You Of All People - Chapter 124

Published at 19th of October 2019 06:10:26 PM

Chapter 124

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"I-I-I can't breathe!" strenuously muttered Hardin as he felt his life getting squeezed out of him .

"Sorry sorry" hastily said Adam as he disengaged from the hug and he reached out to try and straighten out Hardin's crumpled clothes .

"Look for her in the morning when the sun is up . You really can't do it right now . Aside from the fact that we're inebriated because we drunk alcohol, the people living here are asleep . Your search will be much easier if everyone are awake and you can ask them . With this footage, you can finally narrow down her possible locations" explained Hardin as he persuaded Adam who was raring to go look and run around again .

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"But" Adam tried to get away from Hardin who was holding the collar of his shirt .

"Bro, I wanna go home and sleep . I'm too tired . Do it when the sun is up" pleaded Hardin as he leered at Adam .

"Ok" reluctantly said Adam .

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The two walked towards the car and boarded it . The car droved away, leaving the playground peaceful once again .

-----Meanwhile on some other place-----

Inside a room full of people dressed in formal attires, they were all seated in white leather swivel chairs surrounding a long white marble table .

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The room consists of two colors black and white . If it weren't for the city lights that spilled from the huge floor to ceiling glass walls that reflected inside the room, there won't be any other colors that would have given this place life . Those glass walls were overlooking a beautiful and lively evening cityscape but that beauty went unnoticed to this people that were having a conference . A conference that decides whether they live or die .

At the head of the table seated was a man quietly reclining on the chair who was giving off waves of menacing and cold aura that tormented the people ceaselessly .

Some people were already shivering from their fear of the man as they continued to glance at the thermostat wondering if the temperature dropped . Some where repeatedly wiping their sweats off their faces . Others where continously squeezing their hands underneath the table to ease their nervousness . While some who've been in the company for a long time, were able to maintain their calm facade and hide any emotions that may gave them away .

No one dared to utter any word, afraid that they might do something that will earn the ire of that man .
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At the other end of the table, were three people presenting a proposal . Even if they want to break down and just cry, they can't because the consequences will be even more dire than them giving a presentation in front of their boss .

Out of the three, one was handling the computer to direct their presentation and thought, 'Oh my God! I'm really lucky that I won at rock-paper-scissors . If I lost instead of just sitting here in front of the computer, it would be the death of me to be the one talking and facing that man'