You Of All People - Chapter 119

Published at 19th of October 2019 06:10:31 PM

Chapter 119

"He didn't really mean to ran away like that, he must have wanted to look for that person badly . In all this years he wasn't able to find any clues linking to that person" explained Hardin .

"Is this true?" the patrol looked over at the chauffeur .

"Yes" answered the chauffeur .

Hardin glanced around the place to look for any signs of Adam . Then across the playground he saw an inconspicuous blinking red light .

"Um, Mr . Patrol?" asked Hardin carefully .

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"Yes?" replied the patrol .

"Is that CCTV owned by the station?" questioned Hardin while pointing at the top of the lamp by the street .

"Yes, why?" said the patrol as he surveyed the area .

"Can I view them? Besides, it will prove our innocence regarding this whole incident" said Hardin as he looked the surroundings for other cameras .

"Technically, you can view them but you have to submit a formal written request and make calls to key persons"

"That easy? Come on let's go to the station" Hardin took out his phone and contacted someone while on their way to the station .

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After making the call, they arrived at the station and was greeted warmly by the captain . A few minutes have passed, they were led into the room containing the footage of the CCTV in the area .

The patrol from earlier, found it weird that everything was going so fast and bypassed some processes, so he asked Hardin .

"Sir, may I ask? Who did you call earlier?" asked the patrol to Hardin who was relaxing on the couch .

"My Uncle" replied Hardin as he drank refreshment that the captain offered .

"Um . Who is your uncle?" the patrol carefully asked Hardin as he navigated the computer to backtrack the footage to tonight's incident .

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"The Commissioner" replied Hardin as he smiled beamingly .

"I-I-I se-see" when the patrol heard the answer, he felt goosebumps while thinking the what-ifs of his actions tonight . He felt relief afterwards, glad that he listened to the man and did not arrest him immediately .

"I found it sir!" exclaimed the patrol and decided to help Hardin as much as possible to make up to tonight's events .
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"Wind it back up a few more minutes . There!" commanded Hardin as he took out his phone and took a video of the footage he was looking for .

-----One Hour Later-----

Hardin went back to the playground while the chauffeur waited by the car . When he got there, he saw Adam sitting desolately by the bench .

"Way to go you crazy fucker! You threw me under the bus!" complained Hardin while hiding his grin from the good news he was withholding from Adam .

"I was mistaken as a gay, almost got arrested and you bro abandoned me!"

"I'm really sorry Dude . I really thought I saw her . I searched everywhere, I still can't find her . I've already asked King for help before, but even he can't find her . Maybe I'm hallucinating or I'm just too drunk . Or maybe I just want to see her so badly . I wanted to apologize to her . I've wronged her . It's all my fault!!!!" Adam muttered sadly while looking a little lost .

"It's not your fault Adam . She's the one that left you without a word"