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Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1509

Published at 19th of March 2019 06:38:03 AM

Chapter 1509: 1509

Chapter 1509 - This Battle!!

In the rank 9 region of the Cloud Sea, the Ghost Sect!

The Ghost Sect was extremely mysterious within the Cloud Sea, and their disciples rarely went out . At this moment, there was an old man in closed door cultivation inside the Ghost Sect .

This old man was wearing a green robe, his expression was gloomy, and he was surrounded by ghostly flames . This made him look extremely gloomy .

Just as he was cultivating, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked ahead . Smoke appeared and turned into a cloud crane .

“Ghost Sect’s Great Void, I’m willing to give 500 million yin and yang disciples to the Demon Sect if you act once!”

At the same time, Daoist Water’s sixth jade set off a monstrous wave inside the Inner Realm!

All the powerful cultivators in the four star systems that were preparing for battle received the information in the jade . Some were familiar with his name and some had just heard it for the first time, but his name instantly spread across the Inner Realm!

The Heaven Defying Bead had reappeared!!

This matter was enough to make anyone who knew go crazy! At this critical moment of preparing for the war, Daoist Water had moved everyone’s hearts!

Who could continue to prepare for war? Although most people didn’t know about the Heaven Defying Bead, the other three things Daoist Water had promised were enough to move them!

Daoist Water’s words were filled with righteousness! Wang Lin was the dog of the Outer Realm, so it was right to kill him! The message also contained Wang Lin’s appearance . Although it was from hundreds of years ago, it was enough for others to recognize him!

Very few people knew Wang Lin . The disbelief of a few people was insignificant against this movement!

In the Summoned River Star System, on a planet filled with spiritual energy, there was a mountain that pierced the clouds . At the top of the mountain sat a woman in purple . Her body was illusory and you couldn’t see her appearance . Her silk-like hair extended to her waist and scattered down .

She originally had her eyes closed, but at this moment, she slowly opened her eyes . Her eyes were as bright as the stars, but there was a hint of gloominess within them .

“Wang Lin… The Sovereign’s pawn…”

In Summoned River, there was a man wearing green moving through the stars . He had a lazy look and he was yawning . He muttered as he moved,

“That thing Uncle-Master mentioned should be in Summoned River, but where exactly is it…”

Just at this moment, the middle aged man’s expression changed as if he had felt something, and a strange expression appeared on his face .

“Isn’t this Wang Lin that little fellow from back then… Interesting, interesting!”

In the Alliance Star System, in the sealed Rain Celestial Realm, Qing Lin opened his eyes . After pondering for a moment, he carefully recalled his time with Wang Lin .

After a long time, there was a sliver of coldness in his eyes and his right hand reached out . The Rain Celestial Realm rumbled and drops of rain gathered toward Qing Lin . Soon, they condensed into a token made of rain .

This scene disturbed Situ Nan . The moment he opened his eyes, he seemed to hear something . His expression suddenly changed and he was filled with anger!

“Damn it, what kind of bastard dares to say my brother is spy? This old man gave him the Heaven Defying Bead; doesn’t that to say I’m a spy as well? What bastard dared to say this? I’m not going to let him go!” Situ Nan stood up in anger .

Qing Lin’s gaze swept past Situ Nan and he shouted, “Sit down! Teacher will deal with this! Also, that Daoist Water isn’t a bastard, he is the slave of my teacher!”

Situ Nan stared at Qing Lin, but he wasn’t shaken by Qing Lin’s words but sneered . “Although you are my teacher, he is my brother . I know everything about him . I helped him step onto the path of cultivation! He helped awaken you and you still don’t believe in him!” 

“It’s not that Teacher doesn’t believe… But that Sovereign…” Qing Lin had a complicated expression, and after a moment of silence, he sent out a divine sense message in the rain token .

“Wang Lin is my disciple . Who dares to hurt him?!” This divine sense spread out from the Rain Celestial Realm and spread out across the Alliance . It continued to spread out endlessly .

In the Cloud Sea, in the valley the man in red was in, Master Lu Fu was also there . He respectfully stood there with the people of the Demon Sect .

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The man in red carefully listened to Master Lu Fu . Although he was calm, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes .

“What a good Seven-Colored Realm! What a good Sovereign!!”

However, just at this moment, everyone in the valley heard the divine sense message from the God Sect that had spread across the Inner Realm!


“Wang Lin would never become the Sovereign’s pawn!”

“Back then, the Lord of the Sealed Realm personally said to let Wang Lin lead the Inner Realm to resist against the invasion!” Master Lu Fu and the sect master of the Demon Sect’s expressions suddenly changed .

The coldness in the eyes of the man in red became even stronger and he revealed a smile .

“I, Master Hong Shan, didn’t want to waste his cultivation before the war . . . But since he is courting death… Eh!” The man in red looked into the distance, and the coldness in his eyes was slowly replaced with admiration .

“Since that little fellow has gone himself, let’s see how good the Lord of the Sealed Realm’s judgement is… After all, its their own internal affair!”

In the rank 7 region of the Cloud Sea, the branches of the God Sect charged out toward the Origin Sect that had lived in peace for hundreds of years! The Origin Sect couldn’t resist at all and soon all the members were captured . They were quickly transported to the rank 9 God Sect .

The God Sect only needed to send out one order and these disciple would kill everyone in the Origin Sect!

Lu Yanfei was among everyone, but she remained silent and was very calm . She had speculated long ago that this day might come, but she felt no regrets . Not only her, but everyone in the Origin Sect felt the same!

Without Lu Zihao or without Wang Lin, there would be no Origin Sect today!

Inside the Heaven Breaking Sect, the sect master dragged his old body out and looked at the sect with a complicated expression . Then he gradually calmed down and flew toward the God Sect .

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Inside the God Sect, Mu Bingmei opened her eyes inside the formation . She then waved her jade-like hand . A pill appeared in her hand . Daoist Water had helped her restore her cultivation hundreds of years ago, but the price was to take this pill at the appropriate time!

Mu Beingmei always kept her promises . She looked at the pill for a long, long time…

Under Daoist Water’s order, the disciples of the God Sect quickly gathered toward the God Sect . All transfer arrays opened for them to return in a short period of time . More than 10,000 disciples had gathered!

These 10,000 disciples gathered and began to form the Nine Heaven Destruction Formation that was originally prepared for the battle against the Outer Realm!

In the Cloud Sea Star System, Wang Lin moved forward with a monstrous chill in his eyes . He didn’t know what Daoist Water was doing, but he had clearly heard the divine sense message in the sixth jade .

Wang Lin pondered as he moved, and the killing intent building up inside him became stronger and stronger!

As he moved forward, his killing intent almost became solid and turned to frost . At first the frost was only 10,000 feet wide . Even the fog around him crackled and was frozen!

“After killing Daoist Water I’ll have some peace!” Wang Lin stepped forward while remaining calm . However, there was a heaven-shaking storm hidden under this calmness!

He had to kill Daoist Water!

There was no intent of refining him into a salve . Some people were not worthy of being a slave, they could only be killed!

Everything that happened and everything that Li Qianmei had done for him was all due to Daoist Water! If he hadn’t gone after Wang Lin’s Heaven Defying Bead, none of those things would have happened!

As Wang Lin moved forward, the killing intent coming from his body was monstrous . The 10,000 feet area of frost had become 100,000 feet! All the fog that got close to him turned to ice!

Looking from afar, everywhere Wang Lin passed turned into a world of ice! He didn’t have a water essence, so he couldn’t form real ice . However, he had the heart of a killer and the need for revenge . In his life, he always adhered to the principle that as long as others don’t offend him, he wouldn’t offend them, but if they offended him, he would kill them!

Just like the nine drops of blood he had condensed before Master Lu Fu, those nine drops of blood contained Wang Lin’s principle in life!

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He wasn’t a noble gentleman nor a shameless villain . He was not straightforward and upright, nor was he sinister and despicable . He was Wang Lin, and he only hoped to not do anything he couldn’t live with in this world!

If anyone dared to defy that principle, then he would kill! Kill! Kill!

As he moved through the Cloud Sea, the frost continued to expand until it was 50,000 feet, 100,000 feet wide!

Ice was everywhere, freezing the star system . Wang Lin charged toward the depths of the Cloud Sea, where the rank 9 God Sect was located!

As he charged, Wang Lin’s killing intent went through a strange change . This change happened unknowingly and no one knew how it changed . This change caused a sliver of essence to appear inside his killing intent!!

Slaughter essence!! Everything in this world could become essence, but the slaughter essence was extremely difficult to form . It wasn’t just killing a lot; the bizarre change required was something that others still hadn’t comprehended yet .

As Wang Lin stepped forward, he moved faster and faster . Cracking sounds echoed as he froze everything and entered the depths of the Cloud Sea . The rank 9 region!

With one step, all the fog in the rank 9 region rumbled and turned into ice . Wang Lin’s body appeared outside the God Sect!!

“Daoist Water!” His cold voice was heaven-shaking and spread across the Cloud Sea like thunder!

“You have colluded with the Outer Realm and rebelled against your lord . Back then, the Lord of the Sealed Realm couldn’t bear to kill you, but I came here on the order of the Lord of the Sealed Realm to kill his slave on his behalf!!”

Wang Lin’s voice was like the might of the heavens and shook the world!

This battle had too many people watching!

This battle had the divine senses of countless powerful cultivators watching, and the will of many third step cultivators arrived!

This battle would make Wang Lin famous in the Inner Realm!!