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Renegade Immortal - Chapter 527

Published at 8th of July 2017 04:04:08 AM

Chapter 527

Chapter 527 – Life Force Seals


Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but Ouyang Hua revealed look of terror and bitterness that he had never shown before .

“I’m going to witness a battle between two foreigners…”

Just at this moment, a ray of sword energy flashed by, causing the formation to tremble and a large amount of cracks to appear on it .

Wang Lin sneered and slapped his bag of holding . With one shake, the restriction flag turned into strands of restriction gas that rushed into the formation and zoomed along the cracks .

The cracks in the formation recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, and with the addition of the restriction flag, the power of the formation increased several fold .

After doing all of this, Wang Lin took one step and then completely disappeared . When he reappeared, he was outside the valley .

The black-robed man coldly looked at Wang Lin from 100 feet away .

There were strands of purple gas moving around each of them like ghosts .

Wang Lin’s right hand pointed at the air and a demonic spirit beast suddenly let out a miserable scream and disappeared .

The black-robed man carefully studied Wang Lin and his eyes narrowed . The arrogance from before was gone, and now he hesitated and asked, “What sect does your excellency belong to?”

Three strands of grey gas moved between Wang Lin’s fingers, creating a howling sound . He stared coldly at the man in black robes and said, “What’s with all this nonsense? If you’re not going to battle, then leave immediately!”

The black-robed man laughed in anger and said, “What an arrogant person! If it wasn’t for the fact that you look familiar and I don’t want to hurt a friend or someone I know, why would I even talk to you? Since you want to die, I’ll grant your wish!”

Wang Lin didn’t even bother to talk to this person . As the person was talking, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword appeared . He then took one step and slashed with the celestial sword . A ray of sword energy several feet tall flew out and descended upon the man like lightning .

At the same time, the half-moon blade closely followed behind like a bolt of lightning .

When the black-robed man saw the sword energy, he immediately backed up and shouted, “So it is a fellow cultivator from the Da Lou Sword Sect . You know the rules here; hand over the crystal and I won’t hurt you!”

As the sword energy closed in, the black-robed man raised his sword to block it . He was knocked back several feet, but the sword energy quickly collapsed

However, at the moment the sword energy collapsed, a cracking sound came from the sword in his hand and a crack appeared on it .

When the black-robed man looked at the cracked flying sword in his hand, his eyes became extremely cold .

“You dare to damage my flying sword!? Today, even if you are member of the Da Lou Sword Sect, you will die!” His hand formed a seal and a black flame appeared in his palm .

The man shouted, “Earth Extinguishing Flame, burn him to nothing!” He then pointed forward and the black flame flew forward . While in the air, the flame scattered into countless smaller flames and rained down on Wang Lin .

As soon as the black flame rained down, there was a flash of ghostly light . This light caused the black-robed man’s expression to change greatly and forced his body back three inches . However, he was too late . He suddenly saw blood spew out from the right side of his chest, then he revealed a look of disbelief as he quickly backed up while taking out some pills and swallowing them .

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The half-moon blade appeared next to the celestial sword in a flash . There was still some blood on the blade .

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, the cultivation of the person before him was indeed powerful . It has to be said that the half-moon blade is extremely fast, and even if Wang Lin himself were to face it, it would be hard to avoid disaster if he wasn’t prepared ahead of time . Yet this person was able to force himself to move three inches at the critical moment to avoid fatal injury . That meant that his divine sense was much more powerful than Wang Lin’s and was able to detect the trajectory of the half-moon blade .

A hint of killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes . Since this person’s cultivation was stronger, then he must be killed now . If he is allowed to escape, recover, and learn Wang Lin’s attacks, then when he comes back, Wang Lin won’t be able to resist .

Taking advantage of the moment that his enemy was injured due to the surprise attack of the half-moon blade, he charged out . Wang Lin completely ignored the flames in the sky as he charged forth like lightning and pressed his thumb down on the void .

Finger of Death!

The black-robed man pressed his hand on his chest and the injury immediately healed . His face was pale as he viciously stared at Wang Lin . He shook the sword in his hand and said, “Sword Scatter!”

With one shout, the sword shattered into tiny pieces before him and then charged toward Wang Lin .

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t dodge . Two of the three strands of grey gas that were moving between his fingers disappeared . They moved along his arm and appeared on his forehead

Two symbols suddenly appeared on his forehead .

Life Force Seal!

The moment the symbol appeared, it quickly spread across his body . One symbol created one layer and two symbols created two layers .

At this moment, those shattered pieces of sword had arrived and the flames from the sky descended, covering Wang Lin in attacks .

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At this moment, Wang Lin had the shattered sword pieces charging at him and the flames coming in from above . As the flames descended from the sky, they turned into two flame dragons . They moved around and roared just like real dragons as they charged toward him .

The sound quickly entered Wang Lin’s ears, causing his origin soul to shake . The dragons came at him growling and roaring, attempting to devour him .

There was an earth-shattering bang that could be heard within 5,000 kilometers . It was so powerful that even the sky changed colors and countless cracks appeared on the earth .

Countless ripples of spell fluctuations at the center of the explosion spread out in a massive shockwave . Even those waves of demonic energy were pushed back far until it finally calmed down .

Shortly after, the demonic energy waves charged back like an army of galloping horses to once more cover the area .

The black-robed man was standing inside this shock wave . Not only did he not show any signs of joy, but his eyes became very serious . He took a deep breath, quickly backed up several dozen feet, his hands began to form seals, and he stared dead on at the spot where the explosion took place, not even blinking once!

The area of the explosion became dark as the demonic energy charged back in, but inside this darkness, a figure slowly walked out step by step .

The figure’s clothes flapped in the air without any wind, and there were sounds of howling coming from his right arm . If one looked closely, they would see something like a small snake moving between his fingers .

As the figure slowly walked out, the expression of the black-robed man not far away darkened even more . The speed at which he formed his seals became even faster, and he also spat out some chants .

As for the figure, after it walked a few steps, the demonic energy around him was split in half as if there was someone forcing them apart .

At the moment the demonic energy split apart, the figure took one step and disappeared without a trace .

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“Not good!” The black-robed man didn’t hesitate and quickly backed up . Just as he backed up, there was flash of silver light and a black thumb pressed down on where he was .

All of this happened really fast; it wouldn’t be wrong to say it happened in an instant .

What quickly followed the thumb was the figure . He raised his head and looked at the black-robed man who had retreated far away .

“You won’t be able to dodge the next one!”

“You aren’t a member of the Da Lou Sword Sect! You are the new disciple of the All-Seer, the Purple Division’s seventh disciple, Wang Lin!” the black-robed man coldly said . “What you used is probably the forbidden spell Finger of Death that made you famous during the birthday celebration!”

The black-robed man was very annoyed at the moment . He had heard about Wang Lin and had even seen what he looked from a piece of jade . After all, the disciples of the All-Seer were people that everyone on planet Tian Yun paid attention to .

Especially Wang Lin, whose sudden appearance shocked everyone . If it wasn’t for the sixth disciple suddenly returning and beating Wang Lin due to having Ascendant level cultivation, then the title of true disciple would have belonged to him!

How could people not pay attention to this kind of person? Also, the forbidden spell he used was very strange; it specialized in attacking people who were stronger . With that, how could people not pay extra attention to him?

The black-robed man secretly sighed in his heart . If he had known Wang Lin’s identity earlier, he wouldn’t have acted so carelessly . Even though his opponent was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation, he couldn’t underestimate a disciple of the All-Seer!

Although this Wang Lin had lost against an Ascendant cultivator, he showed that he had very powerful attacks . Also, his various treasures caught the attention of many people . Even if the black-robed man could win, it would be very difficult to kill Wang Lin!

After all, everyone on planet Tian Yun knew that each of the All-Seer’s disciples had a life-saving treasure . As long as the cultivation difference wasn’t too great, it meant an extra life!

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