul Shrieker observed him, then changed back to its male voice: 「 I can already sense it, within the entire 900 million World Layers, there is no longer anyone who carries the [Demon King Order], which means…」

「 [Demon King Order], everything that you stand for is over, including yourself, every [Order] will now fall into eternal slumber, never to bother me again 」

Originally, the human male was still relatively calm, but as soon as he heard that, he started to panic unlike never before .

“You were the one who carried the seed of [Chaos]!”

He shouted loudly, doing his best to struggle and escape from the other party’s hand .

——–but the Soul Shrieker’s grip was like a vice and didn’t budge at all .

A few moments later .

The man breathed heavily and gave up on struggling .

He seemed to have realized everything and muttered: “No wonder back in the Age of Old, the [Demon King Order] was the first [Order] that you awakened”

The Soul Shrieker revealed a triumphant smile and slowly said: 「 Indeed, among all the [Orders], the [Demon King Order] was the most extreme . As long as it was the first to be awakened, it would surely never try to awaken other [Orders] right away—– and I came up with the way to exploit this, slowly formulating my plan to push the [Orders] into a dead-end 」

“No—–” the man said in despair .

The Soul Shrieker used both its male and female voice in unison and spoke: 「『 Final carrier of [Order]… at the moment of your death, I will thoroughly seal the [Demon King Order] away . From now on, all [Orders] will lose their chance to awaken, while my true body has already begun to move and spread true [Chaos] across the infinite worlds 」』

The Soul Shrieker suddenly raised its voice and declared: 「『 In the final confrontation between [Order] and [Chaos], I have obtained the final victory for the side of [Chaos]! 」』

It reached out its other hand and pierced through the man’s body .

The man writhed in pain, but unable to do anything as his life slowly left him .

“Envoy of… [Chaos] . You will… not get what you wish”

Saying so, he finally died .

The Soul Shrieker lightly put the body on the ground and began to chant an incantation towards the corpse .

While chanting, it was also moving around the corpse with a very serious expression .

——right now, it wasn’t showing any signs of madness that its enemies assumed it to have .

A few moments later .

The Soul Shrieker stopped, then whispered towards the corpse: 「『 With [Chaos] as the core, I shall permanently seal this [Order] away! 」』

An intense wind current emerged off from its body, fully enveloping the corpse .

A split second later——

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While Soul Shrieker was just about to show a smile, the wind current abruptly scattered .

Nothing changed about the corpse at all .

The Soul Shrieker was shocked .

「『 No—— DETESTABLE [ORDER]!!! 」』

Its furious roar resounded across this entire world .

At another location .

The Mystic Zones .

The Bramble Bird Kingdom .

A pretty and graceful girl standing in the middle of the arena was wielding a Blade, slowly calming her breath down .

Around her, several fully-armed Bramble Bird guards were standing back up .

“That’s enough . Sheesh girlie, you look so gentle, but you’re scarier than any enemy I’ve ever fought” a Bramble Bird guard dejectedly hung his head .

“Right, we’re just training, but I keep feeling like you’re going to take my life when you move” another Bramble Bird guard also complained .

As Ning Yue Chan sheathed her Blade, her presence changed and she returned to her gentle self .

“My apologies, I didn’t think that you were all holding back” she said apologetically .

The Bramble Bird guards were a bit stunned .

“Ah—– yes! We were only holding back”

“That’s right, it’s just training, why would we have gone all out?”

“It’s just a sparring session, there’s no need to put our lives at stake”

They all followed up on her words, then supported each other out .

Ning Yue Chan pursed her lips, barely able to maintain her expression and stopped herself from smiling .

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——these people were all born and raised in a privileged environment, they all had the best kinds of armor and weapons, but their personal strength wasn’t anything to write home about, so it wasn’t easy for her to win .

Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since I’ve fought on the verge of life and death, so my Bladesmanship is progressing incredibly slowly .

I wonder how that guy is now…

She sighed nostalgically .

Laura said that she was going to pick him up, so it would take a few more days until they returned .

I’ll be able to meet him at that time .

All of a sudden, Ning Yue Chan’s expression changed .

A line of blood-red text appeared in her vision out of nowhere .

[Final carrier of the Life Order, I need you to do something now]

“What?” Ning Yue Chan asked .

The blood-red text replied: [Go to the Strife Zones and look for a certain person . Do not worry, I know a secret route that will allow you to enter the hidden Strife Zones]

“Why do such a thing?” Ning Yue Chan curiously asked .

[Because that person carries the other half of me . Now that time has come, you will need to make me whole again]

Ning Yue Chan hesitated .

When they first entered the Strife Zones, she managed to make it through the test before Gu Qing Shan and was reinforced by the [Life Order] .

It was said that the Gods hated the [Orders] so they created a few [Orders] for themselves to fight against the true [Orders] .

The [Life Order] was one such creation .

But as the final words of the 7 Daemons and the path to Godhood was announced, the [Life Order] no longer existed .

Ning Yue Chan was the only one who still carried a bit of the [Life Order]’s power .

I’m just a bit away from being able to see him again, and yet this happened .

Perhaps noticing Ning Yue Chan’s hesitation, the blood-red text appeared once again:

[You and that person must make sure that I regain my power, as this is related to the future of all living beings]

[If both that person and you fail, believe me, the infinite worlds will fall to total destruction]

[Having fought by my side for so long, I believe you know that I do not lie]

Ning Yue Chan sighed and made her decision .

“You’ve saved me a few times” she reluctantly said, “And I don’t like having to owe people, so tell me, who do you want me to find?”

The appearance of a girl appeared from the void of space .

———she looked like a beautiful and pure young girl, smiling sweetly at Ning Yue Chan .

Ning Yue Chan scowled: “This girl looks too pure, not at all like a fighter—— after the Divine revelation of the 7 Daemons disappeared, the Strife Zones had fallen, becoming a complete chaotic mess, are you sure someone like her would still be alive?”

Lines of blood-red text flashed and appeared from the void of space in front of her eyes again:

[This is her appearance from long ago, she had only just made it to the Fog Isle of the Sea of Death at the time]

Ning Yue Chan was surprised: “The Fog Isle of the Sea of Death? So, she’s a card user”

Lines of blood-red text continued to appear in the void of space:

[Go, Ning Yue Chan, you must find this girl, because my other half is currently in a dormant state while hiding with her]

[You both must come together and awaken my true self]

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