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Published at 30th of April 2019 04:25:03 AM

Chapter 144: 144
As it was Saturday, everyone was free and had lots of free time . Everyone was in the living room after having a breakfast . Elder Lu asked Lu Qiang, "Why don't you take Jiang Yuyan out as she hasn't been here in China for a long time and hasn't seen new things here . "

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Lu Qiang nodded and was about to say 'okay grandpa', just then Jiang Yuyan said while looking from Lu Qiang to Elder Lu, "No need grandpa, I will go with brother Yang later . "

Lu Qiang looked at her with a questioning gaze with his eyebrow lifted upward but he preferred not to insist and said, "Whatever she wants grandpa . I too have 'MORE IMPORTANT' work to do . "

Lu Qiang intentionally gave stress on words 'More Important' words and smiled mischievously while looking at Jiang Yuyan . Jiang Yuyan ignored him, excused herself and went back to her room .

Lu Lijun went out with Lu Feng to feed fishes in the pond and the others went to their rooms . Now it was just Elder Lu and Lu Qiang, who were sitting in the living room .

Elder Lu looked at Lu Qiang and said with serious expressions on his face, "Control yourself and don't trouble her more . "

Lu Qiang too replied with a serious expressions on his face, "I am not troubling her anymore, that's why she is upset . "

Expression on Elder Lu's face changed from being serious to a curios one and asked, "Really?"

Lu Qiang replied, "Uhuh!"

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Elder Lu suddenly changed his attitude to one eighty degree and said, "Then, what are you doing here . You should always do what your woman wants . "

Lu Qiang gave out a deep sigh and said, "You are right, but I want my woman to do what she wants . "

Elder Lu understood what Lu Qiang was trying to say, so he didn't say anything further and just nodded to what Lu Qiang said . Elder Lu was aware of Jiang Yuyan's past and her present condition so he could understand the difficulties in Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan's relationship, and he was trying his best to get these two closer to each other .

After a while Lu Qiang excused himself and went upstairs too . He went straight to Jiang Yuyan's room and stood in front of her room's door to knock on it .

At the same time, near the pond in a garden . .

Lu Feng and Lu Lijun were sitting near the pond and were feeding the fishes . Lu Feng looked at Lu Lijun and asked, "I guess, you enjoyed drawing with Jiang Yuyan . "

Lu Lijun was smiling while looking at his favorite fishes and replied, "Yes! She is very good in drawing . "

"Yeah! That's right . " Lu Feng paused for a while and said while looking at Lu Lijun's smiling face, "So you like her now?"

Lu Feng thought, it was the right opportunity to know what was in Lu Lijun's mind . Lu Lijun was a sweet boy and he was not cold hearted but sometimes he acted like that before knowing the person completely and when it was about a girl then he was more like little iceberg .

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Lu Lijun replied while still looking at the fishes, "Not really but I don't dislike her either . "

Lu Feng looked back towards the pond and said, "That's good . "

Both were busy in feeding fishes and suddenly Lu Lijun spoke, "But I know elder brother likes her, so I will like her too so that he won't feel bad . "

Lu Feng was surprised to hear it . He suddenly felt that Lu Lijun was not that little kid anymore . He understands everything clearly . Lu Feng didn't say much and just replied with a smile, "Good" and both continued with what they were doing . Lu Feng preferred not to stretch this topic more .

Lu Lijun's behavior with Jiang Yuyan in dining room was surprising for other family members too . Nobody said anything in front of Lu Lijun . When they returned back to their rooms, they couldn't help but discuss about it

In Lu Jinhai's bedroom . .

Lu Jinhai and his wife Lu Jiahui were sitting in a couch while Lu Jinhai was going through few documents . His wife suddenly said, "Aren't you surprised with Lu Lijun's behavior with Jiang Yuyan . I thought, he didn't like her much . "

Lu Jinhai replied while going through the documents in his hands, "He never disliked her but was just being protective towards Lu Qiang and also he needed time to know her . "

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Lu Jiahui asked, "Ohh! So he thought, Jiang Yuyan will covet his brother? Haha! My younger son is really something . "

Lu jinhai replied, "Your elder son is really something too and the younger one is just following his path . "

Lu Jiahui thought about something and said, "Yes! Today on dining table, he was acting like Lu Qiang . I never saw him behaving with anyone like this before . "

Lu Jinhai nodded and said, "Well, at that moment, Lu Lijun was trying to take responsibility for his elder brother's job and moreover, Jiang Yuyan is a lovely girl . She can make anyone like her and make them her friends too "

Lu Jiahui replied while looking at her husband, "I like her too, i just wish, if we can keep her in our home forever . I mean… you know what I mean right?"

Lu Jinhai laughed and said, "Haha! Don't worry . She is going to be in our house forever . "

Lu Jiahui had puzzled expressions on her face and asked, "Are you planning to… . "

"Not me, it should be planned by our elder son . " Lu Jinhai replied before his wife could complete her sentence .

Lu Jiahui sighed and said, "Then it's impossible . You know Lu Qiang, he never pays attention to any girl . "

Lu Jinhai put the documents in his hands back on the table and said while looking at his wife, "She is not just 'any girl' my dear and I know my son, he knows how to pick up a gem . "

Lu Jiahui asked, "So you mean, he will select her?"

Lu Jinhai replied, "Well, he already did . "

Lu Jiahui asked curiously, "Really? How do you know?"

Lu Jinhai replied, "He is my son and I can tell what's in his mind in a one glance,"

Lu Jiahui felt excited and said, "If it's really true then I am happy . if I could, i would want him to marry her tomorrow . "

Lu Jinhai replied, "Don't be excited . She is too young to get married and firstly let them decide what they want . "

Jiahui replied, "Okay . "

Lu Jiahui was happy to know, her son actually like someone . She too was fond of Jiang Yuyan so she had no problem if her son liked her and wanted to marry her in future .

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