Renegade Immortal - Chapter 520

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Chapter 520


Chapter 520 – East Demon Spirit Sea


Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s eyes lit up and he pointed at the East Sea . The four illusionary swords behind his back trembled and then shot toward the East Sea .

There were four heaven-shaking rumbles as the four swords began to spin like crazy, forming a vortex at the center of the sea . The four swords were each like a never ending vortex; they created four points and then suddenly tore open an uneven opening!

Waves of green and red came from the entrance along with ghost-like wails .

This opening looked like it led to nothing, but when one looked closer, they would see that there was more to it deep inside!

“The gate to the East Demon Spirit Sea is now open . Anyone that is going to enter, do so quickly!” Although Sword Saint Ling Tianhou only said a few words, they were filled with killing intent .

After he finished speaking, the 12 Swords turned into 12 rays of sharp light and charged directly toward the entrance .

The 12 people all went into the entrance, and as the last one stepped in, the Sword Saint’s eyes narrowed . He flicked his finger and a ray of sword energy shot out toward the last disciple .

“Here is a ray of sword energy from me for the 12 of you to use as your life saving spell!” At the moment Ling Tianhou said this, the ray of sword energy was respectfully received by the last disciple . He bowed toward the Sword Saint and then walked inside .

Greed had already disappeared from behind Ling Tianhou . He had turned into that last ray of sword energy and disappeared into the gate of the East Demon Spirit Sea along with the 12 Swords .

The All-Seer’s eyes were calm as he gave Ling Tianhou a meaningful look and said, “Disciples of the Heavenly Fate Sect, go inside!”

Along with Wang Lin, the 10 of them replied . They immediately got up and flew toward the entrance .

However, Wang Lin’s speed slowed down a bit, and he didn’t go in first . He waited for the others to go in first and then walked inside .

After the Da Lou Sword Sect and Heavenly Fate Sect disciples had entered, the disciples of the famous sects and old monsters all flew toward the entrance .

Yao Xixue, who was on the blood jade, pondered a bit before clenching her teeth and charging toward the entrance .

For half an hour, people continued to enter the gate . Among the hundreds of people that entered, there were disciples of some very famous old monsters .

Half an hour later, Sword Saint Ling Tianhou waved his hand and the four vortexes that created the opening shook . Then they stopped spinning and turned into four rays of sword energy and flew back to Ling Tianhou, becoming four flashing illusionary swords once more .

As the four swords disappeared, a large amount of green and red light leaked from the opening . In almost the blink of an eye, the opening disappeared without a trace .

The surrounding cultivators had almost all scattered, and even those that hadn’t left yet slowly scattered as well . Soon, there was only a handful of cultivators left outside the East Demon Spirit Sea .

All of these cultivators were famous old monsters, and they all had high cultivation levels . They all knew each other, and the only reason they hadn’t left was due to the item inside that last ray of red light .

This matter involved a big secret of planet Tian Yun . Everyone here was silent and no one spoke .

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Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the All-Seer and shouted, “All-Seer, the item in that last ray of red light was a token!”

The All-Seer’s eyes were calm as he looked at the sword saint and then at the surrounding old friends, then he faintly smiled and said, “That is correct . It is a token, and it is the third one! I didn’t think that this opening of the East Demon Spirit Sea would have brought the token we all have been waiting for . Now that the token is inside the East Demon Spirit Sea, we don’t have to worry . The East Demon Spirit Sea opens once every 5,000 years, and the disciples test themselves inside for 500 years . As a result, we will meet here again in 200 years and then we will go in there again . I believe everyone has heard about what happened before, so I hope everyone is well prepared . I think 200 years is enough time for everyone to be fully prepared!”

After the All-Seer finished speaking, he clasped his hands at everyone before waving his sleeves and taking a step into the void . His body slowly disappeared into the void .

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou let out a snort as he turned around to give the East Demon Spirit Sea a meaningful look before stepping onto a ray of sword energy and disappearing .

After the two of them, the remaining famous old monsters all had various thoughts as they formed groups of three to five and left .

The area of outside the East Demon Spirit Sea now returned to the peaceful state it was in before . The sea of floating stuff slowly moved and gave off a mysterious aura .

Red and green continued to flash within the sea .

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou turned into a ray of sword energy as he charged through the void . The location of the Da Lou Sword Sect was not on planet Tian Yun nor one of the five planets orbiting it but on a large planet that was dragged here by Ling Tianhou .

Although this planet couldn’t beat Tian Yun, it was much larger than the five planets orbiting Tian Yun . This planet also had dense spiritual energy and was very suitable for cultivators .

The Da Lou Sword Sect was established here by him!

This planet was named Da Lou by Ling Tianhou!

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Ling Tianhou moved extremely fast as he broke through the planet’s atmosphere . He went directly to his closed door cultivation location at the eastern part of the planet .

“I must use these 200 years of time to refine the celestial sword . I’ll fuse nine demonic beast spirits into one to refine this celestial sword into a demonic sword . At that time, my chance of obtaining the token will increase by one fold . ” Sword saint Ling Tianhou’s eyes lit up and he disappeared into his personal building .

As for the All-Seer, when he returned to planet Tian Yun, he immediately went into the seven-colored tower on top of the three mountains . He sat inside the tower and had several black beast bones around him .

These beast bones were extremely smooth and shiny; they also gave off an evil aura .

“My disciple Wang Lin is a person of great fortune… I just don’t know how much fortune he has left…” The All-Seer’s expression was normal as his right reached out and all the beast bones flew into his grasp, then the scattered them all on the ground .

The All-Seer’s eyes lit up . He carefully looked at the bones and gradually revealed a faint smile .

The inside of the gate to the East Demon Spirit Sea was in complete chaos . It can be said that this place was its own realm!

Perhaps there were people here who knew how big this place was, but Wang Lin was clearly not one of them . After he stepped through the gate, he felt like he had walked through water and entered the depths of an ocean . Before him was a vast wasteland .

This place had a sky, ground, and even sea, but this wasn’t a cultivation planet .

There was no one around Wang Lin’s current location; the only thing around him was an endless wasteland . The other nine people of the Heavenly Fate Sect were all split apart when they entered the gate . Right now he had no idea where they were .

“This East Demon Spirit Sea is completely different from anywhere else I have been before . This place is more like the mortal world rather than some place with lot of treasures hidden . ” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he spread out his divine sense and flew into the sky .

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“I guess the other people that entered were forcibly separated by the gate like me and will survive in the East Demon Spirit Sea by themselves… Sun Yunshan once said that the trip to the East Demon Spirit Sea lasts for 500 years . That means I’ll have to stay here for 500 years…” Wang Lin remained calm as he continued to fly and ponder .

“500 years of time for mortals is several generations, but for cultivators, it is just the flick of a finger . However, in these 500 years, I have a lot of things to do…

“I must reach the major completion of the Celestial Slaughter Art; this is priority number one! Also, even if Tuo Sen breaks free, he would never be able to guess that I’m here, so that gives me an extra 500 years…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he revealed a faint smile .

Earlier, he heard from Sun Yunshan that once one enters the East Demon Spirit Sea, they must stay inside for 500 years . After hearing that, he decided that he absolutely had to enter the East Demon Spirit Sea .

It has to be said that the person Wang Lin dreaded the most was Tuo Sen from the Land of the Ancient God . Once that person breaks free, the first thing Tuo Sen will do is find Wang Lin . It was simply too difficult for Wang Lin to fight Tuo Sen with his current cultivation!

This was also why Wang Lin was cultivating the Celestial Slaughter Art like crazy to turn life force into life seals . He knew that he couldn’t beat Tuo Sen, so he wanted to learn a life-saving spell!

Only after the Celestial Slaughter Art reaches major completion and he forms a large amount of life seals can he resist Tuo Sen . This was the number one goal!

“I wonder what cultivation level I can reach in 500 years…” Wang Lin’s eyes released a strange light as he secretly pondered .

“There is also the matter with senior Zhou Yi . This is another reason why I came here . With senior Zhou Yi’s domain in the pagoda, it shouldn’t be hard to find where the Sword Saint sealed senior Zhou Yi . If I can save senior Zhou Yi, then with his help and the celestial swords, I will have a very powerful attack in a short period of time!”

“In addition, there’s the large sword I saw outside the East Demon Spirit Sea . The sword I saw was almost identical to the Wealth from back then…” The light in Wang Lin’s eyes intensified .

“Wealth has the spell to control the celestial sword inside . If that really is Wealth, then if I can find it and learn the control technique inside it, the power of the celestial sword will at least increase several fold…”

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