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Chapter 1025: 1025

Chapter 1025: Qiao Lian Is Pregnant (10)

Having said this, Yao Lili narrowed her eyes and stared at Mo Xicheng .

No one could have noticed the expression of hatred that flashed across her eyes .

A person like him… What rights did he have to deserve the love of a normal girl?

What he deserved was the child of a mistress!

His mother had made herself a mistress…

So she was determined to subject him to a life in which he would experience the sorrow of never being able to live with his head held high .

These insane thoughts ran rampant in her mind, as she took a deep breath and said, “I’m doing this for your own good . To get along well, a couple needs to be equal in status, don’t you think?”

A man like him deserved to live in the shadows forever .

Mo Xicheng clenched his fists tightly .

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He was in his late twenties, almost thirty now .

All these years, he had never been in love .

All because he had feared he would subject a girl to the sort of gloomy life he lived .

But he had never expected that Yao Lili would demean him to such an extent .

Because he didn’t have a good background, he could only marry the child of another mistress?

At this point, his own life seemed like a joke .

He looked at Yao Lili without saying a word .

Yao Lili felt a tinge of guilt under the steady gaze of the man . She averted her gaze after a moment and said, “Alright, we will meet this evening at the hotpot restaurant in front of your filming location . And if you don’t turn up, I will keep bringing Li Xue to your set, so you decide!”

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After saying this, she turned and walked away .

By now Shi Nianyao, who had been watching all of this, was heaving in anger .

Was this his real mother?

She frowned and wanted to rebuke the woman . However for the sake of Mo Xicheng, she held herself back and swallowed those words .

But at this very moment, Mo Xicheng didn’t seem approachable .

It was as though he had deliberately placed distance between himself and the rest of the world . He felt extremely isolated .

Seeing him like this made her exceptionally sad, it was heartbreaking .

She wished more than anything to break him out of this melancholy . She looked around and finally found a bottle of water . She brought it to him and said with a wide grin, “Idol, drink up!”

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He lowered his gaze, trying to hide his gloominess behind an indifferent expression . Then he looked at Shi Nianyao .

She thrust the water towards him . “Drink up, idol . Let me ask you, are you worried about that Li Xue being a bit ugly? I think she’s ugly too! She is nowhere as cute, lively and innocent as me . ”

As she said this, she lifted her palms to her face and shook her head from side to side . Her antics cheered him up immediately .

A tender look flashed across his eyes .

Then Shi Nianyao continued, “I’m telling you, you have to take me with you tonight! Just you watch me . I don’t like her and I have my ways of kicking her out! Don’t you worry, male idol . From now on, I’ll get all the demons and the gods alike out of my way . ”

Mo Xicheng was speechless .

Her liveliness and the way she was wracking her brains made the corners of his lips turn upwards suddenly, as he broke into laughter .

Shi Nianyao came alive when she saw him laughing . Lightly patting her chest, she said, “You’re finally laughing! My efforts didn’t go to waste . Do you know, idol, that you looked very scary just now? You should smile more . Look at me, I laugh happily every day . A laugh can make you ten years younger . But idol, it’s enough if you laugh twice . If you laugh three times, you might be taken back to your mother’s womb, then what would I do?”

Mo Xicheng: …

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