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Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1504

Published at 20th of March 2019 03:23:27 PM

Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504 - Hunting Nether Beast (4)

Wang Lin’s words contained an indisputable force . The moment he spoke, his seven rotating stars landed on the Nether Beast’s mouth .

The first star shined brightly, then the second, third, and fourth stars also shined!

An ancient soul force came from the stars and entered Wang Lin’s mind .

When all seven stars lit up, the soul seal would be successful!

However, just at this moment, time passed . Ling Dong and Zhou Jin had already been devoured and there wasn’t enough time . The suction force appeared once more and Wang Lin’s body began to show signs of being inhaled!

Facing danger, Wang Lin let out a roar and mercilessly waved at the mysterious realm inside the Nether Beast .

As the howling echoed, all the Ancient Leaves flew out toward the black hole inside the mouth!

Thunderous rumbles echoed . When the suction force weakened, the fifth star shined!

However, as it flashed, the Ancient Leaves were sucked away by the black hole and the suction force increased more . There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes . He had already paid a great price . If he succeeded, Ling Dong and company would be fine, but if he failed, the price would be extremely heavy!

However, he had analyzed everything in detail before he bega, and everything was still within his calculations!

He was confident in lighting the last two stars!

When the suction force appeared once more, Wang Lin waved his sleeve . Behind him, the Moongazer Serpent’s large body appeared and flew toward the black hole!

In a flash, the Moongazer Serpent blocked the black hole . As it was sucked in, it was able to buy Wang Lin enough time!

The sixth star lit up!

The seventh star shined brightly!!

The seven stars in the Nether Beast’s soul mouth shined brightly, and as they rotated, the soul seal was complete!

The outer real, the soul seal, and the internal seal, Wang Lin had completed two of them and only needed one more! After the ancient god stars finished the seal, they returned to Wang Lin .

However, just at this moment, a shocking changed occurred!

A shocking ray of seven-colored light came from the Nether Beast’s sealed soul . This seven-colored light was monstrous and soon shrouded the surrounding area!

When Wang Lin saw the seven-colored light, even he was startled for a moment!

“Seven colors!!”

The seven-colored light swept across the star domain . As it spread out from the Nether Beast’s soul, it also covered the Nether Beast’s body! As the seven-colored light spread out, an indescribable force came from inside the Nether Beast .

At the same time, Wang Lin’s seal on the Nether Beast’s body began to dissipate . Under the impact of the seven-colored light, a majority of it was swept away, leaving only a sliver remaining . But even that was about to disappear .

The 7-star soul seal that was placed on the mouth immediately became dim . It was as if seven candle flames we re struggling in the wind and could be extinguished at any moment!

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In a flash, three star seals extinguished!

This sudden change was outside Wang Lin’s expectations . He couldn’t have expected this Nether Beast to have the power of the seven-colored light!!

Seven colors, seven colors!!

The seven-colored light flashed rapidly and became even stronger . Phantoms began to float out from the mouth of the Nether Beast!

“Enlightened, prisoner of the dao of heaven, all sentient beings must endure immeasurable calamities . It only takes a thought to leave the deep prison . Await the path of cultivation…” A hum came from the phantoms that floated out from the Nether Beast’s mouth .

“Enlightened, all life must walk forever forward and solve the modern age . Escape the will of heaven and obtain the path to life . Await the path of cultivation…

“Enlightened, seal the will of the heavens . Engrave the dark days . All life doesn’t know the true dao . The bitter abyss forever distorts the true dao . Await the path of cultivation…” More and more figures appeared surrounding the Nether Beast and soon surrounded the area!

“Enlightened Ones!!!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he vaguely understood something .

He understood why the Nether Beast hadn’t escape and why its personality had reversed!

He understood why the Nether Beast would leave behind excretions inside the fog!

He understood why the Nether Beast was so cunning and there was even wisdom in its eyes!

He understood why seven-colored light would erupt from its soul after he sealed most of it!

“It actually devoured a Seven-Colored Realm over the last thousand years!!!” Wang Lin was shocked and he didn’t dare to believe it .

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His guess wasn’t wrong . In truth, after Wang Lin appeared, the Nether Beast wandered through the fog . It was timid, and although it was extremely powerful, any random fierce beast was able to scare it away .

However, it had obviously forgotten the pressure emitting from its body that made no beast or cultivator dare get near it . As it moved, all the surrounding beasts scattered .

As it wandered, the Nether Beast remained in a foggy state . It didn’t have enough intelligence and had spent most of its life sleeping . Even during the occasional moment it was awake, it would be in a daze .

However, after Wang Lin left with the Chosen Immortal Clan, the Nether Beast awakened . It suddenly felt hunger, but it was afraid to leave the fog, so it could only wander around slowly within the fog .

After an unknown amount of time, a giant spatial rift appeared before it . Bursts of seven-colored light came from the rift and shined in its eyes .

At this moment, an embarrassed figure stepped out from the rift . The clothes on this figure were in tatters, and before he even got a good look at his surroundings, he began to laugh like crazy .

“I finally came out . I finally came out of that damned place . This old man is finally free…” However, he suddenly stopped before he finished speaking . The figure obviously saw the giant Nether Beast before it and felt the terrifying pressure .

His appearance startled the Nether Beast as well . The man and beast stared at each other for a short while before cold sweat filled that person’s forehead . His face turned pale and he let out a blood-curdling scream!

When it heard the scream, the timid Nether Beast finally reacted and thunderous rumbles came from its body!

This roar was an extremely terrifying thing to hear for anyone, but in truth, it was a scream of fear after being scared by that figure .

The figure trembled and returned into the seven-colored rift without hesitation, escaping back into the Seven-Colored Realm . Only that frenzied scream seemed to echo among the fog .

The Nether Beast also retreated as it roared in panic, and it retreated very far . It stared at the seven-colored rift with fear in its eyes; it was completely frightened… First, it was the appearance of the seven-colored rift, then it was the person that suddenly appeared, and finally that person let out that mournful scream before it could react, making it lose its wits… After a long time, the Nether Beast saw that no one was chasing it and began to hesitate . The small amount of guts it had returned, and after thinking for a long long time, it carefully returned to stared at the seven-colored rift in a daze .

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It didn’t know why, but it liked the seven colors a lot . Otherwise, with how timid it was, it wouldn’t have returned .

It was in a daze for 100 years . This Nether Beast stared at the seven-colored rift in a daze for 100 years as if it was pondering .

After 100 years, it still couldn’t understand how the rift had appeared or what it was . However, the seven colors made it feel very happy, so it was unwilling to leave and remained in a daze .

However, after it was in a daze for a dozen more years, another accident occurred… The Nether Beast’s eyes were thousands of feet wide, and one of them was less than 10 feet away from the spatial rift… It was as if it wanted to see what was inside the rift .

The person that came out of the rift seemed to have struggled for 100 years and finally gained the courage to carefully poke his head out .

His hair was scattered and his body was thin; he looked extremely miserable . Because the Nether Beast was too close, his vision was blurry, but when his vision became clear, his face became pale and he let out that miserable scream once more!

“You… You’re still here!! You waited here for 100 years!!” the person screamed as he retreated back into the Seven-Colored Realm .

This sudden change scared the Nether Beast once more . However, its memory seemed more profound, so it only retreated one hundred thousand feet . It waited for a long time, and after seeing nothing come out of the rift, it couldn’t endure its love for the seven-colored light any longer . It carefully moved closer and continued to stare at the seven-colored rift in a daze .

Time slowly passed, 200 years, 300 years… . 500 years… Until one day, the Nether Beast felt hunger, but it was unwilling to leave . After pondering a bit, it opened its mouth and devoured the seven-colored rift!

Suction force appeared and the space the seven-colored realm existed in was devoured into the realm inside the Nether Beast .

Although Wang Lin didn’t know the entire process, he could guess the process and the result . As the murmurs of the Enlightened Ones came from inside the Nether Beast, a rumble came from its mouth and a giant, stone tablet appeared!

Scarlet red blood was used to carve sections of dao scripture onto the stone tablet!