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Chapter 943: 943

Chapter 943: The Amber Ring

The 900 million World Layers .

Within the chaotic and warring Strife Zones .

The Sea of Death, Fog Isle .

In the sky, a gigantic black monster was slowly and silently moving forward .

An Abyssal Behemoth .

It was moving across this world at an extremely close distance .

The Behemoth wasn’t at all interested in this world that wasn’t even as big as 10% of its body .

But the civilization that resided on its body didn’t think the same .

Unlike the skeletal civilization that Gu Qing Shan ran into, this time the invaders were a humanoid species with scaly skin and a black glow around their bodies .

As they moved around, the black glow followed them, making them seem like flying streaks of light rather than creatures .

The countless black streaks of light descended from above, invaded the Fog Isle of the Sea of Death, charging at every bit of moving flesh that caught their eyes .

The land, the sea, the fresh air, and naturally the food were all parts of their target .

As soon as it began, the war had already become a desperate struggle .

The divine knights and priests of the Holy Church of Fate were currently doing their best against these unknown enemies .

Boom boom—–

All the while intense thunder and rain showered the battlefield below .

The explosions caused by magic and the desperate screams that followed never stopped even for a second .

Blood flowed like a river .

But there was no backing down . In this war, anyone that attempted to surrender had met with the same fate—— beheaded on the spot .

The Abyssal civilization did not accept surrender .

In their eyes, these retaliating enemies actually tasted great after their deaths .

——-they were able to fully absorb the power that lingered on these Professionists’ bodies after their death .

At the time when the war reached its most desperate moment, a fully-armored war steed appeared on the battlefield .

A young girl wearing a pure white cloak and wielding a long staff in her hand appeared at the front lines .

“The acting Pope is here!”

The divine knights by her side loudly declared .

Among the thunderous cheers of her troops, Su Xue Er raised the staff in her hand .

“Blood Sea!”

“With the sincerity in my heart and the greatest respect I can offer, I call upon your power!”

A blinding glow erupted from her staff .

12 crimson bloody Cards manifested, circling around a magic circle at her feet .

Su Xue Er caught the 12 Cards with her hands, released her staff, and swiftly combined them together .

“Come, arrive and fight by my side”

“I promise that all dead heroic spirits shall return to the Blood Sea”

“And our enemies will become food for the Blood Sea”

While she chanted, the 12 Cards fused together to form a giant portrait, but since its back was facing the battlefield, the people in front couldn’t tell what was actually depicted at the front .

Su Xue Er put her hands on the face of the portrait as her voice resounded across the battlefield:

“O’ flowing Bloodsea, thee knoweth of our intertwining fate . I summon thy power and commander at this juncture~!”

Following her voice, the 12 Cards moved around and formed a raging tide of redness .

A second later, the 12 Cards vanished at once as the Bloodsea had manifested beneath everyone’s feet .

Su Xue Er had summoned an entire world down to this place!

Numerous soldiers wearing blood armors slowly rose from the sea of blood .

They stood in formation, each with weapons ready in hand, stepping out from the Card world under their commander .

The Bloodsea God Army had appeared on the Fog Isle .

“Long live!”

“Long live!”

“Long live the acting Pope!”

The knights and priests of the Holy Church of Death cheered .

——but that wasn’t everything .

Su Xue Er put her hand into the blood sea below and uttered: “Blood Giant, Astaroth!”


A giant slowly rose from the blood that filled the ground .

「 I shall wipe out these Abyssal fleas! 」

The giant roared .

He swiftly charged into the battlefield .

Su Xue Er continued to utilize her Soul Points and chanted: “O’ great Blood Raven, I call upon your power!”

A masked assassin slowly appeared within the sea of blood .

He wielded a pair of ancient-looking daggers in his hands and spoke in a low voice: 「 It is time for the harvest 」

As soon as he declared so, he vanished .

On the battlefield, desperate cries of death resounded one after another .

The civilization that came from the Abyssal Behemoth was facing an unprecedented massacre .

The situation was turning around .

After unleashing so many large-scale magic Cards at once, Su Xue Er was feeling a bit drained .

She leaned on her horse, breathed heavily as she recovered her stamina .

At this point, a messenger arrived from the backline, knelt down in front of Su Xue Er, and loudly spoke: “Reporting, ma’am!”

“What is it? Speak” Su Xue Er replied .

“The Saintess of the Holy Church of Death, Anna, had led the Death Knights here to provide reinforcement”

“Where is she now?”

“She is about to enter our world”

“Hmph, the 7 Holy Churches all declared to join forces, yet only the Holy Church of Death actually came to help us”

As Su Xue Er said so, her eyebrows furrowed .

——the System that had been staying silent for a long time suddenly began to pop up notifications like crazy .

Su Xue Er was a bit surprised and turned to look at it:



[The final carrier of the Order had died]

[The Abyssal monster, the Envoy of Chaos, Soul Shrieker’s avatar is about to arrive into the Strife Zones in search of you]

[It will kill you!]

[Su Xue Er, you must run away right now!]

Reading these notifications, Su Xue Er’s heart jumped .

As the acting leader of the Holy Church, Su Xue Er more or less knew what kind of entity the Soul Shrieker was .

“Why is it looking for me?” Su Xue Er couldn’t help but ask a question .

[Because the hope of survival for all living beings within the infinite worlds is resting on yourself and another person . If either of you falls into the Soul Shrieker’s hand, the infinite worlds will fall to ruin]

The blood-red text continued to urge her:

[Su Xue Er, you must find somewhere to hide, all the way until the other person reaches you with my guidance]

“Someone will reach me, then what?”

[I will truly awaken . At that point, I will take you to find the person who returned from the Age of Old—— the only man in the 900 million World Layers who might be qualified to be called the Demon King]

[He is the one final hope of fighting against Chaos]

Su Xue Er scowled: “Ridiculous, I don’t understand what you’re saying at all . Even if what you’re saying is true, I won’t go—–”

She suddenly stopped .

Because of the final line of blood-red text:

[That man is called Gu Qing Shan]

At another location .

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The hidden space current that led towards the Mystic Zones .

The Bramble Tree ship was keeping up its speed .

It had already been several days, and they would reach the Bramble Bird Kingdom after just one more day .

Gu Qing Shan was chatting with Laura and Lin on the deck of the ship .

“Laura, I had the Saint Bramble tree branch send you a message, did you receive it?”

Gu Qing Shan asked .

“I did” Laura smiled sweetly .

She took out two coins and put them in Gu Qing Shan’s hands .

Gu Qing Shan checked them one by one .

They were the [Demon King Order] and the [Bramble Saint Tree] coins .

I didn’t think Laura would be able to collect two coins in such a short time, this really is——-

“That’s completely beyond my expectations, how did you find these two coins?”

Gu Qing Shan was shocked .

“I promised a bounty of several treasure-filled worlds, and the Bramble Saint Tree coin was delivered straight to my hands”

“What about the other coin?”

“The [Demon King Order] coin was a bit more troublesome . I had to use a large sum of money to hire some good hands to enter the Fallen Zones and pick it up from a certain ruin”

“Doesn’t that mean both of these cost you a lot of wealth?”

“Ah, it wasn’t that much, just a bit of my pocket money”

Gu Qing Shan and Lin exchanged glances and saw the same look in one another’s eyes .

——-beside Laura, no one else, not even a God, would be able to achieve this so quickly .

A green leaf suddenly appeared out of nowhere and fell into Laura’s hand .

After taking a look at it, Laura’s expression changed as she muttered:

“The results have come up, during the final campaign, the [Demon King Order] was eliminated by the Soul Shrieker . The Soul Shrieker had left the Fallen Zones and is currently heading for the Strife Zones”

She ran towards the cabin of the ship and told them: “We need to leave this space as soon as possible and return to the Mystic Zones right now——- big sis Lin, I’m not strong enough, please help me hold the wheel”

Lin followed her .

Only Gu Qing Shan remained on the deck .

What is the Soul Shrieker thinking?

Hasn’t it already gone insane?

But its actions seem to be very purposeful .

Gu Qing Shan thought for a bit and suddenly took out a ring .

It’s useless to think about anything else, the most important thing right now is to continue becoming stronger .

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He looked down at the ring .

A pure and transparent amber was engraved on top of the ring .

There wasn’t any ancient creature fossilized within the beautiful piece of amber .

But as one looked at it carefully, they would notice a tiny flickering star inside the amber .

Gu Qing Shan carefully held the amber ring up and recalled the words of the Fairy of Time .

“Your eyes contain the total true essence of your swordsmanship . After some thought, I found that there exists a certain kind of power that would suit you extremely well”

“What power do you mean?”

“In the words of cultivators like you, this power is called a Thaumaturgy——- when you achieve the next realm on your path, this ring will take you to the corpse of a certain existence in the parallel world . In that place, you will obtain the power that I speak of”

“…Thank you for your generosity”

Gu Qing Shan then crushed the amber without hesitation .

A flickering star then appeared from the amber and manifested as the Fairy of Time’s appearance .

The Fairy of Time smiled at Gu Qing Shan: “We meet again, young one whose identity I am keeping”

“Greetings, your excellency” Gu Qing Shan bowed .

“There is no need to be formal . This meeting was the final one ordained by Fate, after which, both Fate and Space-Time would undergo intense changes so that no one could tell what would happen in the future”

“Is everything going well on your side?”

“Me? I am still in command of an entire war, but for a promising young man like yourself, I can still make a bit of time”

The Fairy of Time continued: “Your world has been reinforced by the power of your Iris Sword technique; a foundation of Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth; the Laws of the Inner Plane; and the power of Primal Chaos . You are only lacking one final thing in order to finish it”

She reached out her hand made completely out of stars and lightly tapped between Gu Qing Shan’s eyebrows .

“Go, Gu Qing Shan, seek the location I have marked out and finish your technique”

“Hopefully, in the near future, you would be able to fight by our sides”

“I will wait for that day to arrive”

Saying so, the Fairy of Time vanished from in front of Gu Qing Shan .

Gu Qing Shan closed his eyes, then waited for a bit .

He now knew where that location was .

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