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Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Killing A Rank-6


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A shrill and disbelieving cry was heard!

The Rank-6 powerhouse called Willow Bark clearly did not expect that his own people would attack him!

The skull was anyone under Rank-7’s weakness . Even Rank-7 powerhouses might not have gone too deep into honing their skull .

Now, Li Hansong put his life on the line to hold him down . The strike employed by Fang Ping carried no sound nor sign . His saber came crashing down and a crack was heard coming from the skull, accompanied by a lamentable heart-wrenching cry, vanished instantly into thin air!

As soon as the heart-wrenching cry was heard, the Rank-6 martial artist who was currently fighting with Wang Jinyang on the other side could not help but turn to look .

When he had made out what was really happening, he was also dumbfounded for a second!

General Willow Bark was killed by one of their own!

Initially, the crowd underneath was chasing Qin Fengqing, who was making a run for it . Now, all of them looked completely perplexed and terrified!

What was going on?

They were perplexed and terrified, but not Fang Ping and the rest .

In a split second after killing General Willow Bark, Li Hansong unleashed an intense golden glow all over his body . Instead of helping Wang Jinyang, he charged downward, heading for the Rank-4 and 5 martial artists!

Any more delays and Qin Fengqing would be hacked to death by them .

Qin Fengqing was so moved that he was almost covered in tears . As expected, Iron Head Li was indeed more reliable than Fang Ping . Fang Ping actually left tens of Rank-4s and seven to eight Rank-5s for him . He nearly peed his pants .

As for Fang Ping, he yelled at this moment, “Brother Wang, delay him . We can’t let these guys escape!”

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Having said that, Fang Ping dropped at the speed of light, his Chaos-Vanquishing Saber was in his hands . Suddenly, it unleashed an intense blood-tinted glow, hacking downward while he was high above the sky!


Wang Jinyang did not make any complaints either . After letting out a furious roar, the surface of his body was instantly wrapped in a crimson glow . As if that was not enough, his bone marrow force was beginning to permeate outward . He would hold this Rank-6 back even if it meant risking his life!

Li Hansong and Fang Ping both had no problems with killing those Rank-4 and 5s . But, they needed time .

It was only until Fang Ping started yelling did the Rank-6 powerhouse’s expression change drastically!

The Land of Rebirth martial artist!

The Land of Rebirth martial artist had actually mixed in the troop . How was that possible!

As a Rank-6 powerhouse, he was extremely sensitive to auras . In his eyes, even though the Wang Jinyang trio were insignificant, their strong Vitality Force was impossible to conceal!

Right now, however, the truth has been revealed . Someone had mixed into the troop, yet he did not notice!

The Rank-4 and 5 martial artists on the ground were also at a loss . And yet, it was precisely at this moment that Fang Ping suddenly yelled in the Catacombs language again, “Attack, quickly, besiege them!”

Catacombs martial artists could understand this sentence . In the next second, everyone on the ground looked completely terrified, pulling their distance away respectively .

Some of them soared into the sky, turning to make a run for it toward the central battle zone .

This place was too dangerous!

A Land of Rebirth martial artist had even blended in their troop .

Gigantic Willow City had come out in full force this time . Huge amounts of martial artists were conscripted . It was impossible for them to know each and every one of them .

These martial artists were on full alert .

After all, just earlier, some of them died for no reason .

Some of them who soared into the sky was blocked by Li Hansong . As for the remaining ones, Fang Ping let out a maddening roar, his Mentality exploded once again, temporarily intimidating them . Then, the Chaos-Vanquishing Saber unleashed an intense saber glow, hacking them down instantly!

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Fang Ping’s complexion turned pale once more . Every time he blasted his Mentality, it would also do great harm to him . This strategy was still feasible when it was done only a few times . A few more times and he would be shaken into an idiot himself .

“Qin Fengqing, unleash maximum force, finish them off quickly!”

After hacking a few of them down, Fang Ping let out an infuriating roar .

Qin Fengqing was about to cry . ‘Where do I find an endless maximum force? Do you really think that I am the Invincible Jack Bauer?’ (TN: Jack Bauer is a fictional character and the lead protagonist of the Fox television series 24, he is said to be an indestructible agent)

However, when faced with a crisis, those Catacombs martial artists had also unleashed outbursts . A portion of them charged toward him while the other portion escaped toward the central battle zone . Others were unleashing maximum force . If he did not, he would really be done for!


Qin Fengqing let out a furious roar, swallowing a Vitality Outburst Pill . The Vitality in his entire body was instantly condensed into one . In rhythm with his saber glow, he employed a slash!


A deafening boom resounded . The Rank-4s who were charging over were killed instantly while two Rank-5s powerhouses were also coughing out blood as they were flung out .

Amidst the crowd, Qin Fengqing’s complexion was ghostly white . With a bang, he knelt on the ground, panting violently .

“You good-for-nothing . What about that thing you said about killing Rank-6 with a slash!”

Fang Ping still had time to throw curses around right now . This nearly made Qin Fengqing, whose head was about to overheat, spit blood!

You still had so much d*mn energy . Kill them quickly!

Indeed, Fang Ping was killing people . When he started killing, it would be an easy task for him .

When encountering a Rank-4, he would employ a Mentality intimidation straightaway, intimidating and finishing them off with a slash .

When encountering a Rank-5, then he would blast his Mentality, blowing up the other party’s Mentality, then finishing them off with a slash .

After many times of doing so, tens of corpses were lying on the ground . Currently, the Rank-4 and 5 martial artists were being massacred by them completely .

Fang Ping landed on the ground, panting heavily . Beside him, Li Hansong was completely drenched in blood while his limbs were somewhat weak now .

Midair, Wang Jinyang was constantly coughing out blood . Seeing that the three of them were lifting their heads, staring at him, he wished so much that he could die too!

What were you looking at? Kill!

If none of them were still going to help him, he would be beaten to death!

Li Hansong and Qin Fengqing were really incapable of helping anymore . Both of them stared at Fang Ping .

Right now, Fang Ping’s face was dreadfully pale . In addition to that, in order to conceal his face, he had cracked open many wounds on his face earlier . Now, he looked beyond ferocious .

Seeing that both of them were looking at him, Fang Ping panted for a moment, saying, “Give me some time, I’m f*cking exhausted too!”

Did they think that killing was not exhausting!

“Wang Jinyang can’t hold on any longer…”

“It’s fine . He hasn’t permeated his bone marrow . He won’t die . ”

Fang Ping said irresponsibly . After resting for a moment and noticing that the Rank-6 intended to make an escape, only then did he soar up into the sky, wielded his saber and charged over!

“Don’t waste anymore time, permeate your bone marrow!”

Fang Ping yelled . Then, five Celestial Bridges emerged in front of his body, his Mentality and Vitality Force poured in instantly .

Killing a Rank-6 was not an easy feat!

The other party was currently unleashing full force as well . He no longer cared about his unstable Sanjiao Gate . Every move that he unleashed carried a monumental power, striking Wang Jinyang so hard that he was sending his blood and flesh flying in all directions .

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He had to employ his hidden treasure ultimate move . Even if the other party could not kill them, they could still escape easily .

Wang Jinyang did not hesitate . He let out a guttural roar, the sound of his blood flowing was instantly heard crisp and clear . The surface of his body seeped out a tremendous amount of blood . With both hands wielding his saber, he hacked downward quickly and ferociously!

Underneath, Fang Ping’s Celestial Bridges quivered, huge amounts of celestiality gushed into the Chaos-Vanquishing Saber .

This time, disintegration did not happen like how it did last time .

The Chaos-Vanquishing Saber unleashed an intense Vitality aura, hacking at the Rank-6 who was planning to make an escape .

As if this was not enough, underneath, Li Hansong also let out a maddening roar, his fists unleashing an intense golden glow, shooting upward into the sky!

Mankind’s three best elite prodigy martial artists, two Rank-5s and one Peak Rank-4 were unleashing the most powerful fatal move .

The Rank-6 in front of them was only an ordinary Rank-6 powerhouse .

At this moment, he sensed a great life or death crisis, letting out an exasperated roar suddenly . Three intangible gates emerged at the tip of his head . One of the gates left ajar was about to be completely shut off!

At the climax of an Early-stage Rank-6, once a gate has been shut off, the other party would become a Middle-stage Rank-6 powerhouse .

After shutting off two gates, then one would be an Upper-stage Rank-6 .

When all three Sanjiao Gates had shut off completely, one would become a Peak Rank-6 .

This person saw that he was about to step into Middle-stage Rank-6, hence he had been holding back all the time . Right now, though, he could not care so much anymore .

Three gates emerged . In the blink of an eye, in the gate that was about to shut off, tremendous energy was pouring out, smashing against the gap of the nearly shut-off door, widening it .


The other party cursed angrily . Nearly stepping into Middle-stage Rank-6, he had no choice but to pay the price of wasting all his previous efforts by unleashing full force . These Land of Rebirth martial artists deserved to die!

“Why do you have so much to say even though you’re about to die!”

Fang Ping let out a low humph . The Chaos-Vanquishing Saber had already unleashed a blinding blood-tinted glow . The blood-tinted glow smashed against the tip of the other party’s head, where the gates were!

Wang Jinyang was not slow either . A saber glow hacked downward .

Li Hansong was also launching himself into the sky, hammering the other party’s head with a punch .

“You leave me no choice!”

Sensing a grave crisis, this Rank-6 powerhouse had already realized that he might be finished this time .

The next moment, out of the three gates, the one that was about to shut off exploded without any warning!

It was initially just an intangible gate . The moment it exploded, it unleashed much greater energy waves!

The look on Fang Ping’s face changed . He hastened, escaping immediately!

Wang Jinyang charged into the sky straightaway, not a hint of hesitation .

Li Hansong was the nearest . He cursed aloud . Whilst escaping, an even richer golden glow emerged from his body!


A deafening boom resounded . Even those in the battle zone outside the passageway could hear the explosion .

The moment the ear-splitting explosion was heard coming from Fang Ping’s side .

Central battle zone .

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Right now, among Old Man Li and the guys, many of them had died in battle . Out of 18 Rank-6 powerhouses, there were only seven to eight remaining now .

Upon hearing the explosion coming from the east, a grey-haired elderly laughed suddenly . “Good job, killed a Rank-6!”

That was Sanjiao Gate’s self-detonating power!

As for the high ranks… They were all in the sky . There was still no telling who won or lost .

Despite the joy, none of them let their guards down . Fang Ping quad forced a Rank-6 to self-destruct, their abilities were indeed beyond mighty . However, a Rank-6 had already self-destructed . Those fellows, would they have died too?

Old Man Li took a side glance, saying in a low voice, “We can’t delay any longer . We’ve killed more than it’s worth this time, killing more than ten Rank-6s and more than a hundred middle ranks of theirs!

“You lot, run when you can . If you can’t, then self-destruct, blow their asses up!”

“What about you?”

An elderly had just finished asking when a sword glow flashed behind him, penetrating through his heart straightaway!

At the same time, wielding his scabbard-covered Longevity Sword, Old Man Li waved outward with all his might, his speed beyond fast . The sword glow penetrated the sneak attacker’s brain in the blink of an eye .

“I want to kill a big one!”

Old Man Li mumbled . It was a pity, the other party could no longer hear what he said .

At this moment on top of him, Zhou Dingguo’s golden ray was about to extinguish .

Much further away, in the battle between two Rank-9s, it was as if the sky was about to split open . Although Wu Chuan was strong, he was not strong enough to crush others . Now, he was held up by them .

In other places, a few Rank-7 joint hands . Zhang Dingnan’s blood-tinted saber glow sailed across the sky . Zhou Zhengyang’s Divine Weapon achieved outbursts, though it was still not at its maximum capacity .

However, these guys were unable to free themselves to assist Zhou Dingguo either .

“As expected, they still need to rely on me to turn the situation around!”

At this moment, none of them were able to retreat . If Zhou Dingguo died, the three golden body powerhouses would not have any opponents left . Very soon, they would destroy the Rank-7 Grandmasters . Under their joint efforts, Wu Chuan would not be able to escape even if they could not kill him .

If the entanglement went on for too long, whereas reinforcements had yet to arrive, then Wu Chuan might be worn down to death alive . A Rank-9’s death was something that Sino Nation would never be able to afford .

Old Man Li took a deep breath but was in no hurry to launch an attack . The opportune moment was still a little far away .

The next moment, Old Man Li once again soared into the sky, charging into the Rank-6 combat troop . Now, there were even more Rank-6 powerhouses who were besieging him .

More than ten li away .

Fang Ping shook his head, feeling slightly dizzy .

A distance away, Wang Jinyang fell to the ground quickly, bleeding a big pool of blood . He was critically injured .

Underneath the ground, Qin Fengqing’s dusty and dirty face drilled out from the pit on the ground, spitting out a lot of dirt-mixed blood .

Undoubtedly, the power of a Rank-6 powerhouse self-destructing his Sanjiao Gate was terrifyingly mighty . They were nearly blown up .

The three of them gathered . Fang Ping looked around him, frowning . “Li Hansong is dead?”

“I don’t know…”

Wang Jinyang replied weakly . He really had no idea . If he died, so be it . Once one entered the Catacombs, no one would really be expecting to return alive .

Right now, rather than feeling sorrowful, it was better to think of ways to kill more later to avenge him .

“He didn’t die, right?”

Qin Fengqing shook his head, panting . “I can’t do this anymore . Let’s retreat quickly . If a few more Rank-4 and 5 come, all of us will have to die . Vitality depleted and internal organs critically injured . I can’t…”

As he was saying, this fellow fished out a Resurrection Pill and swallowed it . This was not the time to be stingy .

As for the statement earlier, saying that he did not have any pills… that was naturally false . Who would not bring enough Lifeline Pills when entering the Catacombs . As reckless as one could get, one would still not seek death .

Fang Ping thought that by having more than ten Resurrection Pills, he had a lot . If everyone took out their pills now… he might not have as much as the other three had .

Wang Jinyang was also consuming pills . Fang Ping took a look around but did not see Li Hansong . He was quiet for a moment . Iron Head Li was blown up just like that?

As he was thinking about that, a mass of an object fell from the sky without any warning!


A loud crash and a deep pit appeared on the ground .

Li Hansong was covered in blood all over his body . He climbed out of the pit slowly, saying weakly, “You… you guys run… really fast…”

Among them, he was the only one who ran the slowest and was nearly blown up .

Fang Ping saw that he was still alive and did not waste time on nonsense . He said instantly, “Let’s move separately . I’ll blend in again . The three of you continue running east . I’ll look for you if I have the chance . If there’s no chance of doing so, then a few days later, we’ll gather and meet here .

“At most, a month . After a month, we must all go out!

“After a month, we’ll either build a stronghold or seal off the passageway . No matter what, if we don’t go out, we’ll never have another chance to go out anymore!”

Wang Jinyang panted, saying, “It’s too risky for you to blend in . Right now the battle is still going on, so no one will notice . However, when the battle has ended, it’s impossible for the Catacombs to not recognize its middle-rank martial artists…”

“What about the lower ranks?”

Fang Ping chuckled . “There’s a whole lot of three lower ranks . It’s very difficult to be recognized there . We’ll talk about that later . ”

He could shield off his aura and pretend to be an ordinary person .

However, pretending to be an ordinary person would be too obvious . This place was flooded with martial artists . If an ordinary person appeared here, even an idiot would know that something was wrong .

“Must you go back?”

“I’m going to take a look . Stop all your nonsense . It’s just wasting time . ”

As he said that, Fang Ping added quickly, “Gather the loot . Take as much as you can!”

Having said that, Fang Ping began to climb up and started looting

Qin Fengqing was also struggling, starting to search for goods . He must look for goods to compensate for the loss .

Fang Ping searched for a moment and packed a big sack . He did not take a close look at them either . Then, he found a Rank-4 medal, exchanging it with the one attached in front of his body . Although the Catacombs medals were manufactured the same way, he was originally wearing Sky Gate City’s, the city mark was different at the back .

Once he was done doing these things, Fang Ping said with a low voice, “People are charging here from over there . Be careful, you guys . You are in much more danger than I am!”

They nodded . Although they had no idea how Fang Ping did it, this fellow could conceal his Vitality waves . That was much safer .

For the few of them, however, once they employ their Vitality Force, they would be discovered instantly .

Without wasting any more time, the trio supported each other, not employing any Vitality Force . All of them relied on their physiques, darting wildly all the way, running far into the distance .

Fang Ping exhaled . He did not go back from the same way he came from . If he ran up against others now, it would be hard to explain . After all, both Rank-6s was dead .

After making a slight turn, Fang Ping ran toward the energy in the distance in a crisscrossed way .