Renegade Immortal - Chapter 891

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Chapter 891

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Chapter 891 - Servent

The big-headed boy’s eyes shined brightly. He had the gaze of a vicious beast that was pushed to the edge and was fighting desperately.

The big-headed boy’s life was filled with tragedy. When he was born, his head was big and his body was small. During his childhood, he was often ridiculed by his peers.

If that was the only issue, it would have been fine, but that wasn’t the only abnormality. He was slow, and that foolish smile would always appear on his face.

His mother disliked him and completely ignored him. He spent his childhood being bullied and abused. However, he didn’t understand too much of this, and anytime he saw someone, he would just smile foolishly.

His talent made it impossible for him to cultivate. At age 15, he was kicked out of his family and was no longer part of the clan.

However, no one would have thought that he would reappear in the family 500 years later. His appearance hadn’t changed much; he still had that foolish smile, but he had reached the Ascendant stage!

This immediately caught the attention of the family. Since then, he became the elite of the family. Time slowly passed, and after thousands of years, the big-headed boy reached the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage!

His childhood made his personality very twisted. During these thousands of years, many people were tortured and killed. Whether they were men or women, they all died miserably.

He was an extremely cautious person. If he acted, he would ensure that no one would be able to find any clues. However, 30 years ago, during one of his killings, his family finally couldn’t endure it anymore. The early stage Nirvana Scryer ancestor personally came out to kill him!

Every family member thought that this battle was in the bag, but the big-headed boy suddenly released early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation. He had already reached the Nirvana Scryer stage decades ago but kept it hidden. Now he released his cultivation and began a battle with his ancestor!

In this battle, the ancestor died and the big-headed boy was seriously injured and he retreated! After that, there was no news of him until the celestial competition. When he reappeared, it set off a huge wave in his family!

Recalling his life, the viciousness in the big-headed boy’s eyes became even stronger. As he roared, the tendons that shot out from his head carried an overbearing aura that could tear the world apart and shot toward Wang Lin.

At the same time, celestial spiritual energy filled the area, and there was also demonic energy. The instant the meat pillar closed in on Wang Lin. it exploded into countless tendons that formed a net. The net surrounded a great area and closed in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. He sneered he spat out an item. This item was the Celestial Sealing Stamp. After it was spat out, a dazzling, golden glow and hundreds of thousands of runes appeared. The runes formed a golden vortex and swept forward.

The tendon net immediately wrapped around the vortex, but the golden runes directly smashed into it. The golden runes landed and a seal was formed with each rune.

In particular, the golden runes that had sealed a cultivator’s origin soul were extremely fierce. When they landed, there would be a loud rumble and the strength of the seals was 100 times stronger than normal!

In almost an instant, as the golden vortex swept the area, a golden glow covered the big-headed boy and he was completely sealed.

A roar came from the big-headed boy as his eyes turned red and he began to struggle. The runes began to collapse, and at this moment, Wang Lin moved!

Wang Lin’s right foot took a step and ripples appeared. When he took the second step, it was as if space shrank and he could reach anywhere with just one step.

Spatial Bending!

Wang Lin appeared next to the big-headed boy on the next step. His two right fingers formed a sword and his domain integrated into his finger. With a point of his finger, the yin and yang fishes appeared.

His fingers were surrounded by black and white gas and he pressed them down. The golden runes all moved out of the way when his finger closed in, allowing Wang Lin to press down between the big-headed body’s eyebrows!

The big-headed boy’s eyes were filled with fear and he retreated without hesitation. However, compared to Wang Lin, he was simply too slow. At this moment, he felt something hot explode within his body.

Black and white gas surrounded his body and caused his extremely large head to immediately shrink. The tendons that expended out from his head rapidly shrank as well.

He directly cough out a mouthful of blood. This blood wasn’t coughed out randomly, each drop charged toward Wang Lin!

Every single drop of blood contained powerful celestial spiritual energy. If this blood fell on Wang Lin’s body, his body would immediately collapse! After all, this big-headed boy’s cultivation wasn’t weak; he was a second step cultivator at the Nirvana Scryer stage!

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral, and he didn’t even dodge. When the fresh blood closed in, he softly said, “Bind!”[1]

Thanks to his Nirvana Scryer cultivation, the Bind spell was far stronger than before. What’s more, the moment Wang Lin used the Bind spell, the celestial bead left by Qing Shui rapidly spun and a trace of celestial origin energy entered the world!

This immediately caused the Bind spell to reach a new height since the time Wang Lin learned it!

With one word, all the fresh blood coming toward Wang Lin was frozen in the air. Not only the blood, but even the big-headed boy who was trying to escape was frozen with fear in his eyes.

From beginning to end, Wang Lin was still calm. He avoided the blood and his hand moved like lightning as he pressed down between the big-headed boy’s eyebrows.

The big-headed boy’s body trembled as he was thrown away and popping sounds came from his body. The Bind spell still hadn’t dissipated as Wang Lin took a step and chased after him.

However, just at this moment, his expression changed as rays of sword energy descended. They were the Allheaven cultivators who felt that something was wrong. Their cultivation was powerful and they broke through the atmosphere as they descended.

The appearance of these people immediately caused a huge pressure for planet Suzaku. When had the cultivators of planet Suzaku seen so many powerful cultivators before? They were all startled.

When the Allheaven cultivators descended, they immediately saw Wang Lin and the big-headed boy. When they saw Wang Lin, their expressions all changed greatly.

Wang Lin didn’t stop. As he chased, he slapped his bag of holding and the Heaven Tiger Flag that represented his status as a Thunder Celestial was thrown out.

The moment the flag appeared, there was a fierce tiger roar. Purple gas surrounded the flag that turned into a tiger and it roared directly at the Allheaven cultivators in the sky.

“I’m sparing with someone. All of you, wait outside. Anyone who dares to disobey will be killed!” Wang Lin didn’t even look back as his fingers landed between the big-headed boy’s eyebrows again. More popping sounds came from the big-headed boy’s body and he was mercilessly smashed into the ground.

A large pit appeared with a bang, causing the earth around it to tremble.

The smart ones among the hundreds of Allheaven cultivators immediately retreated and secretly complained. If they had known before, they wouldn’t have come to take a look. The battle between two celestial title holders was not something they could participate in.

With a few people leading the way, all the Allheaven cultivators followed suit and retreated. They left planet Suzaku and didn’t dare to participate in this fight.

This sudden reversal caused all the cultivators on planet Suzaku to understand that planet Suzaku’s ancestor, Wang Lin, had a very high status among the Allheaven cultivators!

Wang Lin landed on the ground and looked at the big-headed boy in the pit. The Bind spell had ended and the big-headed boy’s face was pale. The big-headed boy was covered in blood and his eyes were filled with terror as he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the big-headed boy. He raised his hand and a flash of green light came from it. Thunder clouds began to gather in the sky above planet Suzaku and lightning flickered between the clouds. Then all the lightning seemed to be controlled as it rushed toward Wang Lin’s right hand.

In an instant, a ball of thunder gathered in Wang Lin’s hand and started giving off popping sounds. There were also countless arcs that flew off from the ball of thunder. From a distance, it was as if the thunder of the heavens was completely under Wang Lin’s control.

When he saw the thunder, the big-headed boy trembled. The scene that caused him to fear Wang Lin from one line to heaven reappeared. This time he was scared, completely scared from the bottom of his heart!

“Brother Xu, my 2,000 years of cultivation were not easy. If there is something you need, please speak. As long as you don’t kill me, I’ll agree!” The big-headed boy’s pupils shrank as he stared at the ball of thunder. He was not a fool. Ever since his battle with Wang Lin began, Wang Lin never used any powerful spells, so he was obviously not set on killing him. If he had taken a step back first, he might’ve been able to avoid this catastrophe.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I need a servant!”

The big-headed boy silently pondered and said, “I have already entered the celestial pool and lost my domain. I can’t give you my dao ideal.”

“No problem, I have a spell. If you’re willing, it will do no harm, but if you resist, then it will collapse and you will die!” As Wang Lin spoke, he raised his right hand and a strange rune formed. Then celestial origin energy came out from the bead inside his body and gathered in the rune in Wang Lin’s hand.

There were flashes of golden light as a dark golden rune appeared in Wang Lin’s right hand.

When he received Celestial Emperor Qing Lin’s jade, aside from the refining method for celestial guards, there were also spells for controlling others. However, when Wang Lin tried them, they weren’t as strong as the records said.

Even the slave imprint used on Li Yuan was mentioned in Celestial Emperor Qing Lin’s jade. But after Wang Lin analyzed it, he still couldn’t find any clues. This was until he learned of the celestial origin; that’s when everything became clear.

These sealing spells had to be used by celestials. If there was no celestial origin, then they naturally couldn’t display their true power. The celestial origin energy gathered to form the rune. Then the rune landed between the big-headed boy’s eyebrows.

At this instant, Wang Lin had a feeling that he only needed one thought for this big-headed boy to perish!

He pondered for a bit and understood the difference between the seal and the celestial guard.

1. I’m officially changing the Stop spell to bind. After looking more into how the spells work later on, I find Bind is much more fitting and less awkward-sounding than “Stop.”