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Chapter 158

2 p . m .

MCMAU gym .

Compared to the morning when more people were needed to maintain order, presently, the audience was more self-aware and quietly found their places and gradually took their seats .

Before the contestants entered the field, Liu Huarong said, “When the competition ended this morning I went onto the Internet and looked at the reaction . Many people think that the championship this time is too cruel…

“Many things were being commented on the Internet; some said the students were too cruel and some students were too stupid…

“Why did they had to beat them like that?

“Why wouldn’t they concede and surrender when they knew they were no match?”

Suddenly, Liu Huarong said with agitation, “That’s because there are only martial artists who were killed and none who surrendered!

“Everyone, remember what I said!

“Some things you guys won’t understand now but that doesn’t mean that you will never understand!

“There are bound to be people who are silently doing things for you . They can be killed or defeated but they will never surrender!

“This is a good championship as it doesn’t stop students from admitting defeat, but to surrender is a shame until the very last moment . ”

Chen Xueyan lightly added, “One’s strength can be insufficient, but the bones must be hard!

Martial Arts Universities are an example, an example for all martial artists . ”

With the conversation of the two people, the time for the afternoon competition finally came .

“Let’s take a look at the battle lineup of MCMAU and the Eight School Alliance . ”

“MCMAU: Fang Ping, Fu Changding, Yang Xiaoman, Zhao Xuemei, Zhao Lei .

“MCMAU also chose their captain as their starter . Will the Eight School Alliance also have a captain starter?

“This morning, we witnessed a wonderful captain’s battle . Will the match in the afternoon be more exciting?

“Next, let’s look at the battle lineup of the Eight School Alliance .

“Eight School Alliance: Zhang Guanglin, Chen Hongwei, Wei Bin, Zhang Jingdong, Cai Qinghai .

“The Eight School Alliance does not have a captain starter, but it is Zhang Guanglin from the South Sino University of Science and Technology . Captain Wei Bin is in the middle and South Sino University of Science and Technology as well is Cai Qinghai to bring up the rear .

“Is this the strategy of the Eight School Alliance?”

Liu Huarong roughly guessed and then laughed out loud, “Now, let’s invite the fighters onto the stage!”

Behind the stage, Fang Ping was wearing a black exercise suit and was holding the assembled fengzuidao in his hand .

Taking a deep breath, Fang Ping strode forward .

“Good luck!”

“Don’t hold back!”

“Five in a row!”1

Others also cheered for him . The group of mentors with Tang Feng were on the side at the moment but they did not say anything .

Battle Stage .

Fang Ping held his glaive and leaped up the stage .

Below the stage, Fang Yuan did not listen to Fang Ping’s words to not attend . Her palms were sweaty, and she was grasping onto Xiao Ling’s arm tightly .

While Fang Ping was getting on stage, Zhang Guanglin, who was on the other side, also brought an alloy long staff on stage .

“Magic City Martial Arts University, Fang Ping!”

“Eight School Alliance, Zhang Guanglin!”

Zhang Guanglin had a solemn expression . Previously, South Sino University of Science and Technology had fought a friendly match with MCMAU, and he had exchanged blows with people of MCMAU .

That time, MCMAU had sent almost all members of their reserve team and the only main member who went up the stage was Zhao Xuemei .

However, that time Zhao Xuemei had also fought extremely fiercely . Until now, Zhang Guanglin had not forgotten that Zhao Xuemei had almost kicked through the man’s throat that day .

Zhao Xuemei was already like this, what about Fang Ping?

Fang Ping was the captain of MCMAU!

The Eight School Alliance had also guessed that MCMAU would let their captain be the starter and hence decided to change the original battle line-up .

The main purpose for Zhang Guanglin to start was not to defeat Fang Ping but to exhaust Fang Ping’s Vitality .

Chen Hongwei’s goal was to win if he could but if he could not, then he would drag the fight with Fang Ping to exhaust him, giving Wei Bin the advantage of pulling back the number of people .


As soon as the referee gave his order, Zhang Guanglin stepped back instantly… Fang Ping did not attack but stood still at his place .

The situation of these two people suddenly shocked everyone .

Fang Ping, however, was not in a rush . He did not lift his fengzuidao, but instead dragged it on the ground as he slowly walked toward the opponent .

“The last time at the South Sino University of Science and Technology, I saw a student fight by accumulating strength and it worked well .

“I would like to borrow it this time, you don’t mind right?”

Zhang Guanglin’s expression remained solemn . He did not reply but he stopped retreating . Fang Ping was adopting the power accumulation fight . He should not avoid the fight anymore and should proactively interrupt Fang Ping’s accumulation!

Fang Ping had yet to walk over when Zhang Guanglin’s long staff whizzed and attacked Fang Ping at the throat!

Fang Ping, however, did not use his glaive but swept his head in a circle to avoid the opponent’s attack .

Zhang Guanglin was not surprised . He changed from slashing his long staff to sweeping it and halfway through it, hacked it down again like thunder!

According to the understanding of some of the martial artists present, Fang Ping was accumulating power at the moment and naturally, would not move his glaive .

Yet, at the very next moment, many people knew that they had guessed wrong!

Fang Ping, who had just been dragging his glaive, suddenly charged it forward!


Sparks appeared .

Zhang Guanglin felt the tremors emitting from the alloy staff . His palms felt numb and trembled .

“Just didn’t want you to avoid the fight!” Fang Ping suddenly said this and then the glaive stirred up a strong gust of wind in the air .


Zhang Guanglin forcefully took another slash of attack again, his whole body recoiling backward quickly .

Fang Ping did not stop this time . His footsteps moved instantly and with a roar, the glaive came hacking down again!


The glaive moved like a shadow, there was no sound as it descended before a ‘Clang’ sounded again .

Before the audience regained their composure, the third sound came yet it was no longer the crisp sound of ‘Clang’ but the sound of alloy cutting .


A faint breaking sound could be heard and on the second floor, many people’s expressions changed .

Fang Ping had split Zhang Guanglin’s alloy staff into two with just three slashes with his glaive!

Zhang Guanglin also did not expect that, almost immediately, the glaive with its leftover force would immediately slash him on the chest .


As blood spluttered, a cracking sound could be heard from Zhang Guanglin’s sternum .

Fang Ping did not stop, he lifted his glaive, with Vitality bursting out again before hacking down again!

“Surrender!” shouted a grandmaster from the second floor .

The referee on the side did not choose to block Fang Ping’s glaive this time but pulled Zhang Guanglin back to avoid Fang Ping’s saber .

Fang Ping did not withdraw his glaive and it split the middle of the battle stage’s floor with one stroke .

A loud bang emitted, and a deep mark appeared on the ground .


Zhang Guanglin breathed in pain, his chest was already stained with blood . He knew that he was not a match for the captain of MCMAU but he did not expect the other party to defeat him this way!

Just three glaive attacks that split his alloy staff into two!

Below the battle stage, Liu Huarong was also slightly surprised . “Captain Fang Ping of MCMAU did not show many skills but he split the grade-F alloy staff with three blade attacks . The Vitality outburst of three blade attacks was around 60cal .

“This… Does he not think of fighting in the second match anymore?”

Yes . It seemed like Fang Ping had an easy fight, using three slashes to break the opponent’s alloy staff, and using it twice at the start and one more time in the end .

Fang Ping’s had exhausted at least an accumulated 220cal and above of his Vitality .

The human body still had to maintain the necessary Vitality . Fang Ping might have won with ease and he not hurt but there was no way he would be able to fight the second round!

At this moment, did Fang Ping still even have 100cal of Vitality?

Even if he took pills, he probably would not be able to recover in time?

Not only did Liu Huarong thought so but many other people as well . They felt that MCMAU were laying down their power and attacking the opposite party’s morale .

Zhang Guanglin lost too quickly and it was shocking . This was the first time someone had used a move to split a weapon on the battle stage .

As the crowd speculated, Fang Ping suddenly stuffed a pill into his mouth . One was not enough and soon, Fang Ping stuffed another .


Less than 20 seconds before and after, everyone saw that Fang Ping’s Vitality, which had just faded, gradually began to rise and after a while, it seemed that he had recovered to the peak .

Second floor .

An instructor from the East Sino Nation Normal University could not help but frown . “This is… pills being digested?”

The grandmaster could not see through the human body and into the internal organs .

They could feel Fang Ping’s Vitality recovering quickly after taking the pills and the speed of recovery was amazing .

A grandmaster from Sino Nation Martial Arts University also frowned . “A physique that quickly absorbs the pills? No wonder …”

No wonder Fang Ping fought so fiercely and had no thoughts of conserving his Vitality .

In this way, the Eight School Alliance was in trouble as they needed to face the captain of MCMAU who can recover his Vitality to the peak at any time .

“Next year, the use of pills should be restricted,” someone said and there was not much doubt .

Right under their eyelids, they only saw that Fang Ping recovered his Vitality after using the pills . At this moment, the only thing they could think of was a physique with the ability to absorb the pills rapidly . It was not that there were none of these types of martial artists, they were just very rare .

Not to mention, every drug had its side effects . Even if one had that kind of physique, it did not mean that one could simply take a lot of pills .

On the battle stage .

Fang Ping felt some cold sweat on his back . After feeling those sights on him leaving, Fang Ping heaved a sigh of relief .

He did not want to expose the system, but it was not possible for him to not utilize his ability to quickly recover his Vitality .

Instead, the more he hid, the more suspicious people would get .

It was thus better to use it in front of many grandmasters and let everyone think that he was relying on the pills to restore his Vitality .

As long as the grandmasters were given such an impression, even if his Vitality was quickly restored elsewhere in the future, it would not cause any commotion .

At this moment, seeing how the grandmasters’ line of sight was no longer piercing, Fang Ping silently heaved a sigh of relief .

When Chen Hongwei came up the stage, Fang Ping was no longer as cautious as the first time and smiled saying, “Last time I could see that you used a weapon . Today is just right for me to test my Manic Explosion!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Ping took the initiative to attack first!

Fang Ping’s feet were moving as fast as lightning . With a few light tiptoes, he had already gotten close to Chen Hongwei!

Chen Hongwei’s expression changed slightly . He did not expect that Fang Ping would also be extremely fast!

“Just now, I almost thought that Fang Ping had honed the bones of his upper limbs but with his footwork, I just recalled that he had honed the bones of his lower limbs .

“Cloud Steps . Simply speaking, its speed is not as good as Ghost Steps but the speed depends on one’s degree of cultivation…”

He could not continue speaking anymore!

As he spoke till this point, Fang Ping had already closed in on Chen Hongwei . He brandished his glaive and hacked down!

Clang! Clang! Came the sound again .

Fang Ping was using the same tactic . ‘I’ll hack off your weapons so that you can’t block and defend!’

Claaang! Came the longer sound . The top half of the saber in Chen Hongwei’s hand fell to the ground .

Chen Hongwei had no time to retreat, or rather, Fang Ping’s slashes were so strong and forceful that he was not able to retreat .

Chen Hongwei roared loudly and immediately abandoned his saber to catch Fang Ping’s blade with his bare hands!

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He thought that Fang Ping would wrestle him, but Fang Ping did not expend any force and instead pressed forward!

He straightened his toe and jabbed out, his alloy boots kicking an exploding sound in the air!


Chen Hongwei, who just retrieved his saber wanting to use it to block the glaive, was pierced in the waist by Fang Ping . Fang Ping quickly drew back his foot, and instead of jabbing, he kicked it out as fast as lightning again!


Chen Hongwei was kicked hard, flying off and down the battle stage .


Liu Huarong immediately explained, “Fang Ping is very quick with his blade and so are his legs! Not only that, but his Vitality outburst is also strong, almost completely suppressing the two members of the Eight School Alliance .

“Also, Fang Ping’s Vitality recovery speed is extremely fast . If there are no good tactics from the Eight School Alliance’s to restrain Fang Ping, I’m afraid the situation will be bad this time . ”

The audience below the stage was dumbfounded .

Fang Ping had won two battles easily .

They did not know that Fang Ping’s Vitality was that powerful and he recovered extremely fast . It was faster than they thought!

They only felt that the captain of MCMAU was fighting easily against the Eight School Alliance . It was nothing like the morning battle where both sides were exhausted and wounded .

Backstage .

Wei Bin’s face changed slightly and the leading instructor of the Eight School Alliance said with a serious expression, “His speed is extremely fast, and so are his Saber Techniques!

“This is not the point . The point is that he has reached the lethal stage for every move and his Vitality outburst is out above 60cal .

“Based on this pattern, avoid his three blade attacks or let him release his three blade attack so that you can exchange them . (TN: to create a double knockout)

“Now, however…”

Now, Fang Ping’s Vitality could not be exhausted, and the instructors of the Eight School Alliance saw that he had begun taking the pills again!

And when he was finished, this guy’s Vitality suddenly skyrocketed!

“Wei Bin, find a way to dodge his first three moves and don’t allow him to take the pills . Once the three moves pass, defeat him immediately!”

The instructor could only advise as such to not give Fang Ping time to take more pills else they would be in trouble .

Not to mention, the instructor also felt that there would always be physical limitations .

It was impossible for Fang Ping to recover every time by taking pills .

That said, what was his limit? This was Fang Ping’s first battle in public . No one knew and there was no way to test it .

Very quickly, Wei Bin went up the stage .

Looking at Fang Ping’s strong signs of Vitality, Wei Bin’s expression was not pleasant . The failure of the first two was in vain!

Fang Ping’s Vitality was restored, and the quick battle had not much of an effect . Wei Bin was not in a hurry and tempted, “Fang Ping, if you use the pills like that, it will greatly harm your body . You have already won two battles, there is no need for you to destroy the foundation… ”

Fang Ping smiled indifferently and said, “It doesn’t matter, I have taken 100 Vitality pills before . It’ll be fine once it’s digested and vented…”


Wei Bin did not know if what he said was true or false but at this moment, he would have to grit his teeth and be prepared to fight to death!

Otherwise, if Fang Ping continued fighting this way, it would be highly possible for him to defeat five in a row!

The referee gave an order and the two slashed at each other practically at the same time!

Wei Bin also used a saber but not a glaive like Fang Ping’s!

Wei Bin hacked his saber once and then quickly turned to defense whereas Fang Ping was using the same tactic again, wanting to split his saber!

Upstairs, Tang Feng cursed, “Idiot!”

Some leaders of the Eight School Alliance laughed . Did Fang Ping think that his blade attacks could break others’ weapons every time?

The previous two used grade-F alloy weapons but not Wei Bin!

His blade was a grade-D alloy blade!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

After three slashes of his glaive, a large amount of Fang Ping’s Vitality had been consumed .

Each slash was forceful and strong at 60cal of Vitality each . Three slashes consumed close to 200cal and presently, Fang Ping only had strength left for one more slash .

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As Wei Bin was only defending, the consumption was much lesser .

Three slashes were used but this time, it was not the same as before in terms of splitting apart the opponent’s weapon . The audience was a bit surprised .

Wei Bin quickly seized the opportunity and did not give Fang Ping time to recover!

The next moment, Wei Bin roared . He stomped on the ground, his shoes torn apart as he charged and attacked Fang Ping like a ferocious tiger!

He had abandoned his saber . Right now, Wei Bin was going fight Fang Ping hand-to-hand and not allowing him to take the pills .

When Wei Bin charged forward, Fang Ping suddenly smiled .

Wei Bin was very strong . At the very least, if he wanted to fight hand-to-hand, it would not be easy for Fang Ping to take him down .

However, his opponent abandoned his blade to get close to him, thinking that he could no longer burst out, hence he should not blame Fang Ping for reaping the reward easily .


Somebody could not help but yell and was chided by other people in a low voice .

Before Wei Bin could respond, Fang Ping threw away his glaive and in the next

moment, something contrary to the convention happened .

Fang Ping leaped and jumped over one meter high to avoid Wei Bin’s attack . Then, in midair, Fang Ping’s left foot seemed to be stepping on the ground, and once again, he leaped to

Wei Bin!

This was counterintuitive!

Fang Ping was stepping on-air as leverage!

Liu Huarong was also very surprised, “It’s an elevated stance!”

“Elevated stance!”

At this moment, many people whispered!

Fang Ping, who was peak Rank-1, had achieved the elevated stance in his pole-standing!

The elevated stance of pole-standing could not be executed to the stage of flying through the void but Fang Ping exerted some force and could still do it by taking a few steps forward in the air .

This was the meaning of an elevated stance . The so-called elevated stance was an overview of the three layers of pole-standing .

To stand in the void!

Amidst the crowd’s exclamation, Fang Ping kicked his right foot out forcefully like thunder and hit Wei Bin’s chest with a loud bang .

Wei Bin had no idea that Fang Ping could reach him from mid-air, nor did he expect that Fang Ping still had Vitality to burst out!

With one kick, Wei Bin’s chest collapsed instantly!

Wei Bin’s face showed that he was full of pain, but he gritted his teeth and aimed his punch at Fang Ping’s crotch!

Seeing this, Fang Ping was not tolerant and with both of his legs, clamped down on his fist . As he descended, he clenched both his hands into fists and punched him in the head!


On the second floor, someone shouted to surrender again . Otherwise, Wei Bin’s head might be crushed as he had not honed his skull before .


Wei Bin growled in anger and looked extremely discontent!

He had taken a beating right from the start in this battle and did not manage to show his strength at all!

It was alright if he did not yell but the moment he did, the blood in his mouth spurted out immediately . The kick to the chest had not been light .

Realistically speaking, when Fang Ping kicked him with his foot, the power of the Vitality outburst was no lesser than the strength of his glaive slashing .

“Wei Bin also lost…”

Liu Huarong had an afterthought and then, could not help saying, Fang Ping’s pole-standing is the elevated stance, he has mastered 2 lethal moves, Saber Techniques, and leg techniques and has already reached the stage of a lethal move, This… Unless other Rank-1’s master an ultimate move and have their speed faster than him, or else, I’m afraid…”

“I’m afraid he would be invincible among his rank . ”

Chen Xueyan added, “The younger generation’s time is right . There needs to be someone with a faster speed than him and have at least some lethal moves… We’ll look at Han Xu then .

Han Xu is somewhat faster than him . ”

Although Han Xu did not display the power of his killing move, he was indeed very fast, and Fang Ping might not be able to match up with him .

If Han Xu were to get entangled with Fang Ping and avoid his killing moves, there would still be a fight between the two . The others were perhaps a little bit worse off .