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Renegade Immortal - Chapter 293

Published at 3rd of January 2017 08:46:43 AM

Chapter 293

Chapter 293 – The Celestial Gate Opens

Another year passed . In that time, Wang Lin had made eight wood carvings . These eight wood carvings were exactly the same; they were all carvings of the old man with the passing of time domain .

Along with the one he had made many years ago, he now owned a total of nine .

Red veins were coursing through these wood carvings, but none of them ever touched each other .

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm . If he activates these nine wood carvings, he should be able to activate the power of the passing of time domain, but it would be a slightly weaker than the old man’s .

He put away the wood carvings, took deep breath, and began to cultivate as he waited for the day the Celestial Gate opens .

Time slowly passed and several years went by .

Outside the cave, the seasons passed, and one day, the originally clear day was filled with colorful rays of light . Many oppressive illusions appeared in these rays of light .

There was man or woman appearing in these illusions, but they wore very different clothes than those worn in Suzaku . Some were talking, some were laughing, some were using techniques, and some were flying through mountains .

There were some never before seen beasts that would appear and disappear . Sometimes, even the legendary dragon and phoenix would appear .

The same scene appeared in many locations across Suzaku . There was a cultivator with a Rain Cauldron in the places where this scene appeared .

At this moment, in a rank 4 country in the southeastern part of Suzaku, a giant of the Giant Demon Sect held a Rain Cauldron in his hand . He had a face that looked ancient . His body slowly rose, and as he floated up, his body slowly turned into that of an ordinary person’s .

Below him, the elders of the Giant Demon Sect all had a very serious expressions .

“All of you, rest assured; with the sect’s treasure, I’ll definitely obtain a lot of celestial spiritual energy!” This person’s voice was filled with confidence .

At the northeastern end of Suzaku, in a mountain, a young man wearing beast skin was looking up at the sky . He too held a Rain Cauldron in his hand . He let out an evil smile, then floated into the sky .

Below him, a black mass suddenly appeared . It released a loud hum . If one looked closely, they would see that this black mass was composed of small bugs that were only about the size of a thumb nail .

At the southwestern part of Suzaku, a middle-aged man stood on a tower looking at the sky with a melancholy expression and said, “Ting Er, the Celestial Gate has opened again . I’ll definitely get you more celestial jades so that your body will be preserved for another 1000 years . ”

With that, his body floated into the air . His giant hand reached out below him and grabbed at the tower . The giant tower floated up and shrank until it was in his hand, then he walked into the illusion .

At the northwestern part of Suzaku, in the headquarters of the Corpse Sect, an old man with white hair floated into the sky . He let out a sigh and said, “What kind of difficult task is this? How could the corpse of a celestial be easy to get? This body of mine is going to be put to work…”

At the center of Suzaku was a place that was surrounded by the sea . This entire continent belonged to the only rank 6 cultivation country on the planet, Suzaku . At this moment in Suzaku, on a large altar in the center of the country, sat a snow fairy-like woman . She looked up into the sky .

Behind her followed seven old people .

“After I leave, the seven of you quickly return to Xue Yu . ” This woman’s voice was calm, and after saying that, her body slowly floated into the air .

At this moment, Wang Lin, who was inside the cave, opened his eyes for the first time in several years and muttered, “The Celestial Gate has finally opened . ” His body disappeared from the cave . When it reappeared, he was in the air .

There was now something extra in his hand . It was the Rain Cauldron .

The moment the Rain Cauldron appeared, it started to shine brightly, then it melted and became a sliver of celestial spiritual energy, which then carried Wang Lin toward the illusion .

The celestial realm was broken and the ancient celestials were dead . The entire celestial realm was broken into pieces in the catastrophe that happened a long time ago .

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The Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning celestial realms each covered four different star systems, so whenever a celestial realm opens, cultivators from various planets will go inside it .

However, the celestial realms had broken into many pieces, so there wasn’t a high chance for them all to land on the same piece .

Right now, in a rank 2 cultivation country, a messy-looking old man was eating a chicken leg while chuckling . “It has opened . If you properly use the straw hat that this old man gave you, you can preserve your life . You might die there if you don’t . ”

Wang Lin was surrounded by the sliver of celestial spiritual energy as he floated higher and higher up . The country below him became smaller and smaller and he got the same feeling as when he first experienced searching for his domain .

However, it wasn’t just his divine sense but his entire body this time .

Eventually, he saw the ground below him and the sea around the ground . Everything became smaller and smaller until he felt a thick layer of clouds above his head .

This layer of clouds contained limitless power, and the pressure it gave felt like it could crush anything in the world .

However, as the pressure bore down on Wang Lin, the energy around him glowed and a hole opened up in the clouds for Wang Lin to pass through .

As he passed through the clouds, he felt a sense of danger . The passage was very small and it felt like he could easily touch the clouds if he stretched his legs . However, he knew that the moment he touches the clouds, the power inside the clouds would enter him and destroy him .

This was the power of the heavens .

Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes lit up . He wondered what would happen if his main body was here . Would his main body, which had gone through two ancient god transformations, be able to withstand this pressure?

This was a question that will remain without an answer unless his tests it out with his main body .

Soon, under the guidance of the power of the celestial energy, he left the clouds . After he left, he finally relaxed a bit, but his heart began to pound

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What he saw was the real outer space .

He had seen space many times through the ancient god’s memories and when he was searching for his domain, but this was the first time he had experienced it in person .

This feeling was very different from before .

The vast space and the bright stars gave Wang Lin the feeling that he could go anywhere he wished .

He lowered his head and saw that Suzaku was now a large sphere, but as he went higher, it became smaller and smaller…

“So it’s like this…” Wang Lin seemed to realized something .

Just at this moment, five pillars of light flew out from Suzaku . Three of them were also looking at the planet as if they had realized something .

Wang Lin felt the the celestial energy around him moving him closer to the other five people until they formed a hexagon .

The distance between them wasn’t large, but it couldn’t be consider small either .

Wang Lin was able to immediately see that the only woman among the five was the genius of Xue Yu who had managed to reach the late stage of Soul Formation in only 100 years, Red Butterfly .

His expression was calm as his gaze calmly swept past them . It was within his calculations that Red Butterfly would appear, and she had never seen his true appearance before .

As for the other four, one of them looked very powerful . He was not wearing a shirt, revealing his shocking muscles . He almost didn’t look like a cultivator; he was more like a mortal martial artist .

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However, between this person’s eyebrows was the shape of an axe that appeared and disappeared .

After seeing this axe, Wang Lin was able to confirm that this person must be from the Giant Demon Clan and that his position in the clan must be pretty high as well .

Another person looked like a youth, but his eyes revealed bloodlust and ruthlessness . Wang Lin withdrew his gaze after one look . This person’s aura felt similar to his main body’s but slightly weaker .

If his main body was here, he would be able to pressure this person with killing intent alone .

What caused Wang Lin’s pupil’s to shrink were the last two, especially the white-haired old man . This person’s eyes were closed . He had a hand behind his back and showed no expression on his face . However, this person gave off this carefree feeling . It was like he was taking a stroll in his own back yard right now .

This person suddenly opened his eyes as Wang Lin looked at him and faintly smiled at Wang Lin .

Wang Lin looked at this person for a while before moving his gaze to the last person .

This person looked middle-aged . He had a gourd in his hand and he occasionally drank from it . His eyes were devoid of everything . It was like nothing could bother him . He didn’t show any reaction when Wang Lin looked at him .

Wang Lin took a deep breath . Every one of these five people were powerful .

As Wang Lin observed the five of them, the other four, besides the middle aged man that was drinking, also looked at each other . However, no one talked the entire time .

Wang Lin suddenly realized that he had unknowingly become an expert on Suzaku . The fact that he was able to leave the planet and go to the celestial realm proved this .

Aside from the the old man and the middle-aged man, the other three didn’t underestimate him at all . They were actually on guard against him .

Wang Lin let out a faint smile . At this moment, he felt very proud . Who would’ve thought that the little boy from the mountain village would be able to get this far?

Recalling the past, Wang Lin could say that every step he took contained a life and death situation .