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Chapter 2.4


Coming out from the deep forest, a cave showed its appearance of what looked like a demon opening its mouth . There were two provisional toilets and one shower room near the cave .

“I can’t see what’s inside from here…”

It was near impossible to confirm while taking a distance in a hiding place .  Both Horikita and I didn’t know anyone from A class so planning to gather information while being hidden, even in a stealthily way, would lead us nowhere .  I went ahead of Horikita who hid herself and stepped on a road that led to the cave .

“Hey, wait a minute . ”

“Let’s go . It’s A class – of course we’ll be frightened . But there isn’t much to do about that . ”

Together with Horikita, I headed towards the cave I thought to be A class’ camp base .

“What are you thinking? There’s no advantage even if we carelessly expose ourselves to them . ”

“You think being in hiding does? We can hardly see the facility and there’s no one around . There are many things that cannot be seen unless we enter the cave . “

“…Isn’t it too quiet? What do you think?”

“I don’t think so . Please don’t worry about it . ”

“I don’t get your half-assed responses, but okay . “


She was staring at me with terribly cold and scary eyes, but I pretended I hadn’t noticed them .

Naturally, we were seen by A class students who were in a vicinity when we arrived at the entrance of the cave .  Although I expected I could check the situation to a certain extent if I could see the interior of the cave directly…

A huge blindfold connecting the vinyls was spread out so I couldn’t see anything inside .

“Who are you? From which class are you coming?“

This guy was for sure… Yahiko who was one of the two people who found the cave promptly on the first day .  The other bright one – Katsuragi – seemed to be absent .

“We came to snoop around . You have problems with that?“

Oh, as if she changed her way of thinking for a moment Horikita’s response was imposing . Then she continued:

“Now that you revealed yourself as A class, no doubt you’re leading a tough life…“

She sighed affectedly when she saw the entrance of the vinyl-covered cage .

“Rather than being tough, it’s a makeshift . A coward method, right . “

“What?“ Yahiko clapped back at with an irritated tone as if she got on his nerves although it was an easy-to-understand provocation .

“I’m Horikita from D class . “

“Huh, I’d say myself you’re D class . You’re a bunch of weak-headed . “

“Weak-headed, right . Therefore there won’t be any particular impact even if you show us what’s inside, right? Or does it put you in an uncomfortable position by us just being able to see inside?“

“It could be the case!“

“So it’s not a problem if you show us inside? Sorry for bothering you . “

“Wa-wait! Hey! Wait! Don’t do things as you please!“

Yahiko cut in so he could stand in Horikita’s way, but then Horikita’s words jumped in like a knife: “I’ll just look inside . That won’t be a rule violation itself right?“

“Stop playing around, this is occupied by A class! D class has no permission to use it!“

“Really? You occupied this place? I didn’t know that . Is the device inside?“

“Y-yes . Therefore step back!“

“There are no rules saying you can’t go inside the cave without problems . Sure, you can’t use the cave while being occupied, but it’s different from monopolization . We should also have rights to check out the inside or the device, right? Otherwise we’d be able to forcibly monopolize all stops . That’s not what the trial is about . “

“Huh…!?“ A sharp argument like this had stabbed Yahiko without problems .

Horikita tried to tear off the veil of the cave that was hidden in vinyl while seducing with her hair .  However… .

“What are you doing . I don’t remember approving to call guests . “

A large-statured boy passed me from behind and continued walking toward Horikita . Certainly, his name was…

“Katsuragi-san! Those guys came to snoop around our crib! They are a filthy bunch . “

“You’re exaggerating stuff, it’s just vinyl . Show me just a little bit inside . “

Viewing back, Horikita wasn’t even a bit frightened of confronting those guys .

“Then it should be okay to take a look inside . But be prepared . If you touch things even once, I’ll notify your actions to the school as an obstructive act toward another class . I can’t be sure what will happen to D class then . “

Katsuragi’s words were probably a bluff . It was unlikely to be disqualified from touching vinyl .  And yet, him saying he’ll sue us invoked the slightest danger .

“I’ve explained to him as well, but this is an overbearing monopoly act . It isn’t a right protected by rules . “

“No doubt that’s right . That point is certain . But I think this is like an implicit rule . You guys from D class have a spot near the river . B class has a well . I’m occupying the land so that is monopolized partly . Have you used force on someone trespassing your land?“

The calm and hefty words of Katsuragi stopped Horikita’s legs without prevention .

“One class holds one occupied spot . And they keep on protecting it while continuing to obtain points until the end of the test . If you break this implicit rule, havoc will happen . Of course, A class will step into the D class’ base camp as a retribution . Troubles should be avoided . “

It was possible to ignore these words, but we couldn’t .  As Katsuragi was saying, the other classes unconsciously seized a spot forcefully as well .  Troubles could arise with breaking that rule . Horikita turned around and passed by Katsuragi while going away from the entrance of the cave .

“Well then . I’m looking forward to seeing the results of A class’ ability . “

“It’s very powerful . We as well anticipate D class’ useless resistance . “

After the short conversation, Horikita sank . Or should I say, it killed her enthusiasm .  If Katsuragi hadn’t showed up, Horikita would have stepped into the other side of vinyl .

“Yahiko, don’t jump on cheap provocations . It is her goal to forcefully steal a glance of the inside . It is the other side that goes down if you thrust your dominance and righteous in their face . “

“S-sorry . “

So, they managed to put Horikita who instantly settled for retreat out of the way . Splendid .

“It seems there is no other option beside leaving A class alone . It’s impossible to investigate . “

They built up impregnable defenses once the exclusive spot of the cave was seized .  However, no matter how much they tried to hide the interior we could figure out it was something providable .