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Published at 7th of August 2019 06:18:54 PM

Chapter 152
Lu Qiang caressed Jiang Yuyan's cheek and said, "You did well" and he moved his hand to the back of her neck, towards the lower side of her head; pulling her face closer to kiss her again . She was still on top of him . Lu Qiang slid his tongue into her mouth without waiting for a second . He was not gentle as he was making up for all those days, when he controlled himself from being closer to her .

While kissing passionately, Lu Qiang held her waist tightly, turned and flipped her into the bed to be on top of her . He didn't stop kissing her for a single moment .

Jiang Yuyan didn't let go of him . When Lu Qiang flipped her in bed she held him tightly and was kissing him with same passion . Their tongues were dancing together in sync until both were struggling to breathe and their tongues became numb; but they didn't want to stop for a moment .

Lu Qiang's left hand, which was holding her at her waist, moved upward and he slid it into her top . From the side of her curvy waist, his hands moved towards her chest . The moment he touched the bottom of her inner wear on her chest, Jiang Yuyan held his hand and stopped it .

Lu Qiang stopped kissing and parted his lips away from hers to looked at her . Both were panting heavily . He saw, Jiang Yuyan had closed her eyes and looked like she was in pain . Lu Qiang was about to retreat his hand but she kept holding it . She opened her eyes and didn't let go of his hand as saying, do it .

Lu Qiang didn't realize what he was doing because they were both immersed in their passionate love making moments . He forgot, he should not touch her in there and subconsciously slipped his hand in her top . When Jiang Yuyan held his hand to stop him, he realized what he was doing and decided to retreat his hand .

The moment Jiang Yuyan asked him to continue, he wanted it but shook his head and said, "It's okay!" He gave her a peck on lips and retreated his hand from inside of her top .

Jiang Yuyan had an apologetic expression on her face . Lu Qiang smiled to look at her and said, "Don't be sorry . We can do other things and trust me those are more interesting" and smiled mischievously .

Upon hearing it, Jiang Yuyan felt little scared but gave out a sigh of relief as Lu Qiang was not displeased . Lu Qiang didn't gave her a chance to think more and kissed her again . He moved to her neck and started to suck her skin with his lips and teeth, again being careful to not leave any marks on it, but it was not possible with the way he was doing it, too aggressively .

Jiang Yuyan was moaning softly but the way Lu Qiang was getting aggressive that made her moan loudly . She tried to stop it by pressing her lips tightly together, as it was not working, she covered her mouth with her palm to suppress her voice .

Lu Qiang looked at her and said in his hoarse voice, "Let me hear you" Jiang Yuan shook her head while still covering her lips with her palm . Upon seeing this, Lu Qiang said, "Only my lips have the right to cover yours . "

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Lu Qiang moved her hand and kissed her . He parted away after a while and said again, "Whenever you want to cover your mouth to stop yourself from moaning, tell me . See, I can do it better . "

Jiang Yuyan didn't know what to say . Her head was already dizzy with so many long and breathless kisses . With her moist eyes she was just looking at him to understand what did he mean .

Lu Qiang smiled to look at her puzzled face and asked, "Tired?"

Jiang Yuyan just nodded, feeling too short for breath to say anything .
"I will not trouble you with kissing now, you need a break . " He had a mischievous expression on his face with one corner of his lips curved upward . He moved down along to her body, not touching her chest and stopping at her stomach . Jiang Yuyan couldn't help but look at him and think about; what he was up to .

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Lu Qiang moved her top slightly upward, which was already messed up . When he saw her abdomen, he straight kissed her near her belly button, giving Jiang Yuyan goose bumps all over her body . Lu Qiang started to trace kisses and to suck and bite the skin on her abdomen towards the sides of her curvy waist . Both of his hands were on either side of her waist, caressing it slowly .

Jiang Yuyan felt ticklish in her lower abdomen because of Lu Qiang's sudden move . The way he was playing with her abdomen, made her moan even more and she couldn't help but arch her back . She liked it and wanted him to keep doing it .

After leaving love bites on her delicate skin, Lu Qiang's sight moved to the top of her pants . He was hesitant on whether to move further or not . He looked at Jiang Yuyan, who looked confused with what's going to happen as it was her first time to going through such intimate act .

Lu Qiang closed his eyes and exhaled to calm down himself . He moved back up, looked in her eyes and asked, "Did you like it?"

Jiang Yuyan nodded with light smile on her face . She was feeling shy and was blushing . Lu Qiang gave her a peck on the lips and said, "This is enough for now . Let's sleep . "

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As Lu Qiang was about to move away from her, she stopped him by holding his arm . Lu Qiang looked at his arm where she held him and then looked at her face . He didn't ask her what happen . Her eyes were enough to tell him what she wanted .

Lu Qiang moved back to her and said, "Do you want me to go crazy? It is already too difficult for me to control myself . "

Jiang Yuyan replied, "Who is asking you to control?"

Lu Qiang arched his eyebrow in question, "Huh?"

Jiang Yuyan nodded, "Yes!"

With her 'Yes' Lu Qiang's eyes darkened and he said, "Now don't blame me, you asked for it . " He said as he kissed her ferociously .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!