Renegade Immortal - Chapter 523

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Chapter 523

Chapter 523 – Breaking The Formation


The lance broke the sound barrier and shot out like lightning toward the green illusion, letting out a thunderous roar on the way . The green illusion was human-shaped, but there were no details on its face, there was only a vague outline .

A mysterious light suddenly appeared in the eyes of the illusionary figure . Its hands formed a seal like a cultivator and it opened its mouth as if it was trying to say something .

A large amount of green light suddenly appeared from the grass and flowers covering the area . In almost an instant, everything as far as the eye could see was covered in this bright light .

All of this happened in an extremely short period of time . When Wang Lin saw the figure make a seal like a cultivator, his eyes narrowed . He didn’t even look at the lance he had tossed out and immediately backed up several dozen feet .

Wang Lin was backing up, but the lance was moving faster than lightning toward the green figure .

As the lance charged forward and Wang Lin retreated, his eyes revealed a mysterious light . Both of his hand formed a seal as he backed up, and the images of various restriction sets appeared in his head .

These sets of restrictions flashed mysteriously in Wang Lin’s mind as they began to link together . Then they suddenly split apart and began to link together in different ways .

However, after doing this a few times, some of the restrictions would stay fused and would move away from the others .

If one looked carefully, they would see that there were already dozen of these restrictions in the pile of ones that had already fused . The process of linking and separating was like a cycle that kept on going .

This kind of process for Wang Lin was a type of deduction!

This deduction had began the moment he saw the ancient formation and sat down on the ground . What Wang Lin studied wasn’t normal restrictions, but the ancient restrictions from the Land of the Ancient God . These techniques were very old, and even the ancient cultivators only managed to learn how to use them and didn’t create them themselves .

“Already 57… Still need to continue . ” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed .

The lance of restrictions continued to charge toward the green figure . When Wang Lin retreated a few dozen feet, the lance was already within one foot of the green figure .

Its speed was too fast, so it broke through the sound barrier . The wind it created moved even faster than the lance and collided with the green figure .

At this moment, the green figure collapsed under the wind .

However, at the moment it collapsed, the crystal green lights that shined where its eyes were suddenly dimmed!

But they immediately started shining brightly again!

At this moment, the green lights thousands of kilometers around the valley all shined brightly . Rays of green light shot out from these floating blobs of green light . The rays sent out by these countless floating blobs of green light intertwined with each other .

All of this happened right after the green figure collapsed . This happen too fast, so fast that it left people with no time to react!

Even with the speed of the lance, it only managed to move several dozen feet in that period of time .

However, just at this moment, in the blink of an eye, a change happened before Wang Lin!

Although the deduction was still going on in Wang Lin’s mind and was reaching its completion, his eyes were still staring at the formation .

At this moment, Wang Lin could see that the area 10,000 feet around the formation was surrounded by countless layers of green light . The entire area 10,000 feet around the valley had become a giant, green cage .

Wang Lin was caught inside this cage!

There were countless green flashes in the cage, and it was impossible to tell how many of them flashed violently at the same time .

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There was a flash and a bang from the lance, and it cracked in half down the middle .

Although the restriction lance was destroyed, Wang Lin didn’t seem to care, because after all, the lance was formed by restrictions . As far as it not breaking the formation, Wang Lin wasn’t surprised . The only way it would have broken the formation would have been for the formation to just be out in the open and not defend itself at all as the lance hit it at full power .

Wang Lin’s true reason for throwing out the lance was because the deduction in his mind was almost complete and he could begin breaking the formation at any moment .

The restriction lance was destroyed, and he was trapped inside this 10,000 foot radius cage of green light, but his expression didn’t change at all .

In Wang Lin’s mind, the deduction continued to push toward a solution!

Ouyang Hua’s cold laughter came from within the valley .

“Foreigner, how is my tribe’s formation? It is not too late to leave now . Break an arm and a leg and reveal your origin soul for the formation to absorb three times, then I’ll let you leave!”

Wang Lin raised his head as he looked into the valley . Suddenly, shadows of symbols appeared inside his eyes . Finally, those shadows quickly gathered inside his eyes .

“The 83rd one! This is already the limit, but it should be enough to break this formation!” At this moment, Wang Lin’s deduction reached a solution .

His eyes were like the ghostly fire of the underworld that would cause anyone who looked at him to tremble . He looked at the valley and coldly said, “Impudent person, you even dare to say such arrogant words!”

Ouyang Hua’s mad laughter came from within the valley . “Is that so? Then let this old man show you who here is really impudent! Green figure, kill and collect!”

After he said that, the green cage surrounding the valley quickly began to shrink at an unimaginable speed . In almost the blink of an eye, it was already within dozens feet of Wang Lin .

All of this happened in the time it took for the green light to flash once!

“Foreigner, you will become the second demon shadow for my valley!” Ouyang Hua’s voice from within the valley was filled with cruel bloodlust .

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Wang Lin’s body didn’t move at all, but at this moment, symbols quickly flashed through his eyes . Every time a symbol flashed, there was a glow of ghostly light .

As they flashed, restrictions symbols flew out of his eyes and locked on to his surrounding .

The first symbol released a ghostly light as it flew out of Wang Lins eyes . When it landed in the air, ripples appeared around it, then it disappeared without a trace .

As the green light cage closed in like crazy, all of the living things it passed through wilted as if being devoured . As it closed in on the center and became smaller and smaller, the aura it gave off became stronger and stronger .

At the end of another flash, the green light was only 30 feet from Wang Lin

However, just at this moment, the first complete restriction symbol appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes . The symbol merged into the void and spread out like ripples . The ripples immediately collided with the enclosing green net .

There wasn’t any heaven-shattering sound, but there were sizzling sounds coming in from the net, and the speed at which it closed in even paused for a moment .

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed again and ten complete restriction symbols appeared . Then they all disappeared into the void and ripples began to spread out .

The sizzling sound from the green light cage that had just paused for a moment became even louder . This time, lines that looked like cracks slowly spread across the cage, creating a series of cracking sounds .

“30 restriction symbol sets!” Wang Lin’s eyes flashed again, and this time 30 restriction symbols appeared before quickly merging into the void .

The green light cage that was within 30 feet of Wang Lin immediately collapsed! It turned into countless specks of light like a starry sky; it looked very mysterious .

Wang Lin’s expression was normal as he looked at the valley . At the same time, the strange symbol sets continued to flash in his eyes .

This time, more than 40 complete restriction symbols appeared one by one .

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Wang Lin pointed forward and his eyes became cold . All of the restriction symbol sets trembled before charging toward the valley .

These complete restriction symbols merged into the void one by one and turned into ripples .

There was a total of 83 restriction symbols from start to finish . This was a set of restrictions symbols that Wang Lin had produced just to break this formation .

A large amount of green light suddenly appeared around the valley, and even more green light appeared inside it .

However, the moment this green light appeared, countless restriction symbols flashed around it . With every flash, the green light would dim until it completely disappeared .

Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning as he raised his foot and walked toward the valley step by step .

With every step he took, even more green lights appeared within the valley . These green lights gathered together to form a large pillar that smashed itself toward Wang Lin .

Wang Lin’s expression was normal, and he didn’t slow down at all as he took another step!

The green light pillar came crashing toward Wang Lin, but when it was 10 steps away from him, a large amount of restriction symbols suddenly appeared between it and him .

The green light pillar suddenly dimmed and began to collapse . As for Wang Lin, he didn’t change his speed at all as he walked forward step by step .

As Wang Lin moved forward, the green light pillar quickly retreated, and it continued to collapse as it retreated .

When Wang Lin was only 10 steps from the valley, the green light pillar completely collapsed . At the same time, the valley suddenly shook . It felt like the protective force around it was quickly dissipating .

“Celestial, have mercy, have mercy… Ouyang Hua admits his fault!” Ouyang Hua’s voice immediately came from within the valley .

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