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Published at 8th of April 2018 10:04:27 AM

Chapter 4.2


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Let’s talk a little about the first semester and the day of the closing ceremony, just before the test on the desert island . I was over the moon, digesting the idea that I was going to fully enjoy my summer vacation for the first time in my life . However, as if to take away this pleasure from me, a god of death with his sickle appeared in front of me without a sign .

“Ayanokouji, before you leave I have to talk to you a little . Please come to the Instructor’s room” 

This is what Miss Chabashira said just before our homeroom class ended and left the classroom .

“What is this? Did something happen?” 

Sudou, who was getting ready to leave, asked while putting his bag on his shoulder .

“I’m innocent . ”

“That’s right . You are neither good nor bad, you are living a meaningful life, steady and quiet . ”

“What is that sarcastic tone in your voice?”

“Sarcasm? That wasn’t my intention . Did it feel that way?

What a horrible guy… . My wounded heart wept in sorrow .

In comparison, Sudou was a good guy . Now that I think about it, he got worried about me and that is why he said this…

“Hey Horikita! Erm… Since it’s summer vacation… Are you free? Maybe we can hang out a little . ”

Sudou sat on my desk as he went crazy over Horikita who was next to me…He wasn’t worried at all about my situation, after all .


“Well, because it’s summer vacation, it will be a loss if you don’t enjoy it . We can watch movies, go shopping . ”

“Ridiculous . Summer vacation means nothing to me . Why are you inviting me in the first place?”

“W-why? Why are you so blunt?” Sudou scratched his head as Horikita didn’t understand his feelings, but then he turned the switch .

“Because this is how it goes . Look, ok? A guy invites a girl to go out when it’s a holiday…”

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Although I felt like I wanted to see Sudou’s efforts, I was called by Miss Chabashira earlier .  I feel better when I finish unpleasant things quickly .

“Hey! Where are you going?”

Why is Sudou calling me, again?

“Where do you think I’m going? I was called by our teacher, so it can’t be helped . ”

“Just wait a little? Can’t you be by my side?”

That expression made me feel extremely uneasy . His thick hand grabbed my arm, holding my wrist .

“Please watch over my fight . And respond well . ”

“Don’t speak nonsense!… Bye . ”

While doing these worthless exchanges Horikita finished getting ready, leaving the classroom without hesitation . Sudou ended up watching in utter amazement .

“…Damn . Useless… Should I go to the club activities, instead?”

As soon as Horikita left, I was not needed anymore so I was free to go . As I was arriving in the Instructor’s room, I saw Miss Chabashira waiting in front of it holding the door half-open .

“Get in . ”

“I don’t understand the reason I was called, at all . ”

“Let’s talk inside . ”

My depression degree meter rose steadily as she repeatedly returned my words with short answers .  I wished this to end like those tricks at parties that end up being some funny joke .

“Do you think there is a bad reputation around you if you are asked to come into the Instructor’s room? This is not a bad place contrary to your expectations . There are a lot of things that must be discussed away from all the monitoring eyes . ”

I couldn’t see the surveillance camera which was supposed to be in a room like this .

“So, what are we going to talk about? I am busy planning my summer vacation . ”

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“That’s a funny story . I believe you have no friends?”

“That’s an exaggeration . I have some . ”

Although I could count everyone using the fingers of both of my hands, the number of people wasn’t important . Or at least that’s what they said .  Wouldn’t it be just fine if I set up a summer vacation program alone to begin with?

“Today I’ve called you to hear my personal story . ”

Miss Chabashira’s personal story? This was again a development that escalated in a completely different direction . I didn’t understand the reasons behind her calling and telling me this story . Nor did I have any interest .

“It’s something I haven’t told anyone after becoming a homeroom teacher until now . It’s silly but listen . ”

“Should I make a tea before that? You must be thirsty . ”

I stood up from a pipe chair and opened the door of the kitchenette . Nobody was inside… I wondered .

“Don’t tell this to other people . If you understand, return to your seat . ”

“… Alright . ”

Like that, I closed the door of the kitchenette and turned to Miss Chabashira .

“As a homeroom teacher, how do I look to you, D class?

“Another abstract question . Is it okay if I say you look like a beautiful woman?”

The teacher didn’t move an eyebrow at this joke, but I felt waves of menace on my skin .

“Let me see…If you don’t mind being compared to other teachers, I’d say you’re a cold teacher that has no interest for students and feels indifferent about D class’s future . ”

She’s neither as friendly as B class’s teacher Hoshinomiya nor she’s helping students as C class’s teacher Sakagami .

“Am I wrong?”

“No, you’re right . I have nothing to deny . But that’s different from the truth . ”

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Miss Chabashira made a pause there, having looked at the ceiling as if she remembered something .

“I’ve been a student in this school before . In the same class as you – D class . ”

“That’s rather surprising . I thought you are more capable than that, Miss Chabashira . ”

Sigh… In our time there wasn’t an extreme difference as it is now . You could say it wasn’t a three-cornered, but rather a four-cornered battle . Until the time we were approaching the graduation in the third semester of our third year, the difference between A and D class was not even 100 points . It was a close combat where one trivial mistake could break balance . ”

There wasn’t a feeling of bragging in her speech, but rather one of a regretful past .

“So, that trivial mistake happened, didn’t it?”

“Indeed . It came unexpectedly . Because of my error, D class was knocked down to hell . In the end, my goals and dreams of becoming A class collapsed . ”

I thought that was unfortunate, but suddenly talking about such a past troubled me . It was a rather unpleasant feeling .

“I don’t get it . What do I have to do with this personal story?”

“I feel your existence is essential to move up to A class . ”

“What should I say? It’s a joke, right?”

Words couldn’t come out as I was happy about being flattered and praised unexpectedly .

“Few days ago a man contacted our school requesting to expel Kiyotaka Ayanokouji from school . ”

Miss Chabashira suddenly changed her presence as if the real issue was about to get revealed .

“That’s quite ambiguous . I don’t know who it was, but you ignored his will without expelling me, right . ”

“Of course . You can’t expel someone regardless what a third party is saying . As long as you are a student of this school, you are protected by the rules . However… If you cause problems it’s a different story . Smoking, stealing, cheating . If you repeat any scandal, expulsion can’t be avoided . ”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to do anything . ”

“It has nothing to do with your intentions . If I perceive it as a scandal, the expulsion becomes a reality . ”

“Are you threatening me?”

I thought her wording was fishy, and I was right .

“Here’s the deal, Ayanokouji . You’re going to aim for A class for me . And I will extensively follow you in order to protect you . Don’t you think that’s a nice trade?”

I thought she changed a lot from the time I first met her, but never would I have thought she’d cooperate with a student . I couldn’t close my mouth and laughed .

“Can I return? I have no intentions of listening to this anymore . ”

“That’s too bad, Ayanokouji . You’re gonna be expelled and D class will once again not reach A class . ”

Her speech and behavior weren’t a stunt . She was seriously intending to cut me out . She was trying to use me for dreams she couldn’t achieve .

“Let me ask you one more time . Will you aim for A class or be expelled from school? Choose what you like . ”

I set my left hand on a long table and bent myself, pulling up Miss Chabashira’s collar .

“I’ve remembered the time Horikita expressed discomfort for you . Was it a similar feeling? As if you’re entering a person’s house with shoes on . ”

“—— Right”

Miss Chabashira who was until now completely self-assured laughed in self-mockery .

“I surprised myself . I hadn’t noticed I haven’t given up on A class yet . ”

I felt her eyes got teary slightly . I couldn’t feel the usual coldness . While I was grasping my arm holding her collar, Miss Chabashira regained determination back in her eyes .

“I thought you would voluntarily lead D class, but I cannot afford to give any more time . Decide now! Would you lend me your hand or not?”

Star Wars’ protagonist Luke chose to return to his uncle’s farmhouse, turning down the temptation of adventure . However, he was eventually dragged into the vortex of war . That was destiny . You might say I should have taken this woman’s past story with a grain of salt . We don’t know to what extent lies the truth .

“You might regret trying to use me”

“Calm down . My life is already full of regrets”

This was a troublesome event that happened right before summer vacation . Something I don’t even want to think about . Nonetheless, I cannot lose my school life now . Throwing away your freedom in order to protect it – what a preposterous thing .

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