You Of All People

You Of All People
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What happens when two unlikely people met each other for the first time? They get married! That's right, they definitely did. They were akin to two parallel lines that weren't supposed to intersect or touch at any given point in time. But in that fateful moment that they did meet, they were thrust into the world of whirlwind romance.

A handsome, thoughtful and cold-heated man, King Margaux Hendrix, who spent most of his years in unrequited love accidentally met a beautiful, introverted and forlorn woman, Violet Hailey Quinn, who was betrayed by her long time and long distance boyfriend. Two people that when put together were comparable to a dog and a cat. They changed the trajectories of their lives in one moment. Never be the same again.

Together, they tread and explored the waters of love, the unknown and uncertainty. Through twists and turns, they gradually fell in love as their adventure called marriage, unfolds. Their encounter created a butterfly effect that seeped into other people's lives and set off chains of events with the resounding click like that of a falling domino.


The whole story is about two people that shouldn't have met, always at each other's throat, sort of fell in love I think?

Violet: "What sort of? Damn it! We have no choice!!! You wrote us!"

YoureMySun: "Y-you!!!!! You can't be here! Stop crossing dimensions! You're ruining my synopsis for your story!"

King: "Can you change the female lead? Someone who's more beautiful and cultured?"

Violet: "Bastardddddd!! You're dead!!!"

YoureMySun: "Cut it King! You're not supposed to be here too! Stop agitating Violet, ok?"

King: "Hahahahaha me? stop? Dream on! I'll annoy the heck out of this woman. Even if it's the last thing I do! Gyahahaha" *evil laugh

Violet: *pulls out bat from somewhere then charged at King

YoureMySun: "Oh my God!!! V where the heck did you even get that! Stop right there!"

King: "W-woman! I-i know how much you love me so don't you dare hit my face!"

Violet: "Me love you? You of all people? Only an idiot will fall for you" *said through gnashing her teeth

King: "You're the idiot that fell for me, you know? G-get away from me barbarian!"

YoureMySun: "You guys left me with no choice"

*Our dearest author left with no choice, pulls out the magical keypad as she wrote,

YoureMySun: "As Violet was gunning for King, she tripped and fell in his embrace. And end up kissing each other. Then a good samaritan from the story's dimension accidentally throws a rope through the worm hole while trying to catch the running horse. The two got tied in the same position. The samaritan pulled and was shocked to see two people instead of the horse. He blinked then they disappeared, and wondered if he gone crazy. The two was transported to their love nest stuck in that position for the whole day. Until Violet had enough being taken advantage of by King. She ripped the rope and starts bashing King with a pillow. While King's laughters and ouchies reverberates throughout the house. And they lived happily ever after"

*closes keypad, bows in apology to the readers

YoureMySun: "Finally got some peace and quiet. Sighhh... I apologize dearest readers. It's been too lively?"

"Where was I? Going back"

They fell in love through twists and turns. Violet, a beautiful, charming, quiet, and a kind girl unexpectedly met King, a handsome, rich, playful and iceberg-man.

"She's really kind and quiet you know, believe me. It's just that, King happened"

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