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Chapter 145: 145

Qiao Lian could not help but look at Shen Liangchuan .

He was wearing a hat and a mask, so she was unable to see the expression on his face . She could only notice his eyes, which were shining with a cold gleam .

As she froze in shock, someone rushed up again . Shen Liangchuan immediately grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side . He then kicked the man and said, “Why are you staring blankly into space?”

After scolding her, he turned his head around and fought another man who was close by .

Only then did Qiao Lian snap back to reality . She stood with her back against Shen Liangchuan and started resisting the group of men .

However… they could not keep doing this .

Qiao Lian bit her lip and said, “I saw Song Yuanxi being taken to the second-to-last room at the end of the hallway in front of us . We need to rush over and rescue her . If we keep fighting off these men, something will happen to Yuanxi!”

If they didn’t manage to save her within 20 minutes, the immoral act currently taking place in the room would have concluded by then .


Once she said this, Shen Liangchuan looked at his surroundings . “I’ve already called the police, but it’ll take at least 20 minutes for them to arrive . I’ll block them while you rush over to save her . ”

As soon as Qiao Lian heard this, she ran forward without another word .

However, before she could run more than a couple of steps, she was blocked again . Given her small stature, she would not be able to rush out of this brawl!

She started to panic and looked around frantically . Suddenly, she saw a metal pipe lying on the side . She immediately ran over to pick it up before rushing back to Shen Liangchuan’s side . She then yelled, “You should go! I’ll stop them in the meantime!”

Shen Liangchuan instantly rejected her idea, saying, “No, you won’t be able to handle them!”

“Indeed, I can’t stop all of them . But, if I rush into that room, there might be even more fearsome enemies waiting inside . Only you can enter and stop them! It’ll be up to you to protect Song Yuanxi!”

She swung the metal pipe she was holding wildly, so nobody dared to approach her for some time .

Feeling conflicted, Shen Liangchuan narrowed his eyes .

She had analyzed the situation accurately . Her proposal was indeed the best course of action at this point .

He had to go into the room and carry out the rescue while she handled things outside .

These thugs were not vicious and unrelenting . Thus, they wouldn’t be itching to kill her . However, the trapped Song Yuanxi could have her life ruined if someone took advantage of her body .

Given Song Yuanxi’s personality, he knew that if she was raped by a man, she might be driven to suicide .

Shen Liangchuan clenched his fists . The girl standing in front of him yelled, “Why aren’t you going?!”

His gaze darkened when he saw that fierce expression… and that selfish look .

He pursed his lips and suddenly said, “Take care, Xiao Qiao . ”

Due to the chaos around her, Qiao Lian could not hear what he said clearly . She loudly yelled again, “Go, quickly!”

She could not hold the thugs back for much longer .

At this moment, someone placed an ice cold dagger in her hands . She froze momentarily before noticing that Shen Liangchuan had already turned around and was rushing towards the room .

He should have carried the weapon along with him as protection . However, he had chosen to give it to her…

Before Qiao Lian could ponder this, more people kept coming in front of her .

She held the metal pipe in one hand and the dagger in the other, and then tried her best to fight back the group of people in front of her .

Her arms were so sore that she could barely lift them .

However, she could not give up .

If she gave up, Shen Liangchuan would be hopelessly outnumbered . She had to persist .

Suddenly, the pipe got stolen from her . Then, someone used the pipe to brutally hit her leg .

Her knees buckled and she fell on the ground . However, she grabbed the feet of the person in front of her and used both his body and hers to block the people behind her .

Pain . She felt pain throughout her entire body .

Her consciousness had already started blurring, but one thought flashed through her mind .

She had such a great time beating people up in video games . Even if her character got hit, she wouldn’t feel a thing . However, in real life… getting beaten up hurts like hell!