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Chapter 528: 528

Qiao Lian was stunned by his strange request .

Su Penghao cleared his throat again . “She only brought one set of clothes and she’s penniless . She washes her clothes every night and puts them back on the next morning, even if they haven’t dried out . It’s probably very uncomfortable for her . But I’m a guy after all, and I don’t know what sort of clothes to buy her…”

Qiao Lian looked at him strangely .

She had not expected that Su Penghao, who was usually casual and carefree, would be so meticulous as to notice these details .

She nodded immediately and said, “Sure . ”

When they arrived at the villa, Su Penghao was once again behaving awkwardly .

Qiao Lian looked at him questioningly and asked, “Is there something that you want to say?”

Su Penghao coughed softly . Then he said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Tell him what?

Qiao Lian was puzzled for a moment, and then suddenly she understood . He must be referring to the matter about Xiao Qiao .

Qiao Lian looked at him half-laughing and remarked, “You were so smitten by Purple Fairy, would you have believed me?”

Su Penghao kept silent .

Qiao Lian grinned . With light-hearted steps, she turned and walked into the house .

However, she was completely unaware that her every action and expression was being observed right now .

In the bedroom, Xia Yehua was picking up her cell phone to call Shen Liangchuan .

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The line went through . Xia Yehua immediately said, “Liangchuan, it’s been a few days . Are you going to continue staying outside? You’re going to lose your pretty little wife! I just saw a handsome young man taking Xiao Qiao home…”

Shen Liangchuan listened without speaking .

Qiao Lian had no idea that Xia Yehua was trying to coax her son to come home . She was lying on the bed in her bedroom .

After pushing everything out of her mind, she finally fell asleep .

In the days that followed, Shen Liangchuan did not return home .

Although Qiao Lian was troubled with Zi Chuan’s matter, she knew there were other priorities .

The grand final was just around the corner and she was busy going to the team’s villa, involved in the training and preparation process .

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Ever since she had played that match and the team members had seen her capabilities, there was a new-found respect for her . They no longer disobeyed her and the training sessions were now going extremely well .

The Godfather and The Deputy Godfather’s burns finally formed a scab on the fifth day, and they were able to start playing . In other words, this meant that they probably would have enough players for the grand final .

It was a great relief for Qiao Lian .

Tomorrow was the day of the grand final . Before she left the clubhouse, Qiao Lian reminded the team members to go to bed early

For some reason, her guts told her that something bad was about to happen .

Just as the cab arrived at her doorstep, she got a call from Su Penghao . “Coach Qiao, something has happened!”

Qiao Lian’s heart sank . She asked the cab driver to turn around and return to the clubhouse .

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At the clubhouse .

Qiao Lian glanced at the 5,000 on the table and looked at the team members .

Su Penghao frowned and said, “She brought three or four relatives with her so that they could hold us back . Then they took her away . We couldn’t even react!”

Qiao Lian took a deep breath . “What is going on here?”

The Godfather anxiously said, “Shortly after you left, Ancestor White Bones’ mother came charging in with a group of people . She threw the 5,000 on the table, saying that she did not need your money, since she had lots of money now . ”

She had lots of money now?

A few days ago she had been lamenting about not having enough money, so how was it possible that she had so much money all of a sudden?

Furthermore, this had happened just a night before the grand final . Even if she were to try to find a replacement, it would be difficult because of how soon it was .

“So what can we do now? We’re short on players for the grand final again!