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Published at 31st of August 2019 10:14:43 AM

Chapter 13


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You Are Not Able to Die A Natural Death

Proofread by Peter Gong

Who is Mandy?

She used to be the rich young daughter of Song’s family and the admired Mrs . Jiang in Haicheng City . But now, she is the unpresentable mistress of Charlie, being deserted by the mass .

Everything of her is destroyed by the man in front of her at the night a few days ago .

When she thinks of that, the hatred in her eyes becomes stronger . Eventually, she shouts, “Charlie, you are not able to die a natural death . ”

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Charlie is scolded easily because he is in a high position . Small companies that he destroys have scolded him, and his rivals have also scolded him . Those people scold him more maliciously than Mandy does .

But nobody makes him so angry as now .

Mandy is an exception from long ago to the present .

He used to consider her as a follower, or even feeling a little annoyed . Then he falls in love with Vivi, and Mandy rarely appears in front of him . He finds that she becomes slenderer at a glance at the banquet . Later Vivi has an accident, and he doesn’t believe that Vivi has slipped and fallen into the sea as Mandy says . So, he plots the conspiracy of today .

From that time on, he is very angry with Mandy .

But at that time, Hayes is still alive, and Song’s family is still rich, so he has to bear her . He plays a loving couple with Mandy on each occasion . He loves and spoils her, and sometimes he even forgets his revenge target .

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Charlie once asks himself whether he is going to pretend to be a loving couple with Mandy for the whole life, but he never comes up with an answer .

Vivi suddenly appears a month ago . She tells Charlie that she has lost her memory all these years and it is Mandy who pushes her into the sea . Over the years, the longer he gets along with Mandy, the more he doubts whether his decision at that time is wrong or not .

But Vivi comes back . She tells Charlie that everything is just as he thinks, that is Mandy who wants to kill her .

He can’t sleep that night, and his anger at Mandy reaches the acme . He thinks that Mandy is so good at acting that she almost deceives him .

Such anger makes him destroy Song’s family and Mandy in just half a month .

The past hurriedly flashes through his mind . He comes to his sense and looks at Mandy in front of him . Suddenly, he doesn’t know what he wants .

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Charlie reaches out and gently touches Mandy’s face with his slender fingers .

Mandy has never thought that he will touch her face . She feels stiff all over, trying to avoid him but in vain . Then she hears the chilling sound of Charlie the next second .

 “That day will never come . ” He says .

Whatever Mandy says, he is the king of the city who stands on the top . Mandy is a nobody like the ant under his feet . His hand can pinch her to death as easily as pie with a little effort .

Charlie suddenly stops being angry . He doesn’t need to be angry with the weak .

At this time, Mandy can see something clearly in his eyes .

That’s disdain, disdain for her, disdain for those curses .

Charlie is still that Charlie, but she is no longer Mandy of the past .

Taking his fingers away, she says firmly, “If there is no such a day, I will create . Charlie, I will stand in front of you and see you become a stray dog one day . ”

“If you have that chance . ” Charlie isn’t angry . He glances at Mandy and then says, “Vivi is still nostalgic, so she asks me to be kind to you . I won’t restrict your freedom from today . But Mandy, that doesn’t mean you’re really free . If you dare to run away, I really don’t mind pinching your father to death . ”

Hayes is not only the evidence that can be at his mercy, but the weakness of Mandy as well .

While Mandy hears that, her face becomes paler, but she doesn’t yet say a word after all .

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