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Chapter 1024: 1024

Chapter 1024: Qiao Lian Is Pregnant (9)

Both Shi Nianyao and Mo Xicheng were stunned .

He frowned as his gaze followed Yao Lili . The woman strode across the room in an easy and confident manner, until she stopped right in front of him .

Although everyone in the crew was busy with their work, all eyes were trained in their direction .

Yao Lili halted in front of them . She glanced at Shi Nianyao and frowned . At once, she asked, “Why is she here?”

Mo Xicheng replied immediately, “If we need to discuss anything, let’s go to the lounge . ”

“Why? Are you afraid that I’ll create a scene?” There was a warning expression on her face . She glared at Mo Xicheng and then grabbed the hand of the girl behind her . She pulled the girl forward, so that she now stood in front of Mo Xicheng . “Let me introduce you . This is Li Xue, one of the daughters of the Li family . Her father is the head of the Li family . Your father has asked me to bring her here to introduce the two of you . ”

At these words, Li Xue took another step forward and extended her hand arrogantly . “How are you? Mo Xicheng, I like you! I like watching your shows . ”

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Mo Xicheng frowned and shifted his gaze back to Yao Lili, asking, “Mom, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Your father would like you to get along with Miss Li . She’s looking forward to getting to know the entertainment industry . Why don’t you show her around the filming location, familiarize her with your crew?”

Mo Xicheng felt his anger rising and said, “You think the filming location is a zoo?”

Although he was the male lead for the film, he really didn’t have the adequate status .

Although he was a capable actor, he had kept a low profile all of these years and his fanbase was not substantial enough .

That he even managed to get the lead role in this big film was because Shen Liangchuan had withdrawn from it and they hadn’t been able to find another suitable actor in time . Hence, they had made the bold move to give the role to him .

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Despite his great dedication to his work, even bringing Shi Nianyao into the crew had not been something he could pull merely with his own status . For sure, he did not have the clout to take someone on a casual tour around the filming set .

Mo Xicheng frowned deeply as he looked at the woman standing in front of him .

For the sake of pleasing his father, her shame knew no boundaries .

Mo Xicheng took a deep breath and said, “Mom, please take Miss Li with you and leave now . I am in the middle of working . If you want to continue creating a scene, I will have to call security . ”

Yao Lili was embarrassed into anger by his words . “How dare you, you unfilial son?! You—”

Before she could finish speaking, Li Xue held her back .

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The girl looked at Mo Xicheng and lightly swept her gaze over Shi Nianyao, as though she was inconsequential . Finally she smiled and said, “Aunty, I think Mo Xicheng is really busy . Why don’t we leave now, and when Brother Mo finishes work this evening, he’ll come and look for us? How about that?”

Of course, Yao Lili agreed to whatever Miss Li said . She nodded and said to the girl, “Wait for me outside . Give me a minute to say a few things to him . ”

Li Xue nodded and turned to walk away .

Yao Lili took a few steps and turned to Mo Xicheng with a serious expression on her face . “Are you aware of Miss Li’s status?”

Mo Xicheng shook his head .

Yao Lili continued, “Miss Li is the illegitimate daughter of the head of the Li family . ”

His pupils shrank as he asked, “What are you trying to say?”

“What I want you to know is that, if you choose to be with other women, they may despise your background, but Miss Li will not . She will only understand your sorrows . You have equal statuses and are a perfect match! The only difference between Miss Li and you is that her father is very fond of her . Otherwise he wouldn’t have arranged for her to be in this strategic marriage . ”

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