You Of All People - Chapter 49

Published at 19th of October 2019 06:11:49 PM

Chapter 49

"Ahhhhhhh! Fine!" Violet forced herself to feed him .

King was very delighted with his wife feeding him while they drive on the road .

"How was it?" asked Violet while observing him .

"It's so good . Why didn't I eat this sooner?!" wailed King while munching the food held by Violet .

"Yeah, why didn't you? Even a toddler knows McDonald's and yet you don't" asked Violet .

"As far as I could remember, my food's always been taken charge of by Alfred . He said I should eat the best . When I got interested in cooking, it took me a whole year of convincing Alfred to teach me how to . And that's why we traveled to a lot of places, so that I could learn the food's history and roots . Juice" explained King while ordering Violet .

Violet placed the sandwich down and raised to him the pineapple juice while using another hand to carefully guide the straw to his lips .

"Wow . My friends taught me different ways to cook instant noodles in an afternoon and yet Alfred's lessons went as far as to go to the country of the food itself . You don't cease to amaze me"

"Of course, that's why I'm so great . You're lucky you managed to marry an awesome, handsome, sexy and great man like me . Sandwich" smirked King then took a bite after Violet held it up .

"Cocky Narcissistic bastard! Oh try this too" mocked Violet then fed him a nugget .

"Wow it's taste good too . And it doesn't cost much . What's that brown thingy?"

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"Barbecue Dip, here one more . There! The rest are mine haha" said Violet after feeding him then hugged the rest to herself .
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"Glutton" King stuck out his tongue at her .

"Continue your questions K, we only got 3 out of 20" said Violet after she stuck out her tongue too .

"Oh, right! We almost forgot . Hmm . Question #4: What are some movies you really enjoyed?"

"The Notebook, The Fault in Our Stars, Safe Haven, Harry Potter Movies and 50 First Dates . Have you watched any of this? What's yours?" answered Violet happily .

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"Nope . All Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies, John Wick, 300, Avatar, Inception, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy . So far that's all I can think of"

"What?! Let me educate you to Romance! We'll watch it all together sometime!" said Violet as she repeatedly tugged his sleeve .

" . . . . . " King was speechless and thought to himself, 'What did I get myself into' .

"What? You got a problem with that?" Violet narrowed her eyes at him .

"Nope, what the wife says goes . Do you want to build a movie theater at home V?" asked King .

"No! Going to the movie theater is part of the experience of watching movies . You'll see other people's reaction . The theater foods . Everything! As for the romance movie I want to watch with you, we'll buy their blu-ray copies at the mall later mehehehehe!" laughed Violet .

"If you say so" resigned King .

"Wait . I didn't see a DVD player at home . How'd you even watch movies?"

"I rent out the whole movie theater near my office and after I watch it first, I let all my employees watch it on their free time . The guys go too" said King in a matter-of-fact tone .

"Spendthrift" mocked Violet .