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Chapter 958: 958

After taking her breakfast, Qiao Lian looked at the time and left the house .

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 Shen Liangchuan’s event was being held in a hotel .

 As the signing for the Shen Family Enterprise’s project was taking place at this hotel, the fanmeeting event was being held there too .

 When Qiao Lian arrived, she saw that the hotel had hired additional security in preparation for Shen Liangchuan’s arrival .

 The atmosphere had become quite solemn for the important occasion .

 Many reporters thronged the surroundings, in hope to catch new bites .

 There were also fans who had turned up because they had heard about the event and were standing in line . On a cold winter’s day, these fans were heated up with passion, holding up banners that read: Best Actor Shen, We Love You!

 Qiao Lian stood among the crowd and craned her neck, hoping to catch a glimpse of Shen Liangchuan in person .

 There were just too many people and everyone was trying to swarm forward .

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 The security officers immediately tried to stop that and started to do what was needed to keep order .

 A long rope had been put up as a barrier to keep the fans behind, while also creating a long walkway .

 The surrounding fans’ discussions could be heard:

 “Ahhhhh! I’ll finally get to see Best Actor Shen in real life!”

 “I heard that in real life he’s even better looking than on screen!”

 “Pity Best Actor Shen is married!”

 “Him being married can’t stop me from loving him!”

 “I wonder who Mrs . Shen is . I envy her . ”

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 All sorts of comments could be heard .

 Qiao Lian smiled sadly, hearing all of these remarks .

 At this point, she felt someone tap her shoulder .

 Immediately, she turned around . She saw an unfamiliar girl standing behind her . The unfamiliar girl looked at her from head to toe as though studying her and asked, “Are you… Qiao Lian?”

 Qiao Lian paused for a moment and then responded, “Chuanliu Buxi?”

 The girl nodded at once . “Yes . Let’s go over to the other side, we can go in later . Best Actor Shen is here to sign an agreement, so we have to wait till he finishes his official business before he can come over . ”

 Qiao Lian nodded and followed the girl to the side .

 The 20 qualifying fans for Shen Liangchuan’s meet-and-greet event were already standing there .

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 Someone said aloud with some bitterness, “We are all fans of Best Actor Shen, why can’t we go to the event?”

 “Just because they were fans of Best Actor Shen first? But when Best Actor Shen got popular, I was only 12! I fell in love with him when I was 15 . They can’t discriminate against us just because of our age!”

 “Exactly, and that Chuanliu Buxi is so arrogant! Just because she’s the leader of Best Actor Shen’s fanclub . ”

 “I heard that Chuanliu Buxi has met Best Actor Shen many times! She’s also been on filming site visits . She even took a photo together with Best Actor Shen!”

“Ahhhhh, I’m so envious! Best Actor Shen rarely takes pictures with anyone!! I’ve never even seen him in real life . ”

 As the discussions took place, Chuanliu Buxi started to laugh .

 The 20 qualifying fans surrounded Chuanliu Buxi and asked, “Leader, is Best Actor Shen handsome? I envy you! Have you shaken hands with Best Actor Shen?”


 Even though Chuanliu Buxi was a good-natured girl, she couldn’t help but feel a little smug and conceited from the attention . She smiled and said, “Won’t we all get to meet him later? What’s the rush? There are only 20 fans, so for sure there will be an opportunity to take a photo . ”

 “But Best Actor Shen doesn’t like pestering fans, so everyone please take note . Please do cooperate with his manager later on . Do as you’re told, do you understand?”

 Everyone nodded . “Uh huh . ”

 Just as these words were uttered, there was a sudden commotion among the larger crowd of fans . There was a loud shout, “Best Actor Shen is here!”

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