Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1506

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Chapter 1506

Chapter 1506 - Life Essence Beast!

This palm contained Wang Lin’s determination . His desire was to make the Nether Beast his life essence beast no matter what . The seal on the Nether Beast’s head that was about to dissipate was immediately filled with new strength .

In an flash, the seal gave off a bright light . Not only did it reform, but it was even 30% stronger than before!

When the Nether Beast was about to open its mouth, Wang Lin let out a roar at the sky . His eyes were red as he reached toward the sky!

A giant whip tens of thousands of feet long appeared in this refined star domain! When Wang Lin grabbed the whip, earth-shattering snapping sounds echoed . The whip grew until it was hundreds of thousands of feet long!

From afar, this whip looked to be as long as the Nether Beast . The scene of it dancing in the stars was extremely shocking!

The moment the whip appeared, Wang Lin waved his hand and the whip lashed out at the Nether Beast!

Soul Lasher!

When the Soul Lasher landed on the Nether Beast, it created a thunderous bang, and a muffled roar came from its body . Its body trembled and its soul showed signs of the leaving its body! However, it was able to withstand it!

Wang Lin didn’t stop at all . The Soul Lasher seemed to contain Wang Lin’s madness, and it lashed out eight times!

Adding the lash from before, it was a total of nine hits . Thunderous rumbles echoed and the Nether Beast could no longer withstand it . Its timid nature appeared in its eyes once more and its soul was forced out from its body!

However, this soul was just like the tip of the iceberg . Although the Nether Beast felt fear, it knew that it was ub a moment of crisis, so it struggled to move its soul back into its body!

How could Wang Lin let it succeed? His hand waved and popping sounds echoed across the star domain . It was impossible to even see the shadow of the Soul Lasher as it lashed toward the Nether Beast!

The 19th lash, 30th lash, 50th lash… Until 99 lashes!

When the final 100th lash landed, the Soul Lasher shined brightly . It began to collapse, and a golden light as bright as the sun came from the Soul Lasher!

When the Nether Beast was covered by this light, it could no longer struggle . Its soul was forced out of its body and appeared among the stars!

The Nether Beast’s soul was only a giant mouth that could devour the world . Before it could open its mouth, Wang Lin closed in . His seven ancient god stars rotated rapidly and shot toward the soul mouth!

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the seven stars pierced through the Nether Beast’s mouth and fused with the last remaining shining star!

At this instant, the soul seal recovered to seven bright stars from just one .

The soul seal was completed once more!

However, it wasn’t over yet . Out of the three seals, there was still the flesh and body seal! Wang Lin pressed down on the soul and it returned to the Nether Beast’s body .

At the same time, Wang Lin sank down and borrowed the power of the 800 million feet of star domain he had refined . Before the Nether Beast could open its mouth on its own, Wang Lin grabbed its mouth and all his ancient god power poured into his hands .

He mercilessly tore it open!

There was a realm inside the Nether Beast, and it would appear if it opened its mouth willingly . However, if someone were to force its mouth to open, that realm wouldn’t appear and the inside of its body would be revealed!

Wang Lin mercilessly opened the Nether Beast’s mouth a sliver . The roar that was gathering inside escaped and collided with Wang Lin .

The roar blew Wang Lin’s hair back and was attempting to push him away .

However, Wang Lin’s body wasn’t pushed back at all . After opening the Nether Beast’s mouth, he jerked his hands and quickly retracted them . Then his hands created countless restrictions that contained the aura of the Ancient Order, and a restriction storm shot into the Nether Beast’s mouth .

It went into the body of the Nether Beast and headed toward its organs, blood vessels, bones, and everything inside it!

Large amounts of restrictions rushed into the Nether Beast like crazy, sealing everything . In just a few breaths, the Nether Beast was completely sealed!

After doing all of this, Wang Lin stepped back 1,000 feet and his face turned red . Everything happened in a flash, and even he felt stressed .

Now that he had retreated, he coldly looked at the Nether Beast that had been sealed by the three seals!

“Today, as a royal 7-star ancient god, with my Ancient Order heritance, I declare this beast my life essence beast!

“Nether Beast, become my life essence beast!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at the Nether Beast .

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The Nether Beast’s body trembled violently as all three seals activated at once and a ghostly started shining around it . The struggle in its eyes gradually disappeared and was replaced with a sense of gentleness .

After 15 minutes, the Nether Beast no longer struggled . It silently floated there and lowered its head toward Wang Lin .

A connection of the flesh appeared in Wang Lin’s heart . It was an inexplicable feeling, it was as if this Nether Beast had become a part of him .

The moment this feeling appeared, a powerful sense of vitality and an ancient aura rushed into Wang Lin’s mind from the Nether Beast through some special method .

It was as if he had become the Nether Beast . The memories of the Nether Beast filled Wang Lin’s mind . At this moment, popping sounds echoed from his body and his ancient god body began to rapidly expand .

The vitality from inside the Nether Beast was extremely powerful . As it rushed into Wang Lin’s body, it caused his body to swell to 10,000 feet, 15,000 feet, 20,000 feet… . 30,000 feet . Only when he reached 60,000 feet did he stop expanding .

A 60,000-foot-tall ancient god appeared among the stars!

Wang Lin clenched his large fist and looked ahead . His ancient god power cycled through his body and his powerful vitality filled him with confidence .

“No wonder Tu Si’s memories said that only after possessing a life essence beast and giving birth to a Moongazer Serpent can one truly be considered an ancient god… Although I don’t have any Moongazer Serpents, just this life essence beast already allows my body to reach this level!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his 60,000 foot body shrank rapidly . As popping sounds echoed, he returned to the size of an ordinary cultivator . However, his appearance was very different from before!

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He still had a head of white hair . Although he looked like a young man, he now looked a lot younger . There was also an illusion around his body . Aside from third step cultivators, in the eyes of everyone else, Wang Lin was like a hazy soul without a physical body!

He raised his head and looked at the Nether Beast . He knew all of the Nether Beast’s memories . The Nether Beast had spent most of its time sleeping, and the few memories it had acquired were chaotic . This was especially true for its birth; it didn’t even know how it was created .

The only clear memory was the memory of the Seven-Colored Realm .

Wang Lin pondered and a sliver of divine sense entered Nether Beast . Its eyes opened and it slowly opened its mouth like a hiccup . Esteemed Ling Dong was thrown out . He was in a sorry state and there was still fear in his eyes .

After Ling Dong, Zhou Jin and the Ancient Leaves were spat out .

Finally, the giant Moongazer Serpent was coming . The Nether Beast’s mouth continued to widen until it was like a giant black hole, and the Moongazer Serpent was spat out . It quickly grew until it returned to its original size .

Wang Lin put Zhou Jin and Ling Dong back into the Emperor Furnace and then put it away inside his first star . Then he put everything else away and he frowned as he looked at the Nether Beast .

“This Nether Beast’s memory is a mess, and during its hunger, it inhaled a bit too hard while devouring the Seven-Colored Realm . It broke some barriers and devoured something it shouldn’t have… This is simply too strange… How did it devour a dao fruit…” Wang Lin pressed his right hand down on the Nether Beast while pondering .

The Nether Beast’s body trembled and seven-colored light came out from its mouth . Its mouth slowly opened and an orange-colored fruit hundreds of feet large slowly floated out… Dao fruit!!

The aura of dao intent spread out with the appearance of the dao fruit . As Wang Lin stared at the orange dao fruit, his eyes lit up .

“My karma, life and death, and true and false essences are all extremely difficult to complete . All three are dao, and if I get several of these fruits… . I might be able to complete these three essences!” Wang Lin waved his right hand and put away the orange dao fruit .

Without the dao fruit, the wisdom inside the Nether Beast no longer existed and it slowly became dull . It looked at Wang Lin in a daze… Now it looked like it did in the past, when it was staring at the Seven-Colored Realm . Its mind was muddled again, but it had absorbed some of the dao fruit, so it had gained some intelligence . Although still hazy, it was much smarter than before .