Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1502

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Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502 - Hunting Nether Beast (2)

Staring at the group of rocks before him, Wang Lin waved his hand and a gust of wind swept past them . The rocks all collapsed and the spiritual energy in them escaped . Then Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and the spiritual energy formed a vortex in his hand .

“Guide by the spirit!” Wang Lin’s left hand formed a seal and pointed at the spiritual energy vortex .

In an instant, the spiritual energy floated into the air like smoke . Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he followed the spiritual energy and quickly moved through the endless fog .

Although this spiritual energy from the rocks had no life and contained traces of time, because it came from the Nether Beast, it contained a faint aura of the Nether Beast!

With this aura as the guide, he could find the Nether Beast!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he moved like lightning after the spiritual energy smoke . He quickly moved into the depths of the fog .

As he moved forward, there was a hint of joy in his eyes . He vaguely felt a pressure coming from the fog ahead . With this pressure, no fierce beast would dare to live here .

As it entered Wang Lin’s mind, the pressure seemed to turn into a powerful force and caused Wang Lin’s mind to tremble .

Without hesitation, he slowly withdrew his divine sense that was spread out hundreds of feet while not alerting that pressure . His divine sense shrank and shrank… .  Until it was only 1,000 feet around him .

At the same time, his body broke through the fog with the spiritual energy smoke and charged into the depths of the fog .

The further he went, the stronger the pressure became and the more clear it was . It was like countless mountains had appeared on top of Wang Lin, but the pressure didn’t force him to retreat . Instead, strong excitement and battle intent appeared in his eyes .

He waved his right hand and the spiritual energy smoke returned back to his storage space . He stood there as he licked his lips, and a fire seem to sweep across his body .

“If this Nether Beast is not strong, hunting it will be boring . The more powerful it is, the more worthwhile it is for me to hunt! Only then can it qualify to become my ancient god’s life essence beast!” Wang Lin smiled as he slowly walked forward .

The pressure gradually grew stronger as Wang Lin got closer . It was as if there was an unimaginable presence ahead . This presence seemed to be sleeping, and a pressure silently spread out .

As this pressure spread, the fog spread with it . If one looked from above, they would see the pressure creating ripples across the fog .

Wang Lin was moving toward his prey with excitement in his heart!

Hunting the Nether Beast!

His divine sense remained 1,000 feet around him . At this point, Wang Lin no longer needed his divine sense or the spiritual energy smoke to guide him . He could find the Nether Beast by following this pressure!

The fog was like waves that silently spread in all directions . Wang Lin stepped through the fog with no hesitation . When the pressure and the fog reached the most violent moment, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he suddenly sped up .

It was as if everything he was doing was to prepare for this final sprint . At this moment, Wang Lin’s speed reached the peak of how fast his 7-star ancient god body could move . Not even Master Lu Fu could match him!

This speed was unimaginable and was several times faster than the speed of sound . This created an instant of silence! Wang Lin threw the sonic boom far behind him and charged ahead!

The fog collapsed before him and scattered . The pressure disintegrated layer by layer before him .

In a flash, Wang Lin had broken through all the fog before him and he saw the giant beast 1,000 feet away!!

This fierce beast was like a whale, and it was millions of feet laong . Cultivators were like ants before it!

Nether Beast!

On the sides its mouth were two large whiskers that slowly wobbled . Its mouth and eyes were closed as if it was asleep .

Its body was completely dark blue . From afar it looked like a dark blue sea floating through the fog! A powerful pressure came from its body and pushed the fog apart .

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank and he didn’t pause as he charged forward!

1,000 feet, 800 feet, 500 feet, 300 feet… Until only 30 feet!!!

When he was within 30 feet, Wang Lin raised his right hand and mercilessly slam down on the sleeping Nether Beast!

Thunderous rumbles suddenly echoed . The sonic boom created by Wang Lin also caught up at the same time . A loud explosion suddenly echoed through the fog!

The thunderous rumble was like a star domain collapsing . It was enough to cause the mind of anyone who heard it to collapse and their bodies to tear to pieces!

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“As a royal ancient god, I use the might of my Ancient Order heritage to seal its outer body as my life essence beast!” Thunderous rumbles echoed as Wang Lin’s right hand landed on the Nether Beast, forming a palm-sized Ancient Order rune .

“The outer seal is complete!! Now comes the inner seal, but I can’t enter that realm! Then the most difficult soul seal! Only after those three seals are complete can this beast become my ancient god life essence beast!”

The Nether Beast’s body suddenly trembled and an angry roar suddenly came from its body . The roar was like the spell of a third step cultivator, and it immediately suppressed the sound of the explosion . When they collided, an indescribable shockwave was formed!

This force quickly spread, and all the fog inside this star domain began to churn like crazy . If one looked from the outside, the fog was exploding outward at a rapid pace . It was like the disaster before the star domain collapses!

All the cultivators in Allheaven felt Allheaven tremble!

Wang Lin was the closest to the Nether Beast, and as the impact swept by him, he was forced back thousands of feet . Each step he took caused space to rumble and collapse beneath his feet, exposing an illusory net . This was the Realm Sealing Formation!!

The Nether Beast’s body trembled as its eyes opened and stared at Wang Lin . The two whiskers moved and roars came out from its mouth . Its huge body didn’t retreat, but instead, as it roared, its eyes revealed a fierce gaze and it smashed toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed . As he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, he let out a laugh . He didn’t retreat either and faced it head on as it smashed toward him .

“They all said that this beast’s personality is timid, that it would flee when it encountered an enemy . When I saw it back then, it was true, but for some reason it’s not escaping now!! This is good too!” Popping sounds came from Wang Lin’s body . The seven ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated rapidly and his body suddenly grew to more than ten thousand feet tall!

There was a thunderous bang as Wang Lin opened his arms and hugged the Nether Beast as it smashed into him . Wang Lin immediately felt a powerful force hit his body, causing him to cough out blood . At the same time, he was being pushed back!

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He was pushed back 10,000 feet!

However, the battle intent within Wang Lin became even stronger . His laughter echoed as his mouth locked onto the mouth of the Nether Beast and his roar echoed .

“This is more interesting! To compete with me in strength!” Wang Lin forced himself to stop and at this moment another powerful force came from the Nether Beast . The seven stars between Wang Lin’s eyebrows rotated rapidly and ancient god power filled his body . Not only did this stop him from being pushed back, but he took a step forward as he hugged the Nether Beast!

Space itself trembled and the fog roared . Wang Lin’s laughter spread and his eyes were bloodshot but filled with battle intent . After pushing the Nether Beast back one step, he took the second step!

A roar came from inside the Nether Beast as if couldn’t resist the ancient god power coming from Wang Lin . It continued to be pushed back!

Wang Lin moved faster and faster as he took step after step while roaring! 

100 feet, 500 feet, 1,000 feet… Until 10,000 feet!

No matter how much the hundred thousand feet Nether Beast struggled, it couldn’t break free from Wang Lin’s hands . After more than 10,000 feet, Wang Lin’s arm swelled and he raised the Nether Beast up before smashing it down!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the fog in the star domain was pushed back, creating an opening in the middle . The Nether Beast was thrown by Wang Lin and flew downwards .

A loud sound echoed and a panic roar came from the Nether Beast . Fear appeared in its eyes and it moved its whale like tail . It no longer dared to fight and after being thrown by Wang Lin it began to escape downwards .

“Become this god’s life beast and rampage in the world with his god!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up . The first palm he had sent out contained the aura of his life force, and it had already entered the body of the Nether Beast!

Seeing the Nether Beast flee, Wang Lin walked forward . However, just as he closed in on the Nether Beast, it suddenly turned around . The fear in its eyes disappeared and was replaced by a hint of wisdom!