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Chapter 8.3

Youkoso v1c8 part 3

It was ten minutes before the end of lunch .  All of the members in the study group packed up and headed towards the staff room . In any case, we can’t proceed until we make sure we know what’s covered on the test .

“Sensei . We have something we want to confirm quickly . ”

“That was quite an entrance . All the other teachers are surprised . ”

“Sorry for intruding . ”

“It’s ok, but we’re in the middle of something . Keep it short . ”

She kept writing in her notebook, continuing her work .

“Last week, when you told us what was covered on the test, did you make a mistake? A little while ago, class C students told us that their test was different . ”

Without batting an eyebrow, Chiyabashira-sensei listened to Horikita . Then Sensei, who was listening in silence, suddenly stopped moving her pen .

“…The topics covered on the test were changed last Friday . Sorry, I forgot to tell you guys . ”


After writing down the new scope of the test on a piece of paper, she ripped the page and handed it to Horikita . The textbook pages on the paper were all material we had already covered, and Sudou and the others hadn’t learned the material .

“Horikita, thanks to you, I noticed my mistake . Thanks to the rest of you too . Later then . ”

“W-wait a bit, Sae-chan-sensei!? Isn’t this way too late?”


“No, I don’t think so . If they study for the next week, everything will be fine, no?”

Without any second thoughts . Chiyabashira-sensei tried to get us out of the staff room . However, no one moved .

“Even if you guys refuse to leave, nothing will change . You understand that, right?”

“…Let’s go . ”

“B-but Horikita-chan! I can’t agree to this!”

“As Sensei said, staying here would just be a waste of time . We should just start anew and study the revised material . ”

“But still!”

Turning her heels, Horikita left the room . Sudou, Ike, and Yamauchi all followed, albeit reluctantly . Chiyabashira-sensei didn’t even glance at us as we left . She didn’t even say sorry for her mistake . Above all, I thought the other teachers would’ve said something after that incident .

Even though it was a pretty serious mistake for a homeroom teacher to make, there was no response from anyone else . My eyes then met with Hoshinomiya-sensei for a moment . With a small smile, she waved at me .

Well, I guess that’s a response . However, I don’t think that she just “forgot” to tell us about the test .

Walking out into the hallway, the bell for the afternoon classes rang .

“Kushida-san . I have a favor to ask of you . ”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“I want you to tell the rest of class D about the changes to the test . ”

With that, Sensei handed Kushida a piece of paper .

“I’m ok with it, but… is it fine for me to do so?”

“You’re the best person to ask here . Also, it’s impossible to take the test without knowing what it’s about . ”

“Ok, I will inform everyone about the change . ”

“By tomorrow, I’ll make sure to revise our study plan as well . ”

Even though Horikita was pretending to be calm, I knew she was feeling slightly anxious . Our frantic studying the past few days are now useless . Also, we only have about a week left until the test .

However, the biggest worry was Sudou, Ike and Yamauchi’s motivation .

“Horikita . I know it’ll be hard, but I will rely on you . ”

Sudou bowed to Horikita .

“I… starting tomorrow, will take a break from club activities for a week . Will that work?”


Considering that we only have a week left, it’s a very reasonable decision .

Even though it was the best possible thing she could ask for, Horikita couldn’t immediately accept .

“Is that really ok? It’ll be hard, you know?”

“Studying is difficult, right?”

Broadly grinning, Sudou patted her shoulder .

“Sudou, are you serious?”

“Yea . I’m really annoyed right now . Both at our homeroom teacher and those class C punks . ”

I guess you could call this a blessing in disguise . Because of this difficult situation, Sudou is starting to give studying a chance . He probably felt that he wouldn’t pass if he didn’t try harder . Sudou’s new motivation seems to have set something off in Ike and Yamauchi .

“Can’t help it, guess we’ll try harder too . ”

“Alright . If you guys have prepared yourselves for it, then please cooperate with me . However, Sudou-kun—”

Horikita brushed off Sudou’s hand from her shoulder .

“Don’t touch me . If you do it again, I won’t show any mercy . ”

“…You’re not cute, woman…”

“We’ll absolutely do well!”

“Me too!”

Kushida, also feeling motivated, stuck out her first .

“Ayanokouji-kun, you too!”

“Huh? No, I’ll—”

“By any chance… did you give up?”

“…I’m thinking about it…”

“You already promised to work with me . Did you forget?”

Horikita kept an eye on me after hearing me .

“I’m not good at teaching . People are good and bad at some things, right?”

Honestly, in terms of teaching others, Horikita and Kushida are better than I am .

Also, I’m not someone cut out to teach .

“No, your test scores aren’t that good, right?”

“There’s not much time, so I think it’s better for Horikita and Kushida to teach together, rather than doing separate one-on-one sessions . Also, there’s something I’m worried about . ”

“Worried about?”

The events that just happened in the staff room are too serious to overlook .