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Published at 29th of April 2017 06:57:57 AM

Chapter 1.1

Youkoso v2c1 part 1

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The morning was always lively in class D . It was because most of the students were far from being serious .

But, today was louder than usual . The reason goes without saying . It was because we would most likely get some points ever since our entrance ceremony .

The school I go to, “Koudo Ikusei High School”, uses a novel system called the S system . I’ll explain a bit about it .

Taking out the mobile phone given to us by the school, I opened the preinstalled school app, and logged in using my school ID and password . I then clicked on the item that said “Remaining Funds” .

A lot of things can be done from this page . You can check your own points and the class’ points . Also, you are able to give other students points from your own account .

There are two types of points listed; the one at the end is listed as “cl” . It stands for “class”, and it lists how many points the class has . It isn’t what everyone individually has, but rather, the points the class itself has . Next to our class, class D, it showed that we had “0 cl” since June . In other words, we don’t have any points . Another type is “pr” . It stands for “private”, and it shows our individual points .

On the first day of every month, cl times 100 number of points is deposited into our private account .

These private points are for us to buy necessities, meals, electrical devices, or any other good; they serve the role of money and are very important .

Because real money can’t be used on campus, if we don’t have any private points, we are forced to live day by day without any pocket money to use .

Since class D’s points are 0, we inevitably don’t get any private points, and therefore have to make do without any money .

However, at the start of the year, our class points were at a thousand .

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If we kept our points, we would be getting 100,000 yen every month . However, our class points fluctuate from day to day . Things like getting bad grades or whispering during class contribute greatly to the deduction of points . As a result, class D has no points by the time the first of May came around . It’s sad, but that has continued until today, July 1st .

In addition to our monthly allowance, the class points also determine our class’ merit . In descending order of points, the classes are ordered from class A to class D .

So, if class D got more points than class C, class D would probably become class C for the next month . And eventually, if we make it to class A, our dreams for high education and job opportunities would be fulfilled .

When I first heard of this system, I thought it was important to keep our class points as high as possible . Saving private points wouldn’t help at all .

But my thoughts changed once we bought a point on the midterm .

On the previous test, I was able to buy a point for Sudou, who had regrettably missed the cutoff by a point . When I saw the school readily agree to sell the point, I understood that Chiyabashira-sensei wasn’t joking when she said those words .

“At this school, there’s nothing you can’t buy with points . ”

That is, holding private points means that you can make a situation more advantageous .

If that’s the case, it’s probably possible to get more than just test points . ”

“Good morning . Everyone looks more restless than usual today . ”

As the bell rang for homeroom, Chiyabashira-sensei walked in the classroom .

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“Sae-chan-sensei! Do we have 0 points this month too!? When I checked this morning, I didn’t even have a single point!”

“Oh, so is that why you guys were restless?”

“This month, we worked our asses off! We got past the midterms… so isn’t it cruel to still be at 0!? We weren’t late to class, weren’t absent, and didn’t whisper!”

“Don’t go off deciding things on your own . Let me talk first . Ike, you clearly worked harder than I’ve ever seen you try . We recognize that . Naturally, the school understands how you feel too . ”

After being admonished, Ike closed his mouth and sat back down .

“Well then, these are this month’s point totals . ”

The point results were listed starting from class A on the paper she put up on the board .

Other than class D, all the classes were pretty close in points, and everyone had been awarded about 100 points .

Class A was at 1004 points, slightly above the amount of points everyone started with .

“…Not a very pleasing development . Have they already figured out how to reliably increase points?”

My seat neighbor, Horikita Suzune, seemed to be concerned only about the other class’ points, but Ike, along with most of the class, didn’t care about the other classes . To them, is it only important that we have points?

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Written next to class D was—87 points .

“Huh? Is that, 87… did we actually increase our points!? Woohoo!”

After seeing the points, Ike jumped up and down in excitement .

“Don’t be so excited already . All the other classes increased their points about the same amount you guys did . The gap didn’t get any closer . This looks like a reward for just passing the midterm . Everyone was paid about 100 points . ”

“I see . I thought it was strange that we were awarded points so quickly . ”

Horikita, who was aiming for class A, looked like she wasn’t happy with the points we got, and wasn’t smiling .

“Are you disappointed, Horikita? Because the gap has slightly widened . ”

“It’s nothing like that . I got something out of it this time, after all . ”

“What do you mean, you got something out of it?”


Ike stood up and asked Horikita . Attracting the attention of the other classmates, Horikita sunk back into silence . Hirata Yousuke, after watching the situation unfold, stood up and answered for her .

“The deductions we got during April and May… in other words, along with whispering and being late to class, there were no other deductions, is what I believe Horikita-san was saying . ”

The quick-witted Hirata answered without any problems . That’s impressive . Right on the mark, too .

“Ah, is that so . If there were a lot of deductions, our 100 points would’ve been 0 . ”

After having understood the easy explanation, Ike raised his arms in celebration .

“Huh? Then why didn’t we get any points?”

Returning back to the original question, Ike looked at Chiyabashira-sensei .

If we didn’t get 8700 points, it would be strange .

“This time, there’s a bit of trouble . The points for the first-years were delayed . Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for a bit longer . ”

“Eh~, seriously? Because the school is having trouble, shouldn’t we get some kind of freebie?”

All the students grumbled in discontent . As soon as they understood that they got points, their attitudes completely changed . Having 87 points and no points is a world of difference .

“Don’t blame it on that . The school decided it, not me . Once the trouble is resolved, you’ll get your points . If there are any points left, that is . ”

Chiyabashira-sensei’s words hung in the air .


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