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Chapter 2.1

After the end of the morning roll call, we were free to move as we pleased . Of course Hirata gave instructions to reliable classmates, also starting a strategy on how to save points . On the other hand students who didn’t really feel like helping out or people like me and Horikita who preferred to be independent began their own activities .

“What the fuck are you, guys!”

Suddenly, Ike’s angry voice resonated through the camp’s ground . I looked in the direction of the voice in order to peep through the situation . And then two male students stood grinning like Cheshire cats .

Ibuki, who showed a bitter expression only for a moment, stepped into the shade of the tent like she was trying to hide herself .

“Komiya and Kondou?”

Like Ibuki who coughed abruptly, I also found those two people familiar . They were two students of C class .

“Well well, it seems that D class is living a rather frugal life . As expected, this is a class of defectives”

While filling their mouths with potato chips snack, they bought PET bottles to fight the heat . And it was not just water there, it looked like soda .

“It seems that you have a very comfortable life instead . You C class fellows”


“Do you know Ryuuen?”

“He’s a C class student . I heard various rumors about him . Quite a reckless fellow, it seems”

“Not quite so . Everything that guy does ends up being messy”

Ibuki then spoke, becoming irritated, as if she was talking about her own enemy .

“Those two are that Ryuuen’s gang mates . You can say they’re his underlings”

If I think about it, those two fought a lot with Sudo in the past as well and rather than accidently appearing in this place, it’s more probable that Ryuuen is moving more in the shadows and sent them here .

“What did you have for breakfast? Grass? Or insects? Here, you can eat snacks too”

With that, he took out one potato chip and threw it near Ike’s foot who, meanwhile, crawled to it . The whole D class couldn’t help but be irritated, while watching that instigating behavior . Exactly because they still continued to cut the supplies of food .

“We have a message from Ryuuen-san . If you want to fully enjoy summer vacation, you should come to the beach right now . Don’t be reserved . You better come . If you’re sick of living like fools, let’s spend a dream time together”

I thought they would go back immediately after but they stayed here . They continued to eat snacks before everyone as a form of harassment .

It seemed that Ike was snarling at them repeatedly but there was nothing to worry about . On the contrary sometimes a repeated provocative behavior seemed to fuel even more antipathy . Such provocation from C class continued for 10 minutes, but as Hirata decided it was the moment to leave and gather again, we went back to the direction of the place we considered our own campsite .

“It doesn’t seem like they came to search for me”

“Ah, they simply had a harassing purpose”

It was a bizarre behaviour but we were able to obtain the information that C class, by using points, had their hands on luxury goods such as sweets and juice .

In this special trial where we should save up, even if it’s only one point, what the hell is that suppose to mean?

“A while ago, those two told us to share with them a dream time, do you happen to know what were they talking about?”

“………… . maybe, I wonder if it’s not moving towards the worst case scenario”

Ibuki didn’t say anything more than that, and just like yesterday, she headed to the side of a tree that was a little far away .

The worst case scenario…

Just in case, it seems better to put it in Horikita’s ears .

“Horikita, are you here?”

After breakfast, Horikita returned immediately in the tent and didn’t show up anymore . I called out to her in front of the girls’ tent . Although there was no reply for a while, a sound of the tent swaying slightly and of cloth rubbing was heard . When that sound stopped, Horikita came out slowly from inside .

“Did you hear the voices a while ago?”

“Yeah, I heard it was a cheap provocation on C class’s part”

“I’m a little worried and I’m thinking of going to supervise the situation, do you want to go together?”

“It’s something rare…seeing you act by yourself, taking the initiative . Are you ok? Is your physical condition good?”

These are actually words I want to return back to her .

“After all, I’m free for a week . I have nothing special to do today too and this is a way to kill time”

“I don’t want to move too much . Now that I’m the leader, there is also the possibility of an accident, if I stand out too much and too poorly”

“It’s a risk you have to take since you’ve been designated as a suitable leader”

Even if you’re not sure on who is the leader, if you report a student as a leader, there’s always a possibility of being right . The more you stand out, the more you will be on the list of suspicious people to keep an eye on .

“I understand your feelings but, even if you remain secluded, it won’t change the situation . You’ve been keen to look for Ryuuen and you’ve been observing Ichinose . There’s also the fact that you’re the sister of the students’ council president and your colleagues are also aware of it . In other words, no matter what you do, you will become one of the targets”

Either way, whether you guess right or you miss the target you still get 50 points just this once, and since there’s no definite evidence, gambling on this is hard . The moment we designated a leader, certain conditions became necessary .

“You’re right . No matter what I think about it, I guess you can’t tell which one is the right leader . Well, ok, I’m also concerned about other classes’ situations . Let’s go”

Contrary to our bad feeling, along with Horikita who proceeded with heavy movements, we set out for the beach where C class was waiting .