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Published at 3rd of September 2019 11:51:35 PM

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Retribution for Sin

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Translator: Du Yiran

Proofread by Peter Gong

Mandy gets well very fast, and she is taken back to the room in a few days . Charlie lifts the ban and finally she is no longer a bird imprisoned indoors .

She visits Song’s mansion, but the vigorous mansion before is sealed, and there is nobody in it . She tries to climb over the wall, but in vain .

Just when she stands in front of the door and has no idea what to do, a clear voice comes from behind .

“Are you Mandy?”

She turns around, and sees a very young man standing behind her who is a head taller than her with the childish face . Mandy thinks he looks familiar, but she can’t remember where they have met at once . So she asks, “You . . . Are you?”

 “I’m Young . We used to play together when we were young!” His tone sounds somewhat enthusiastic .

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But Mandy’s face becomes as cold as marble in an instant .

Young, the second elder son of Ji’s family, lives abroad all the year round .

For Mandy, he is not a stranger . After all, he has another identity, a childhood friend of Charlie .

When she was young, she often chased behind Charlie . She didn’t know how many times she had met Young . She has no prejudice of Young before, but the situation is different right now . She and Charlie become enemies .

As for the enemy’s friend, although she doesn’t hate him, she doesn’t want to have too much contact with him .

While she thinks, Mandy turns around and starts to leave .

But Young doesn’t understand what she means at once, runs after her and shouts, “Mandy, you really don’t remember me? It is impossible . ”

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Listening to his ceaseless chattering, Mandy feels very tired . She stops suddenly, looks back at him with a fierce look and finally says, “Don’t follow me any more!”

“?” Young also stops and looks at her so confusedly .

Mandy continues to say, “I know you are Young, a friend of Charlie . So, don’t bother me any more . ”

Young is stunned by her undisguised disgust in her eyes . Then he remembers what Charlie has done to Song’s family before, and immediately stands there in embarrassment .

When Mandy finds that he stops asking, she is very satisfied, turns around and starts to leave again .

But Young catches up with her again in a few seconds and stops in front of her . He bows with the lost expression and apologizes, “Sorry, it is not intentional just now . ”

“So, you can get away in a hurry . ” Mandy raises her eyebrows and speaks out harsh words .

However, Young doesn’t move at all . He raises his face to look at her and says earnestly, “I know I am a friend of Charlie, so you are quite uncomfortable with me . But at the same time, I am also the younger generation of  Uncle Song, your childhood playmate . ”

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“Playmate?” Mandy seems to have heard a funny joke with some mockery in her eyes . “If it weren’t Charlie, how could I know you? But as for me right now, I regret more that I knew Charlie before . ”

If Charlie and Mandy haven’t known each other at first, nothing will happen now .

It is the retribution for the sin .

Young thinks that Mandy in front of him is quite different from her childhood . In his memory, Mandy seems to be the little smiling girl who follows behind them .

But Young can see nothing from her except hostility now .

But is it her fault? She is also the one whose family is ruined .

Young sighs, takes out a business card from his bag and hands it to Mandy and says, “If you need any help, you can call me, and I will try my best to help you . ”

“I don’t need that kind of thing!” Mandy shouts almost subconsciously .

“It will be useful someday . ”

After saying that, Young directly puts the business card into Mandy’s hand and goes past her without saying any words .

Looking at the business card in her hand, Mandy’s eyes become glassy for a long time . She wants to throw it away . But the hand hesitates for a long time in midair and eventually falls down .

Young, right? He is a good friend of Charlie, isn’t he?

“In that case, I accept your kindness, and please accept my malevolence as much as possible . ”

While Mandy thinks, she raises her feet to go forward .

The wind blows slowly, bringing the fragrance of flos sophorae .

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